Toyota corolla in the new body is distinguished by a chic

Toyota Corolla in the new body - the perfect example of perfection, which is characterized by individuality and reliability at a level with an affordable price and versatility.

In early 2013, the Toyota Corolla was presented in a new body. The legendary sedan has become much more solid, more expressive and aggressive. According to the declared characteristics of the Toyota Corolla in the new body, 2013 has become more than the previous models. Japanese designers managed to create a unique unique design and give the new sedan irresistible emotions.

Toyota Corolla in the new body will be available in the modification of a hatchback, station wagon and sedan. Such models are offered for the European market. Photos of Toyota Corolla in a new body with expressive style and a completely new design can be seen on the official sites of the company's distributors.

New Toyota Corolla Style

The famous design style "Smartdynamism" was embodied in the toyota Corolla in a new body. Due to this, the novelty has received a V-shaped stylish grille with aggressive lines, which is considered an innovation of the concern.

Toyota Corolla in the new body of 2013 has a completely different body design, which received pointed edges, giving the car an aggressive character and an individual style.

The front bumper of Toyota Corolla in the new body was completely modified, and the rear and front light optics were updated. The sharp edges of the front of the car, along with the new lighting technology, have completely changed the rustic look of the car.

Units mounted under the hood of the Corolla

Besides the fact that Toyota Corolla was presented in a new body of 2013, cars received improved and economical power units. Perhaps the most interesting is the 1.8 liter gasoline engine, which is capable of producing 132 or 140 hp. depending on the settings.

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The most economical remains a gasoline engine with a volume of only 1.3 liters and an outstanding 99 hp. This engine boasts high efficiency, and in average mode, fuel consumption will not exceed 6-7 liters. The most popular unit with a volume of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 122 hp. will also be available for the Toyota Corolla 2013 in a new body.

In the future, a modern integrated diesel engine is expected, which was developed jointly with the BMW concern exclusively for the European market. The 1.6 liter unit is similar to the Mini Cooper D unit, which produces 270 Nm. and 82 kW.

It is worth noting that this system will be equipped with direct injection, but the flow will please all car owners, because on average the mode will be only 3.8 liters. Toyota Corolla 2013 in a new body and the data obtained from the creators of cars confirm the availability of a future hybrid installation.

Transmission of the new Toyota Corolla

For the American Corolla market in the new body 2013 will be available with three units: a four-band automatic, a modern seven-speed variator and reliable six-speed mechanics.

For the European market, the Toyota Corolla 2013 will also be available with the following aggregates: a new seven-speed variator and the recommended six-speed mechanics;

Dimensions of Toyota Corolla in a new body

Toyota Corolla and its new body gives more dynamism to the car, thanks to the use of shortened overhangs at the back and front of the car. Corolla new body has become noticeably larger than its predecessors, both in length and in width. Up to 4639 mm or 99 mm, the new 2013 Toyota Corolla body became longer, up to 1776 mm or 16 mm wider.

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Thanks to these parameters, the car has become much more spacious and comfortable in the cabin. Toyota Corolla and its new body, due to the increased wheelbase by 10 cm, has become more predictable in handling and more maneuverable. The total amount of the trunk of the novelty has become equal to 452 liters.


Photos of Toyota Corolla in a new body, demonstrate a number of innovations that allowed us to achieve practicality and comfort for the driver and passengers. The most advanced security systems will provide protection to everyone in the car.

The new 2013 Toyota Corolla is also less traumatic for pedestrians and cyclists. The novelty will receive an improved type of seat in the front, which will reliably hold the driver and passenger in sharp turns.

Components of the new Toyota Corolla

The price of Toyota Corolla in the new body, will not be significantly higher than the previous versions of the model. Three configurations will be available for order: LE, LE Eco, S - these models are designed exclusively for the American market in order to compete confidently with American car brands. The following equipment will be available on the European market: City, Business, Active, Live, and the top lounge.


The novelty will receive aesthetic forms of the front panel, modern console devices, as well as a number of other updates in the interior. Toyota Corolla 2013 new body will undoubtedly stand out in the stream of cars with its expressive features and chic style.

Thanks to all the innovations, Toyota Corolla in the new body in the photo and in life shows a more solid appearance, which will be appreciated by even the most demanding customers. Each buyer will be able to find something for themselves in this model. Toyota Corolla in a new body, the price of which starts from $ 22,000 for the basic package, will be equipped with a reliable, economical 1.33 liter engine.

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And here is a video about the new Toyota Corolla, of course, if we compare, for example, the VAZ 2106, then this is heaven and earth: