New sports porshe cayman s

Concern “Porsche”, which produces luxury sports cars, decided to make its customers happy again and presented to the public the latest development. She became a sports car "Cayman S" having a bright yellow color and equipped with a special package "Sport Desing Package".

Such a bold palette of the body and trim no doubt highlight this car among its “peers”. Thanks to the maximum package of onboard equipment, the passenger and the driver feel most comfortable in the cabin of a relatively compact coupe.

The technical equipment of the new “Cayman S” is practically no different from its predecessor. It is equipped with the same engine with a volume of 3.5 liters and a power of 325 hp.

The difference was the exterior and interior of the car. In the yellow color of the body are inserted lining of air intakes, painted black, bronze wheels, divided into ten spokes and painted red brake caliper. Optics “Cayman S” slightly dimmed, and in the case of rear-view mirrors added black plastic inserts.

The interior of the sports car is trimmed in black leather. A convenient steering wheel and gear shift lever are finished in Alcantara. The insert of the center console, the dashboard panel, the vents of the deflectors and the central tunnel of the cabin are colored yellow in the body color of the car.

The developers of Porsche Cayman S are convinced that the updated model will have no less success than its predecessors.

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