Skoda will enter into competition with the bmw x4

Skoda войдет в конкуренцию с BMW X4

When the Czechs demonstrate to the world their new Skoda crossover, the BMW X4 will definitely have a serious competitor with whom it will not work, but will have to fight for life and death. And these are not just beautiful words: the eminent arrogance of the Germans has something to oppose the Czechs. To date, the line Skoda SUV parquet honestly presents a cool Skoda Yeti, in part of the design created by its developers, apparently in a fit of infantilism. In addition to the funny Yeti, Octavia Scout with increased ground clearance can also be included here, and this is actually the whole “parquet” potential. However, in the near future, calculated in a couple of years, the Czechs are going to correct this omission, and flood the market for crossovers with their new developments. The most interesting of them, having a modern "cross-compartment" design, will appear in 2017. About this, at least, quite confidently say some European online publications, for example, the British Autoexpress. The new cross-coupe will be named as Skoda Snowman, or Skoda Polar. Skoda войдет в конкуренцию с BMW X4 Despite the “swiftness” of the silhouette, external changes will not occur to the detriment of the traditional practical values ​​of the Czech auto brand. In the new cross-coupe will be a spacious interior and the most voluminous trunk among the cars of this class. For example, the BMW X4, which Skoda Polar will surpass according to this characteristic, has a trunk volume depending on the version from 500 to 1400 liters. It has a length of 4 meters 67.1 centimeters with a wheelbase of 2 meters 81 cm. Accordingly, to obtain the declared larger volume, these dimensional characteristics for the new cross-coupe will be expanded. New Skodais likely to be built on the MQB modular chassis and become front wheel drive. The same chassis, by the way, has new generation Volkswagen Tiguan II, which will be officially presented to the mass audience in a few days in Frankfurt. The new Tiguana, by the way, is also planning a "coupe" modification in the future.

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Skoda Octavia Scout

More information about Skoda Snowman not yet. But it is known for sure that in March 2016 at the Geneva Motor Show, the Czechs will present a seven-seater mid-size crossover, direct competitor Hyundai Santa Fe. They say it has unique off-road performance. Immediately after it comes off the conveyor updated Skoda Yeti and compact SUV, which will fall into one segment with nissanovskim Zhuk

Skoda decided to put on SUVs. It is this type of car that is becoming the most popular today, and the Czech auto company is going to sell half a million cars by 2020. Such are her ambitious plans.