How to change the rear rack on the car

Как поменять задние стойки на автомобиле

Replacing the rear struts on the car

If you continue to drive the car, in the presence of defective shock absorbers, tires quickly wear out. This will affect wheel bearings with suspension components. In general, the designs over time complicate the developers - they become more sophisticated.

Today, shock absorbers are able to "pay off" numerous fluctuations that appear on uneven roads, ensuring the quality of grip.

Как поменять задние стойки на автомобиле

It is clear that any components exhaust their capabilities. The resource of using this mechanism is 50 thousand mileage. Naturally, a lot depends on the manufacturer of these shock absorbers, the format of manufacturing parts, mode of movement.

Be sure to change the rack, found on the details of oil stains, extraneous sound on the suspension.

Rear Rack Wear Test

Permitted to test the car: to perform a kind of rocking the body. This will allow to know the property of “damping” oscillating moments.

Replace the racks if we are convinced of the need to do this work.

rear rack car

The operation is performed in pairs, so you will need to buy two products. Details on the axis must match. You may need additional "consumables" - a set of bushings, buffers.

The sequence in the removal of the rear struts

On the top of the trunk we are looking for a cap that needs to be pulled out. We use the keys - unscrew the nut, and hold the installation stem (do not allow scrolling). Next, unscrew the lower nut on the shock absorber. This position is on the fixture of the beam bracket.

rear rack car To completely pull out the shock absorber installation, the beam is squeezed down. This will pull out the component. Now we take out the rubber gasket. It is located on the cup of our rack. We take the boot out of the spring, dismantle the buffer. If the rubber components found defects, the details should be changed. Having carried out such actions, the mechanism is assembled, restored.

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rear rack car We pull out the rod at the shock absorber, fasten the buffer with the anther, place the metal cover. Immediately fix the stock nut. We fix the device on the beam bracket, install the spring. We use the tool to hold the nut.

rear rack car

Pull fully stock. To compress the springs on the rear beam put the jack. Slowly lift the component, tightening the mechanism. It is required to direct the rod into the hole, fix it with a nut. Similarly, changing the rear installation.