How to choose a baby car seat

To date, only a few parents know how to choose a car seat for a child among the variety of options available in the market for a variety of products for car enthusiasts. Meanwhile, this is a very serious issue that requires increased attention. The fact is that according to statistics, every year a large number of small passengers die from the injuries they receive as a result of an accident. And in the majority of such cases it was established that there was no car seat in the car, which is an important mechanism for protecting the child from all sorts of dangers on the road.


  • 1 What is dangerous negligent attitude of car owners to the safety of their child?
  • 2 Sleep baby in the car
  • 3 Choosing a car seat correctly
  • 4 What features of the car seat design need to pay attention
    • 4.1 Side protection
    • 4.2 Backrest
    • 4.3 Seat belts
    • 4.4 Fastening system
    • 4.5 Protective case
  • 5 Marking

What is dangerous negligent attitude of car owners to the safety of their child?

It is known that a child who is not in a special car seat, in the event of a frontal or frontal collision, is likely to receive various injuries to the extremities and damage to internal organs. Very often, such damage is fatal. The fact is that any accident, even the smallest one, is much more dangerous for children than for adult passengers. This is understandable: a young child has very weak ligaments and muscle fibers of the neck. In the event of an accident, the spine of the crumbs is experiencing a huge overload, which is often the cause of its fractures.

How to choose a car seat for a child

It is very important that even with a small accident, a child who is not secured in a special chair can receive numerous injuries because it will hit the glass of the car and the details of its interior. However, such terrible consequences can be avoided if you think in advance about the possibility of all sorts of abnormal situations and install a child seat in the car, and one that will meet all current safety requirements and standards.

Sleep baby in the car

Another problem faced by parents when transporting children in a car seat is the hanging head of a child during sleep. The child begins to snore, as the passage of air through the trachea deteriorates. The brain suffers from a lack of oxygen. The head dangerously dangles during sharp turns and braking. Mom or dad constantly check the child in the rearview mirror and try to fix his head at the traffic lights. As a result, of course, road safety is reduced.

bandage for sleeping baby in the car

The most inexpensive and safest solution is to buy a Klyuvonos sleep dressing. Such bandages support the child’s head while sleeping in the car, reducing the driver’s stress. Cluvonosa is a well-thought baby product. Firstly, they are produced in certified production. That guarantees high-quality fabrics and tailoring, the absence of unpleasant odors and harmful substances. Secondly, they have a modern “breathing” filler, thanks to which the child’s forehead does not sweat. Thirdly, there is a ring that keeps the bandage from slipping on the neck. And most importantly, the model successfully passed the crash test. Klyuvonosy now, perhaps, the most successful solution for sleeping a child in the car.

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Choosing a car seat correctly

First of all, before buying this important means of passive protection, the child must be weighed. The fact is that it is the weight of the baby, and not his age (as many people mistakenly think) is the main criterion for choosing the right model of car seat.

Important! If the car seat does not match the weight category of the child, then transporting the baby in it is strictly prohibited!

The next step is to determine the budget you have for your purchase. To date, there are four main groups of child protection means in the car, which differ from each other not only in their price, but also in the presence of a number of additional features and characteristics:

  1. Car seats of the lowest price category are enough budget options, the cost of which varies between $ 100-150. However, they have serious drawbacks: there are no such important details as armrests, headrests, belts for fixing the crumbs and side protection. We must understand that such mechanisms are not able to provide full protection for the baby.

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    Cheap child seats can not provide the desired level of child safety

  2. The second category is car seats, the price of which is 150-200 dollars, depending on the specific brand. Such mechanisms have head restraints and side protection, respectively, in an emergency situation they are able to hold the head of a child well. In addition, the kit usually includes belts for fixing the crumbs, thus, the degree of protection becomes even higher.
  3. The third category - this chair at a price of 200 to 300 "evergreen." Such mechanisms are characterized by the presence of a number of additional functions that can save the baby in an accident:
  • Improved lateral protection against all sorts of loads;
  • There is a backrest tilt control, respectively, it can be given different positions;
  • There are adjustable steps (as a rule, they are made retractable).

It is important to note that for the same price you can also purchase a transforming chair, which can be used for children of different ages.

  1. Baby seat in the car with isofix attachment system

    ISOFIX child seat

    The fourth category is the most efficient car seats, the price of which starts from $ 350. First of all, they are characterized by all those modern technical solutions, which differ in the chairs of the third group. However, this is not the end of their obvious advantages. They have a very high-quality mounting system "ISOFIX", thanks to which you can securely fix the mechanism directly on the car body, using special mounting brackets. Thus, an important question is solved how to install a child car seat correctly, because with this option a child sitting in a chair will be held using its own set of seat belts, which will increase the degree of its security. If the budget for the purchase of passive protection is not limited, then you can buy your car seat with an aluminum frame. Its price starts from 450 dollars, but thanks to this design you can be completely sure of the absolute safety of your baby.

What features of the car seat design need to pay attention

Those parents who have seriously thought about how to choose a child car seat can be advised, first of all, to pay attention to the important design features of this protection mechanism. So, the following significant elements of this option should be studied.

Side protection

The main elements of the child car seat

Components of the child seat

The presence of sidewalls can save a child from all sorts of side injuries in the event of a contingency. It is best to choose such protection, the width of which can be adjusted depending on the characteristics of the structure of the child’s body and the amount of clothing on it.


It is necessary to choose its anatomical version, repeating the curves of the spine of the baby. Only in this case, the child will feel comfortable during a long trip. In addition, the backrest should be adjusted, and the baby’s head should be supported by a good headrest.

Seat belts

It is better to refuse to purchase a car seat equipped with rigid and narrow fixation straps. Attention should be paid to whether there is a special anti-traumatic soft lining in the groin area. It is very important that the shoulder straps are height adjustable and have strong metal locks.

How to install a child car seat in the car

Only properly fixed seat can guarantee the safety of the child.

Mounting system

It is preferable to seats that have at least three points of fixation. Their optimum number is five, thanks to him the load will be evenly distributed on different seat belts, which will provide additional protection for the child in case of an accident.

Protective case

Its ideal variant is a cover made of natural fabric that does not magnetize, passes air well and cleans well.


The marking of the child seat, ECE-R44 / 04 or ECE-R44 / 03, ensures that the design complies with all standards and safety requirements.

Having chosen the most suitable chair, in your opinion, be sure to seat the child in it and see if it is convenient for the baby. And finally, at the final stage, carefully read the instruction manual to make sure that the structure will be installed in your car.