Photospies published pictures of the new generation kia rio

Фотошпионы опубликовали снимки новопоколенного Kia Rio без маскировочных элементов

As expected, after the photo of the nose новопоколенного Kia Rio, spies photographed and published pictures of the sedan without any camouflage elements. In the Chinese car market "our" Kia Rio otherwise called Kia K2. Photos of the sedan photospies, as well as last time, implemented a car portal Autohome, which they and immediately made public. As seen in the images, новопоколенный Kia Rio Got a more representative design. The platform Kia Ria sedan Hyundai Verna, the official demonstration of which took place today in the Middle Kingdom (in our country, it is referred to as Hyundai Solaris), looks very much like its Korean brother. Both have become so representative ... Top picking новопоколенного Kia Rio get LED rear optics and electric-controlled sunroof. Chinese assembly Kia Rio will receive several options for headlights, grilles and wheel "casting". Фотошпионы опубликовали снимки новопоколенного Kia Rio без маскировочных элементов A little earlier in the Chinese media has passed a rumor that under the hood новопоколенного Kia Rio a turbocharged 1.2-liter engine will appear. But hoped in vain. According to data received today, this information turned out to be just a rumor, and in fact the Koreans will not change motor line Kia Rioat least in this generation. Chinese version of Kia Rio The new generation, just like the Russian one, has two engines under the hood: 1.4-liter and 1.6-liter, 107 and 123 horses, respectively. Фотошпионы опубликовали снимки новопоколенного Kia Rio без маскировочных элементов In November, the next auto show will take place in Guangzhou, China. It is there that the official presentation is expected. new generation Kia Rio sedan. And in our country, the new Korean “four-door” is worth waiting for only after the new, 2017.

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As has already been said, the new generation Hyundai Verna was presented in the Celestial Empire today (I mean, in Russian, Solaris). Hyundai Verna is longer than its predecessor by half a centimeter (4m 38cm). He added 28 mm wide and reached 1 m 72.8 cm. The distance between the axes increased by three centimeters. As for the size новопоколенного Kia Riothen this is not yet known.

It is worth noting that most recently the Koreans declassified fourth generation kia rio for the European market.