Why do i need a spoiler on the car

Various additional outdoor accessories help to make your own car unique. Thanks to them, the machine acquires not only aesthetic qualities, but also gets new physical properties. This should take into account all fans of external tuning.

Before you mount any element outside the car, you need to familiarize yourself with what the spoiler is needed on the car, and what effect it has. If you do not follow the installation rules, you can get a negative effect that will negatively affect the performance of the car or may even lead to disastrous consequences for the car.


  • 1 The need to modernize the exterior
  • 2 Actual functionality
    • 2.1 First case
    • 2.2 Second case
    • 2.3 Applicable Materials
  • 3 Current classification

The need to modernize the exterior

Чтобы понять, What is a car spoiler?, можно сравнить внешность современных дорогих машин и легковушек, выпущенных пару десятилетий назад. Разница в дизайне будет весьма контрастной. В большинстве случаев на это оказывает влияние наличие накладок на багажник, пороги, крышу, крылья или двери.

A car spoiler is not only a decoration, but an element that affects the aerodynamic properties of a vehicle. Due to its installation, air flows are redirected, affecting the downforce or ensuring the cleanliness of the body.

why do you need a spoiler by car

Motorists often put the following types of linings on the vehicle:

  • side skirts;
  • rear body kit;
  • front / rear bumper skirt;
  • roof spoiler.

All types of spoilers for cars are divided into factory (established by the manufacturer or offered by it optional) and individual (made in small batches of products for a particular brand or model of car). The color scheme is chosen to match the basic color of the car or, if necessary, repainted.

Actual functionality

Defining why a car spoiler is needed, two tasks are distinguished, one of which is to form downforce for a vehicle traveling at high speed. The second task is exclusively decorative and is aimed at the formation of visual perception. Let's sort both functionalities.

First case

When driving a car at speeds close to and above 100 km / h, the airflow from all sides of the car becomes noticeable. It bends around the case not only on the sides and on top, but also passes under the bottom. In some cases, the air between the car and the road surface helps to lift the car. This effect provides less traction wheels and asphalt cloth.

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Also, the leading airflow is trying to fill the space from which the car exits. The event forms behind the machine a multitude of vortex flows. In this volume, a small vacuum is formed with low-density air, in contrast to the front space, where the air density increases. Both factors together cause braking of the machine or, in other words, increase the aerodynamic load. At the same time, car spoilers control the air flow in a way that ensures the elimination of negative consequences in real situations on the road.

Installing a minimum of a pair of spoilers helps to solve the problem correctly. After all, if you mount this element solely behind, then it only helps to increase the clamping force only on the corresponding axis of the machine. At the same time, the load on the front axle, which is controlled, is reduced.

In the case when only the front body kit is mounted, the coupling from the car with the spoiler on the rear axle is lowered. On the front wheels, the asphalt contact patch is growing. On rear-wheel drive vehicles, this solution reduces cravings and idle fuel consumption. Front-wheel drive cars lose control and maneuverability.

Important! Achieving a successful result helps installation at the same time two spoilers on the car: front and rear.

What is a car spoiler?

Often the front element of the modernization machine performs an additional function in which it cools the individual elements of the car: brake discs, drums and pads, radiator cooling, air conditioning system. In this case, the tuned element is selected with built-in deflectors. Their channels direct the flow in the right direction.

Second case

The advantages of tuning cars with various body kits exclusively for decoration can be fully appreciated by many at car shows and auto shows. Also there are photos of these cars in fashion magazines. Whole auto companies are working on external improvement of certain popular brands.

The purpose of this modernization is the manufacture of individual and recognizable vehicles. Ultra-modern methods are used for uniqueness, including listing of individual elements on 3-D printers. In such cases, the cost of re-design may exceed the initial cost of the base machine. Such actions are usually performed with the following cars:

  • sport class;
  • luxury;
  • premium models;
  • executive class.
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The negative side of upgrades can be a noticeable decrease in ground clearance. Clearance then correct again, bringing the value to the optimal parameters.

Applicable Materials

Initially, manufacturers made hinged elements using aluminum and plastic components. They differed not only limited forms, but also low quality. Such elements could receive damage not only from mechanical impact, but also from vibration during driving.

Later, manufacturers offered products from higher quality materials. Used combinations of soft and hard plastic, as well as resistant aluminum alloys. Such skirts withstand even small strokes.

What is a car spoiler for?

At present, spoilers of materials similar in characteristics to fiberglass are in demand. Also gained popularity are carbon compounds. These new items have a relatively low price tag, but in terms of their performance, they are significantly superior to plastic and aluminum linings.

Current classification

Traditionally, the lining can be seen on cars made in industrial conditions (the manufacturer of the car or another company) or self-made (made in artisanal conditions). In any case, the machine receives individual design features and certain physical characteristics. According to the method of mounting curly elements are:

  • on a sticky or adhesive base applied on the back of the stack side;
  • can use double-sided tape, which manufacturers prudently put in the kit;
  • with the use of screws;
  • in some cases, bolted reliable connections are used.

what are the spoilers for cars

Differentiation of spoilers is not only the method of installation, but also at the place of installation:

  • rear mounted usually on the trunk lid and are located across its entire width;
  • the top ones are usually put on the edge of the roof, in the form of a visor protecting the rear window from dirt on it;
  • lower skirts put on the rear and front bumper;
  • through some body parts or diffusers can be installed under the bottom.

According to the type of application, specialized and universal spoilers are offered. The first ones are relevant for a narrow model range, and the second ones can be located outside of almost any car suitable for a particular type and design.