Best low cost suv - uaz patriot and great wall hover


Good budget SUVs on the modern market are rare. Most manufacturers, if they produce an SUV, add all the possible functions to them, turning the jeeps into premium-class representatives. Of course, such an SUV is designed primarily not to conquer the rugged terrain, but to show the status of the owner. The second trendy direction - compact crossovers and SUVs. The main part of the manufacturers redesigned their lineup for the sake of the trends, because compact universal cars are now in great demand. This situation is clearly not for lovers of off-road.

It is becoming more and more difficult to choose a budget segment SUV - every year the time-tested models go out of production, and their place is taken by a small number of new jeeps. One example of a lively classic is the UAZ Patriot - the line-up has existed since 1997 and was known under the names UAZ-3160, 3162 and 3163 (the current Patriot). Now this SUV is notable because of the restyling committed in 2015. Manufacturers have updated the model and UAZ again keeps up with the times.

Howard and Patriot

Howard and Patriot

Читать далее об UAZ Patriot и Great Wall Hover-->Прямым конкурентом российского Патриота является китайский Great Wall Hover 3. Он не только относится к классу внедорожников, но и находится примерно в одном ценовом сегменте с УАЗ, имея при этом схожий функционал и оснащение. Ховер тоже является современным автомобилем (был обновлён в 2014 году) и имеет широкое распространение в России.

Описание UAZ Patriot

SUV model produced in Ulyanovsk. The line’s history dates back to 1997, when the UAZ-3160 was introduced to the world (which, in turn, has been in development since 1980). Even then, the SUV became popular among car enthusiasts, as it had excellent throughput and reliability, while remaining economical. In addition, the Patriot prototype differed from other UAZ models by its rather broad functionality and was much more comfortable than the existing Uaz vehicles.

The second embodiment of the model with an index of 3160 was the UAZ Simbir. The car was produced from 2000 to 2005 and received a number of innovations that made it an actual SUV of its time. In particular, the changes affected the wheelbase and the body - Simbir had nothing to do with the classic UAZ-469, on the basis of which the previous generation was based. The new representative of the series of SUVs received an index of 3162. He is the direct predecessor of the Patriot.

UAZ Patriot

UAZ Patriot

UAZ-3163 produced since 2005. It is very different from its predecessor, both in terms of design, and characteristics - driving performance and functionality. Patriot retained traditional permeability and practicality, while becoming more comfortable. The last restyling of the UAZ Patriot took place in 2015. The SUV got more modern “body kits” and functionality - this affected both driving performance and various systems, including electronic ones.

Описание Great Wall Hover H3

The first generation of the Chinese SUV came out in 2005 and received the name Hover. This car was the reincarnation of the successful Isuzu Axiom model, which was available in the United States from 2001 to 2004.

Isuzu Axiom

Isuzu Axiom

Hover received from Isuzu a platform and a similar body structure, while significantly transforming outwardly and in terms of functionality. The Chinese SUV had a modern design that gave the car a presentable look. At the same time, the interior and comfort of the first Hover were far from ideal.

Great Wall Hover

Great Wall Hover

Hover H3 was born in 2010. It is a thorough restyling of the first generation. We can safely say that only the wheelbase and corporate style remained of the old model. In addition, the design has also changed markedly - the SUV has become more expressive. Modern Hover has become much more equipped and comfortable, as manufacturers have listened to the feedback of drivers of the previous version of the car.


UAZ Patriot and H3 Hover have a long history to name every car classic - the first for Russia, and the second for China. Nevertheless, Great Wall is quite widespread in our country. The popularity of "Chinese" has earned due to a number of differences - properties that are not provided by any Russian SUV of the time.

The following situation arose: in the middle of the zero years, Hover began to increase its popularity, displacing less comfortable low-cost cars from the SUV market, including UAZ. Now, when the Patriot has undergone several restyling and is ready to compete for the location of the best jeep, many drivers find it difficult to choose a model. In order to decide, it is necessary to make a comparison in all parameters.


Last, the restyled update introduced quite a few electronic options to the UAZ Patriot's equipment. Minimum equipment:

  • Gasoline engine of 2.7 liters and a capacity of 128 horsepower;
  • Four-wheel drive, controlled by a five-speed manual gearbox;
  • On-board computer Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% ;
  • Power steering;
  • Central locking;
  • Electrical - windows, heating and tuning mirrors;
  • Setting the steering column;
  • Setting the driver's seat;
  • Downshift.

A patriot with all the above functions will cost the buyer approximately 730 thousand rubles. This equipment allows the SUV not to be afraid of rough terrain and provides an acceptable comfort.

Equipping the maximum configuration UAZ Patriot:

  • 2.3-liter diesel engine with 114 horsepower;
  • Four-wheel drive and transmission 5 manual transmission;
  • Anti-lock system;
  • Built-in parking sensors;
  • Built-in navigator;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Audio system

The maximum equipped Patriot costs a million rubles and can compete with foreign SUVs in the budget segment. Its equipment is enough for comfortable trips both in the city and beyond.

Hover H3 has several complete sets, which differ slightly from each other in price and equipment. Minimal functionality:

  • The two-liter gasoline engine with 116 horsepower;
  • Four-wheel drive and five-speed manual;
  • Anti-lock system;
  • 2 airbags - only for the second row;
  • Air conditioning and climate control;
  • Rain and light sensor;
  • Audio system with CD support;
  • Power and adjustable steering wheel;
  • Central locking with remote control;
  • Adjustment and heating of mirrors;
  • Electric windows;
  • Heated seats;
  • Adjusting the driver's seat;
  • Downshift;
  • Differential lock.

The minimum grade Hover will cost the buyer 1020000 rubles. It combines almost all the equipment available in the lineup. However, there is a more functional version of the car.

Maximum grade has an identical engine and the following additional equipment:

  • Built-in parking sensors;
  • Rear View Camera;
  • On-board computer;
  • Salon upholstered in leather;
  • Adjustable and heated front seats.

The cost of the version is 1110000 rubles. Over 90 thousand the buyer has the right to get a profitable package of options.


Габариты UAZ Patriot составляют:

  • Length - 4750 mm;
  • Height - 1910 mm;
  • Width - 1900 mm;
  • Ground clearance - 210 mm;
  • Weight - 2070 kg;
  • The capacity of the trunk - 600 liters;
  • Tank capacity - 87 liters.

Габариты Great Wall Hover H3 составляют:

  • Length - 4650 mm;
  • Height - 1745 mm;
  • Width - 1800 mm;
  • Clearance - 240 mm;
  • Weight - 1900 kg;
  • The capacity of the trunk - 420 liters;
  • Tank capacity - 74 liters.


Style UAZ Patriot is simple and understandable. In 2014, manufacturers decided that the restyled model does not need a new design, as the existing one is satisfied with everything. At the same time, the headlights have changed a bit - they began to “float” to the side parts of the body. There are also new bumpers and grille. Thanks to small cosmetic innovations, the Patriot has become a more modern SUV, and most importantly - has lost the gaps between the bumpers and the body.

However, a year after the last restyling, UAZ decided that the SUV still needed a new design. He was presented with a new look, which is distinguished by sharper edges and solid features. After the restyling of 2015, all the windows became glued, and the bumpers are attached to the body, and not to the frame, as it was before.

The H3 Hover still retains the design features of the predecessor Isuzu. However, the details of the SUV vary from generation to generation. So, the latest version received a new grille. In addition, the front bumper has changed constructively - it was slightly raised, as the previous version often clung to obstacles when traveling off-road. Hover, like the Patriot, lost inaccurate gaps on the body.


Salon UAZ Patriot получил довольно серьёзные изменения, которые повысили комфортабельность. Одним из главных отличий рестайлинга внедорожника 2015 года является наличие мультимедиа-системы с сенсорным экраном, а также появление навигационной системы. Что касается эргономики, то поверхности стали более удобными. Панелью управления стало легче пользоваться, а передние сидения могут складываться, образуя спальное место с задними, что полезно для ночёвки в путешествии.

Salon UAZ Patriot

Salon UAZ Patriot

Salon Hover преобразился, в первую очередь, конструктивно. Производители избавили его от недостатков, присущих предыдущим версиям. Новые органы управления обеспечивают более простой доступ — головка включения дворников теперь находится на руле, а само их устройство получило функцию «авто» — так они приводятся в движение согласно показателям датчика дождя. Магнитола превратилась в полноценную аудиосистему, которая работает с современными форматами.

Salon Hover

Salon Hover

Road performance

The entire line of engines Patriot has two representatives - a gasoline volume of 2.7 liters and a capacity of 128 horsepower, as well as diesel 2.3 liters and 114 horsepower. Their approximate fuel consumption is 15 and 12.6 liters per 100 kilometers. In this case, the gasoline engine has a maximum speed of 140 km / h, while the diesel - 20 less. Both power units are equipped with a five-step mechanics. Suspension upgrades touched the drive shaft and stabilizer. In addition, the Patriot has a new anti-lock system.

Both engines, available on Hover, have a volume of 2 liters and run on gasoline. Their difference in power - one has 116 horsepower and is set to “simple” configuration, while the second has 150 liters. with. and put on "turbo". Both engines accelerate the SUV to 160 km / h, as the chassis has its limit.

Comparing SUVs in motion, you can notice a significant difference. Despite the fact that the suspension systems of both cars are downshift, continuous rear axle and other identical moments, the Patriot has poor handling. He constantly seeks to roll in one direction or another, even on flat asphalt without a slope. Thus, the driver of the UAZ always needs to be alert, and the owner of the Hover can afford to relax a little.


The price range for the Patriot is 730000-1000000 rubles. Maximum grade is a third more expensive than the base, but includes much more. At the same time, the minimum configuration also has the right to exist, as it saves money for those who do not need special functionality.

The price of Hover H3 starts from 1020000 rubles, which is even more than the maximum from a competitor. At the same time, it by default has many features that the Patriot receives as the price rises. The most expensive equipment will cost 1110000 rubles, and the main advantages of such a deal are in a more powerful engine.

UAZ offers customers a more affordable version, which is why it can be called the best of budget SUVs. At the same time, if we talk about the full versions, then the best is Hover.