The germans began to sell the chinese volkswagen phideon

Немцы начали продавать китайцам Volkswagen Phideon

Little Chinese have always been anxious about luxury and large cars, and therefore it was no accident that the German auto brand decided to start selling the flagship sedan Volkswagen Fideon precisely on the market of the Middle Kingdom. The new four-door is based on the MLB technology platform, which is the basis of many cars of rival Audi offices. At length, squat, as if Phideon fell to the ground for jumping to the victim, stretched out for 5 meters 7.4 cm, the center distance of the novelty is slightly more than three meters (3009 mm). The width of the sedan "mastered" 1 m 89.3 cm, and its "growth" is only 1 m 48.9 cm.

Немцы начали продавать китайцам Volkswagen Phideon Under the hood of the "Chinese" version of the flagship German sedan is a two-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with turbocharging. The second engine in the line is also a turbocharged, but already three-liter gasoline unit. The first engine is capable of demonstrating at the maximum the power of 220 “horses,” the second is eighty horses more. Both "hot" engines are paired with a seven-band robotic transmission. "Robot" has two clutches. A sedan of your choice can be ordered both in front-wheel drive configuration and with drive 4x4. Немцы начали продавать китайцам Volkswagen Phideon Germans are positioning the new sedan as a new flagship brand model. Volkswagen. His predecessor, who played a similar role in the model line, was discontinued in March this year. It's about VW Phaeton. Equipment and electronic body kit for the new sedan correspond to the status. Air suspension automatically adjusts ground clearance depending on the speed and the surface on which the sedan is carried. Completely leather interior, and the skin is not there, but branded, Nappa. Chairs are stuffed with electronics, allowing to be heated, ventilated, adjust the position of all imaginable and unimaginable axes. Among other things, they can massage the back and back of the passenger in such a way that they will not need to enter the Thai massage room, and there is a refrigerator in the back row disguised under the folding armrest. Немцы начали продавать китайцам Volkswagen Phideon The flagship of the German automotive industry is equipped with a projection display, parking assistant he will park the car in the right place, you can throw the steering wheel and drag on a Havana cigar, watching the manipulations of the electronic assistant. Adaptive cruise control "does not close the eyes" when moving, and cameras that scan the space at 360 degrees completely minimize all blind spots, they are not left even at night, because the flagship sedan can "see" in the dark due to the integrated night vision system.

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Backed up by electronics, a luxury car and worth it accordingly. In Chinese money, this is 350-660 thousand yuan, multiplying by ten, according to the modern exchange rate, we get the Russian price list for Volkswagen Phideon. By the way, the Germans chose the famous Hollywood actor George Clooney as the model's face.

Немцы начали продавать китайцам Volkswagen PhideonНемцы начали продавать китайцам Volkswagen Phideon The Germans themselves had previously firmly said that this luxury car would not be delivered abroad by the Middle Kingdom. This is only a "Chinese" car. Collect it will be a joint venture SAIC-Volkswagen. Only it is not entirely clear if the model is exclusively intended for the Chinese, why was it officially presented not in the Middle Kingdom, but in Europe, on the eve of the international Geneva Motor Show? To Europeans salivating ran? This is not a business, and the Germans are too pragmatic for such jokes. That is why, most likely, soon we will find out that the novelty has gone to the European car markets, and it is not at all excluded that it goes to Russia. The target audience for this class of cars in Russia is. This is the fat layer, which do not care any economic crisis.