Managers geely published official teasers emgrand gl

Менеджеры Geely опубликовали официальные тизеры Emgrand GL Famous Chinese car brand has published the official teasers of the new "four-door", which will soon become the successor Geely Emgrand EC7 in the global automotive market. So far, the new sedan has a factory name - Geely FE-5, is a technical code name, which will change on the nameplates of production cars on Emgrand GL. The dimensional characteristics of the new sedan, compared with its predecessor in class - Emgrand EC7 - have changed in a more "spacious" side. At length, the sedan added almost ten centimeters (9.4 cm) and reached a mark of 4 m 72.5 cm, it was wide by an additional one and a half cm asphalt per 1 m 47.8 cm). Added and wheelbase, Emgrand GL she is bigger than u Emgrand EC7, by five centimeters - 2 m 70 cm. Менеджеры Geely опубликовали официальные тизеры Emgrand GL The appearance of the car is fully consistent with the new corporate style. Geely brandwhich quickly find similarities with the style of the latest models of the Swedish auto brand Volvo, which is not surprising, because the chief designer of the Chinese company, Peter Horbury, once moved to work from the same department at Volvo. Peculiar grille Emgrand GL similar to a similar detail in recent developments Geely. Light optics, both front and back, are completely LED. Photos of the new Chinese sedan with the "Swedish appearance" are no secret to anyone, because already from last year they can be easily found on the Internet. Менеджеры Geely опубликовали официальные тизеры Emgrand GL Versions Geely Emgrand GLdesigned for the native Chinese market under the hood will have the same engines that are hiding under the hood in the crocheted version hatchback Emgrand GS, which the Chinese also submitted to the world automotive public recently. This is a gasoline 1.3-liter turbocharged engine with a developed power of 129 horses and a 1.8-liter aspirated 133 horse. A two-link robotic gearbox and six-speed mechanics are available transmissions for such engines.

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In the cabin Geely Emgrand GL a modern multimedia device will be installed with a rather large touchscreen and synchronization with smartphones running iOS and Android. The car will be equipped with adaptive cruise control, systems that monitor traffic in the lane, recognize traffic signs, and can urgently brake in time and avoid a frontal impact. The sedan will have a rear-view camera and dual-zone climate control. Менеджеры Geely опубликовали официальные тизеры Emgrand GL When and where will begin selling the new sedan, the Chinese do not yet say. There is information that closer to the end of the year, Chinese dealers will receive this car. Will come Emgrand GL to other countries, and most importantly, to us, is not yet known. The Chinese do not want to answer this question.

And the latest novelty from Chinese in Russia is a business sedan. Geely GC9 will arrive to us in August of this year.