Reno sandero 2017-2018

The bold design of the new Renault Sandero is perfectly combined with its internal space, reliability and comfort of the car. The new Sandero looks stylish thanks to its smooth body shapes, headlamps equipped with dual optics, chrome-plated elements and a grille. Designers and development engineers have paid a lot of attention to the combination and quality of elements and the filling of the interior of the new Sandero.

Developed in innovative conditions, the MEDIANAV system includes satellite navigation, a radio, a USB connector for audio devices, and the ability to talk on a mobile phone in the cabin thanks to the hands-free option. Three adults can easily stay in the back seat of a car without any problems and comfort. The luggage compartment holds up to 320 liters.

The comfort of the new Sandero deserves all its praise, both from the passengers and drivers. The car is equipped with Renault Logan brand suspension, which ensures reliability and easy driving in any situation. The car behaves beautifully on domestic roads, so that a high level of comfort is provided to you. And it does not matter whether you eat around the city or go on a long journey. In addition, it is impossible not to note the safety of the model - the developers paid attention to each category of automotive operation.

Clearance Renault Sandero will allow you to easily overcome any difficult sections of the road, without fear of damage to the hull and chassis.

Driving a new Renault Sandero will be a great pleasure for you! Due to the excellent maneuverability of the car fits perfectly into the urban environment. You will easily find a convenient parking place due to the compactness of the car, and this is an indisputable advantage on busy city streets.

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