New 2018-2019 nissan terrano - nissan terrano: when will the

At the beginning of 2018, an updated version of the mid-size crossover with Japanese roots - Nissan Terrano (photo below) will appear. The car, contrary to the expectations of motorists, can not be attributed to the new generation of the Terrano line: we are talking exclusively about restyling.

Photo: New Nissan Terrano 2018

Photo: New Nissan Terrano 2018

Yes, the crossover version, first demonstrated in India in the spring of 2017, received a new look - sharp and slightly aggressive. Another salon Nissan Terrano has become much more comfortable, but that's all. No major innovations regarding the chassis or safety systems, the manufacturer does not promise.

It should immediately make a reservation: 2018 Nissan Terrano (photo below) - the budget version of the crossover, whose target audience is, for example, the average Indian car enthusiast. From here it is clear that the new car will not be a premium car even in the maximum configuration. However, the appearance of the new crossover is very presentable and compares favorably with the results of the efforts of both Japanese and Russian developers.

This comparison is not accidental: according to financial criteria, motorists from India and Russia are very close, therefore, probably, the new 2018 Nissan Terrano (photo below) will be presented in the domestic market. The exact answer to this question, not to mention the release date of the crossover, Nissan does not give, but given the love of drivers from Russia to the Japanese manufacturer and its mutual warm feelings, we can safely predict this development.

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