Features of the choice of a regular dvr


Every driver on the road is in danger. Not always their appearance can be prevented, so you need to be alert. For this purpose, a regular DVR is used. He keeps a continuous record of all road events. This "electronic witness" allows you to prove the driver’s correctness if an incident occurs.

What is its purpose?

This compact recorder can compensate the driver in the event of a traffic accident. The device is also useful in situations of misconduct of law enforcement officers. Video recorder for the car is a simple device that does not require great management skills, and performs the recording of video data in real time. A feature of his work is cyclicality - recording a new video over an old one after a certain period.

Regular DVR

Compact Recorder

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Main advantages

Interest in such devices is constantly growing. In practice, they allow to avoid many troubles, because video evidence is always at hand. Previously, at the production stage, these devices were rarely installed. It was believed that this greatly increases the price of the car, because it required the introduction of a separate control panel. It could be, because the devices were new, and they were not always attached in the right place, causing more problems than help.

In some countries of the world there is a ban on video shooting on the road, so manufacturers simply did not have the right to install the DVR. Today, if such a device is not on board, motorists install it themselves. To do this, you need to understand their characteristics in order to choose the optimal model.

Differences from the regular version of the user

The main thing that distinguishes these types of devices is the design of the cabin. If you are self-installing, choose a place on the windshield or dashboard. Naturally, these places are not specialized for such devices. As a rule, all cables have to be hidden manually, but some of them still remain in sight, which degrades the appearance of the cabin.

Mount видеорегистратора

Mounting device

To the wires could not be seen, often have to spoil the inner lining. After that, you need to connect to a common system, which means that the cigarette lighter port will be constantly loaded. The standard device is almost invisible when installed in place. As a rule, it is mounted on the mirror at the stage of collecting the car. The quality does not have to worry, as the manufacturer chooses the best for their machines.

The built-in regular DVR is even capable of outputting an image to the designated portion of the mirror. Some of these models combine the functionality of the recorder and the navigator, synchronizing the work. Such an installation has a high cost, but the total price will still be lower than the purchase of all devices separately.

Selection features

To install a regular DVR in the car, you need to use the services of a car service center. They will carry out the original manipulations, which will be performed according to the technology of the manufacturer of the machine. This will eliminate the need to spoil the upholstery and lay cable lines.

Varieties of display type:

  • no screen;
  • swivel design;
  • built-in display;
  • touch control;
  • removable screen.

In order to correctly determine the purchase, the installation must be carried out on the basis of the particular design. In particular, it concerns the number of working chambers, which may be one or two. The cameras of the second sample have a higher stock of memory, which allows you to record more information. They are mounted on one surface, but the lenses are directed in different directions to be able to direct the lens to the desired object at any time. But rarely do they benefit from normal conditions.

Touch control видеорегистратора

Touch control

Specific explanation

Few people choose models with no display, but they are great for covert shooting, so that the device is invisible. Due to the lack of a screen, you will not be able to watch the video at the scene. It will also not be clear if the camera captured the event - you will need to find the nearest computer.

Recorders with integrated display allow you to view the material directly on site. They also have the ability to stream monitor the situation on the road. If both options seem attractive, you can opt for models with a removable display. You can choose a recorder with touch controls to have a modern and comfortable surveillance device.

Key camera features

This parameter is decisive for obtaining a decent quality of the footage. This is extremely important when you need to identify a person’s face, license plates or other small details. Different camera models have their own indicators of available megapixels. Minimum values ​​are rarely used today, since they have little or no benefit. Indicators higher to maximum twelve are the best representatives of quality.

Image quality видеорегистратора

Image quality

Similar parameters relate to the frame rate, because the device Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru should not lose the quality of the speed. Setting the recorder to 25 frames will provide a smooth shooting with the capture of all events. Also, there are parameters for 30 and 60 frames per second, but they are not fundamentally important, although this video takes up much more memory space.

Extra options

The viewing angle is responsible for the recording area that will be in the camera. A standard angle of 90 degrees will provide an image recording that is visible through the windshield. For large settings, the device will record through the side windows. But a high level of visibility often leads to distortion of objects located at the edges.

Wide viewing angle видеорегистратора

Wide viewing angle

For drivers with night crossings, it will be useful to use a regular DVR with IR illumination. It compensates for the lack of lighting when shooting at night, making the details visible. Many are offered to install an LED projector for night time, but it will only light up the video series - its functionality does not exceed the usual flashlight.

A set of specific functions

Having chosen the optimal configuration, a regular DVR can be equipped with a number of additional features. They include the installation of additional connectors that allow you to connect auxiliary cameras. Current models may have a GPS model to link geotags to footage.

Few are aware of the places of attachment of traffic police cameras. This will help install the database so that the recorder notifies you that there are cameras ahead of the way. The highest quality recorders have accelerometers on board. This sensor stores not only the video series, but also data on the speed and characteristics of the impact, if an accident occurred.

Today it is not up to choose a regular video recorder. This device allows you to simplify the life of the driver, because you can always play the role of evidence in the event of an accident or theft. When choosing is worth focusing on the tasks of use. For a simple goal, basic equipment is enough, but for advanced features, you need a professional model. It is somewhat more expensive, but it can provide maximum safety on the road.

Choosing a DVR, you do not need to save money. It is better to get a quality model with a full range of functions, but it will be able to gather as much information as possible on the road. This is important, because every detail requires attention when protecting rights.