Test drive faw besturn b50. prospects for chinese cars in

Model Faw Besturn B50 is probably one of the most unusual for Russian roads emblem. The First Automotive Work Group has a close relationship with the Volkswagen concern, has a wide export of its products all over the world, and is the leading car manufacturer in its home country. Earlier in Russia, the brand was known only for the production of trucks Faw.

Faw Besturn B50 Tests

The manufacturer of the Faw Besturn B50 is a Chinese concern, the developers of which are confident that this car will make an excellent competition to the Soviet “Lada”, as well as to budget Western models. What are the prospects for the car? To answer this question you need to hold test drive Faw Besturn B50.

At first, it may be scary to get behind the wheel of a Chinese car, but it is necessary to make the first spurt, as soon as all stereotypes are erased, and the said thing becomes absurd. The car flies on the wings.

Faw Besturn B50 in China is considered a "business class" car. However, in Russia businessmen are still opposed to driving Chinese cars, so here the novelty belongs to the category of large sedans for the whole family. The reason for the low price of the “Besturn” model has played a lot here, its cost is from 400 to 600 thousand rubles.

Test Driver Bestaw B50

Examination of the car

In the beginning, as it should be, in order to evaluate the ride comfort for drivers and passengers, it is necessary to carry out Faw Besturn b50 test salon. First of all, going to the salon "Fava", pay attention to the spaciousness and convenience. There are air leads to the legs of the passengers, a retractable armrest with a cup holder, that is, everything so that the trip is comfortable for the whole family. The rear seat is spacious, perfect for landing children or large adults. Luggage compartment volume of 450 liters, just to fit all the necessary things for travel.

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The roof is low, possibly due to the fact that low-growing people were engaged in production, so a medium-sized person will feel very comfortable in the cabin. Panoramic sunroof visually expand the space of the car, so the problem with the roof disappears by itself. A glass roof will fill the cabin with extra light and create a romantic atmosphere at night. If necessary, at any time, the panoramic roof can be closed with a special curtain.

Формы автомобилю Faw Besturn B50 придумывал дизайнер Фабрицио Джуджаро (глава итальянской студии дизайна Italdesign Giugiaro). Его произведения можно встретить в создании последних моделей, таких как Scirocco Mk1 и Volkswagen Golf, а также легендарной машины времени DeLorean DMC-12 с фильма «Onзад в будущее». Авто Faw сделан на платформе Mazda 6, а двигатель позаимствован от модели Volkswagen Getta.

Test Drive Faw Besturn B50 Photo

Evaluation of the appearance and equipment

Carried out Fav Besturn H80 test drive exterior, showed that the car does not look like an ordinary Chinese car: false grille with a pattern, European correct elements of the body, proshtampovka on the sides, to create a sporty character. For the exterior of the car can get a rating of "good", the car body looks modern, in harmony with all the lines and the dragon print on the sides of the car. Externally, the car has no gaps between the body panels, it attracts the eye with a narrowed gaze of headlights, a line for windows and aft car.

The cabin is equipped with many convenient shelves and drawers, the gas tank is opened using a button located on the floor, there is also a USB connector, ashtrays, and a stand for a mobile phone. The opening of the car takes place with the help of a keychain-key, like in Volkswagen. Premium grade is equipped with xenon headlights, electric sunroof, adjustable seats and mirrors, tire pressure sensor and leather interior.

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With a surcharge, you can get a leather interior, extra airbags, an electric equipment package, a tire pressure sensor, electric control of the driver’s seat adjustment, cruise control and climate control. Equipment TOP is available for 669 thousand rubles, the installation of heated seats for an additional fee.

FAW Besturn test drive

Photo exterior Faw Besturn b50

Suspension: two-lever front and independent multi-link rear. The car drives maneuverable through the city, the rear axle steers, and the weight of the steering wheel is made easy, with the help of it the car enters the corners easier.

Performance characteristics of the FAW Besturn B50

For the Chinese, the main thing is not only the external qualities of the car, but also its driving characteristics. In this way, test drive FAW B50 showed that the car accelerates slowly and smoothly, this option is suitable for elderly passengers and children. Such overclocking is quite justified, since the car belongs to the category of D-class, so the weight of the car is not quite small.

Faw Besturn B50 sedan test

The B50 showed excellent braking performance, which is important for urban areas. Having braked sharply in front of the passenger who was passing by, the car remains rooted to the spot. The FAW B50 is equipped with a 1.6 liter engine producing 103 horsepower. It is recommended to install RON-93 fuel, that is, for Russian drivers it is necessary to use 92nd gasoline. Fuel consumption per 100 km is 8.5 liters with an automatic transmission, the figure in the city is slightly increasing.

The price for Fav Besturn B50 is 549,000 rubles for the basic configuration with a manual gearbox. The basic package includes alloy wheels, air conditioning, ABS and EBD, electric windows, anti-theft system, multimedia system, parking sensor and on-board computer.

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Test drive engine Faw Besturn B50

The mechanical (5-speed) and automatic gearbox (6-speed) can be available in three trim levels, almost as many as the body options. In winter time Fav B 50 test drive showed that at a temperature of - 35 degrees the car is easy to start, only a slight knock of the front suspension is heard.

On Faw Besturn B50 test drive video You can consider in detail all the possibilities of the car, and the specialist will tell you about all the possibilities of the novelty: