The best tablets with a navigator for the car - 2018 rating


Innovative technologies are becoming more confident in almost all areas of our life. A few decades ago, even a push-button telephone was something new and incomprehensible for people, but today it is very difficult to surprise a person with even state-of-the-art tablets, although for some they are not affordable. In this article we will talk about relatively new gadgets that belong to the category of automotive goods, which have the name "autoplan". These gadgets for some time were unclaimed car owners due to the high price and low functionality, however, now the situation has changed dramatically. Multifunctional autoplaces are rapidly gaining popularity, and therefore it has become necessary to figure out which of the goods to give preference when buying, what criteria when choosing a car gadget to pay attention to. Consider the priority technical characteristics of autoplanes, as well as the rating of the best products of this category in 2018.

Ranking of the best tablets with navigator

TOP best tablets with navigator.

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Technical features of the tablet for the car

What is the need for buying a tablet for a vehicle: is it a measure of necessity or is it still a way to assert your status as a “fashionable” gadget for a car? The autoplate is a device that differs from other gadgets by its multifunctionality, which allows you to use the device simultaneously as a DVR, navigator, multimedia device, anti-radar. The tablet combines the functions of many individual devices. Accordingly, making a choice in favor of the autoplate, the consumer will be able to combine large-scale functionality in one device, which, in turn, will also affect driving safety, since you will not have to disperse your attention to different technical devices in the car.

To figure out which device is right for you, you first need to study the technical characteristics of the auto-plates, which are the necessary minimum for the average driver. The most important optional complex in terms of the technical features of the device are:

  • availability of high-quality GPS-navigator;
  • a screen with a diagonal of at least five inches, with a clear display image, it is desirable to have an anti-glare screen protection and a decent viewing angle;
  • Internet access and multimedia capabilities;
  • the ability to use the device as a recorder, for which it is important to have a good camera and decent built-in memory;
  • the ability to recharge the device from the car cigarette lighter and a powerful battery.

Tablet example с навигатором

One of the main tasks of the autoplanet, necessary for each car owner, is its functioning as a navigator, therefore it is worth paying special attention to the question of which tablet to choose for the navigator in the car. Navigation is the most necessary option for residents of megalopolises, because with its help you can easily determine how to get to the desired address, find the shortest way, establish the trajectory of a detour traffic jam or a problematic section of the road. It is worth noting that today this function is a priority not only for taxi drivers and couriers, but also for ordinary drivers.

Navigators currently equipped with most modern gadgets. Even budget class mobile phones have this option, however, the quality of its work does not always satisfy the consumer. So that using the autoplate can be used smoothly and reliably as a navigator, you should pay attention to the following necessary technical parameters of the device:

  • reliable and uninterrupted GPS-system that allows you to receive signals from different satellite systems;
  • car navigator power, which determines the stability of receiving data from satellite systems;
  • accuracy of positioning with minimal errors in geological coordinates;
  • self-updating of information databases and maps via Internet resources.

In addition, when buying an autoplanet, you should pay attention to the presence of special devices that allow you to install the device in the car. Most modern models are equipped with auto holders, however, if the selected tablet model does not have such a device, it can be purchased separately.

Tablet example

A selection of the best tablets for the car

The range of tablets for the machine, which are equipped with a navigation function, is very diverse. All of them are characterized by versatility, the possibility of their operation both in living conditions and in cars for the purpose of video registration, navigation and as a multimedia device. When purchasing a tablet for a car, it is necessary to give preference to devices that are positioned by the manufacturers with the prefix "auto", which indicates a maximum adaptation of the model to operation in the car.

Although auto-pads have recently begun to gain popularity and be acquired by car owners, now you can make a rating of the best tablets for navigation in the car based on the feedback from consumers and experts and answer the question of which auto-plan is better to buy. The TOP-5 best autoplants include models that are in the highest demand among Russian consumers, have rich functionality, decent technical characteristics against the background of optimal pricing policy.

The DVR FC-950 device from the FUJICAM company belongs to the category of autoplanes with GPS, takes the leading positions in sales in Russia, it rightfully gets the “gold” in the nomination “Best tablet with navigator 2018”.

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The cost of the model varies within twelve thousand rubles, however, according to experts and consumers, the price is appropriate against the background of the rich functionality of the device. The tablet is characterized by high performance, accessible interface, reliable software and the possibility of its operation in the mode of a conventional tablet;

Circular video recording, a modern radar detector, which allows you to detect cameras and traffic police posts at a sufficient distance to take measures by the driver, and an accelerometer to guarantee recording recorder recording in unusual situations on the road are the most important advantages of the autoplate compared to similar products from other manufacturers. Regarding navigation directly, the auto-pod has a continuous connection with thirty-two satellite signal generators, and the Navitel software ensures an easy and accurate search for the necessary addresses and routes, and allows you to get a detailed map on the screen in 3D mode. According to experts, the model DVR FC-950 is the best tablet for a car for 2018.

The second line of the rating table and the deserved “silver” from Russian consumers are received by the manufacturer Junsun. The Junsun CAR DVR 3G GPS CM84 model is an auto-tablet, the best for navigation in the car in terms of price, quality and multitasking.

CAR DVR 3G GPS CM84 от Junsun

The cost of the device is about seven thousand rubles, which makes it affordable for the category of budget buyers. The tablet is characterized by the following features:

  • video recording of the front and rear view;
  • operational radar;
  • excellent multimedia features;
  • GPS Navigator with auto update feature.

The original design, seven-inch capacitive display and the stylish and reliable fasteners that come with the kit ensure a harmonious fit of the model into the interior of any vehicle.

"Bronze" in the ranking of the best tablets with a navigator gets, according to experts and buyers, the device Camtab. Model Camtab, worth about ten thousand rubles, depending on the region of implementation, is an excellent purchase option for the budget consumer.

Among the advantages of the auto-pane, users point out excellent color rendition criteria, a good resolution, which allows high-quality registration of the situation on the road even at night, a convenient and simple Russian-language interface, 16 GB internal memory. The quad-core processor allows you to quickly update the navigation applications, and the seven-inch display with excellent resolution allows you to view the navigation maps in detail. Included with the autoplant is a special holder, which eliminates the need to purchase additional devices for installing the device.

The Bellfort GVR709 Spider HD model is confidently included in the ranking of popular auto-plates and occupies the fourth honorary position. Despite not quite the budget cost, which ranges from fourteen thousand rubles, many consumers buy this tablet in the car, as it perfectly combines the functionality of a good navigator, an excellent DVR, multimedia gadget and anti-radar.

Bellfort GVR709 Spider HD

A powerful device with a quad-core processor, an excellent camera, a seven-inch capacitive display, a GPS-navigator Navitel and a 3G module perfectly proved itself in terms of reliability and uninterrupted operation. Included with the device are a bracket designed for mounting the device in a vehicle, headphones, a network adapter and a USB cable.

The Lexand SC7 PRO HD model is the most budget tablet for navigation in the car in the modern market. High indicators of quality and reliability against the background of affordable prices push the device to the fifth line of the rating. If it were not for the devices for installation in the car and the adapter for recharging the device from the cigarette lighter that came with the device, it is quite difficult to recognize the auto-tablet in this model, since it looks like it doesn’t differ from ordinary gadgets.

Lexand SC7 PRO HD

Despite the low cost, this tablet is perfectly positioned as a navigator for the car. Responsible for the navigation is the software ProGorod, which allows you to quickly and accurately route the route, taking into account traffic jams, difficult junctions and intersections, warns the user about difficult sections of the road, pedestrian crossings, traffic police posts, and the need for restructuring for a difficult maneuver. Navigator allows you to download current maps of sixty countries of the world for free, which is very good for a budget model.

The models presented in the rating are the best in terms of price, quality and technical characteristics. Which is better to buy a tablet with a navigator for a car is a personal solution for each car owner, however, experts and consumers recommend these devices as ideal options for functionality today.

Let's sum up

In modern times, almost every car has in its arsenal a DVR, navigator, radar detector and other devices that greatly simplify the life of the driver. Modern technologies have allowed to combine the functionality of important devices for motorists in one device, which is presented to consumers under the name "autoplan".

The advantages of autoplanes are hard to overestimate: one gadget at the same time allows you to record the situation behind the board, know in advance about approaching the immovable or mobile traffic police station, get directions to the desired point taking into account traffic jams, and also use the device for communication and as a multimedia device. The autoplate is a worthy and worthwhile purchase for mobile and active drivers.