New cars up to 700,000 are different

When buying a new car, even 30,000 rubles can significantly affect the type of equipment and the availability of additional options, as well as what brand the car will be.

Cars new to 700000

New cars up to 700,000 rubles or cars up to 750,000 rubles can be of various classes: sedans or minivans, crossovers or SUVs, small cars or cars with large engine capacity. When choosing, you need to take into account the purpose for which the car is bought, and how it will affect the characteristics of the vehicle.

Famous car up to 700,000 rubles - Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi Lancer is one of the candidates who, due to its appearance, bypasses many of its competitors. It is worth noting that this car can not be called common and very popular, but many want to buy it. The appearance of the Mitsubishi Lancer is very challenging and interesting, especially with the sport package:

Cars up to 700,000 rubles new

  1. Powerful grille determines the aggressive appearance of this car. Thanks to this element, which carries both functional purpose, provides good cooling of the radiator, and is part of the design;
  2. The optics of the car is made in the proper style of Mitsubishi. So the headlights are elongated and have a light bevel, but the rear lights are made in a style peculiar only to the model Lancer;
  3. Low suspension indicates the sportiness of this version. With the purchase of this vehicle with a "sports package" clearance becomes even less, and not on all roads you can not worry about the integrity of the body;
  4. Fog lights are also created in the sports direction, have the same finish as the grille;
  5. On the trunk of this sedan is installed spoiler, which is purely decorative. Even more complement the overall style of Mitsubishi Lancer alloy wheels, which are made in the original multi-spoke style.
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The car has a bright design. When buying a more expensive equipment has the following options:

1. Air conditioning. 2. Two airbags. 3. ABS. 4. Full power in the cabin. 5. Special audio preparation. 6. Fastening for a child seat. 7. Automatic transmission. 8. The control system of the multimedia system on the steering wheel. 9. Gearshift paddles.

New car up to 700000

Among other qualities that are characteristic of this machine, it is possible to note good handling and high build quality. You can not say, for example, about new cars up to 300,000 rubles, as well as about new cars up to 350,000 rubles. However, the high price does not correspond to the rich equipment, and for, practically, the same money can be purchased by Ford Focus in one of the rich configurations, and American car brands are a serious technique that can serve faithfully for a very long time.

A new car up to 700,000 rubles from Mitsubishi also has significant drawbacks: spare parts are hard to find, and at a service station there are often problems with performing many types of repair work, which is typical of Mitsubishi. Despite this, the popularity of Mitsubishi Lancer due to catchy appearance remains high. Not every new car up to 400,000 rubles will be able to compete at least a little with the Lancer.

New car Skoda Roomster up to 700,000 rubles

A rather interesting option, which can be purchased for 650,000 rubles, is the Skoda Roomster, which is slightly more expensive than cars from the category of new cars up to 600,000 rubles. Skoda Roomster has the following features in exterior design:

New car up to 700000 рублей

  1. Skoda Roomster cannot be assigned to any one of the classes, since this car has both an average clearance and a high roof (while the roof from the driver's seat gradually becomes higher by the end of the car, which thus forms, as it were, the cargo compartment);
  2. Front grille is small. The non-aggressiveness of the grille to a large extent underlines the purpose of the car - for comfortable movement or transportation of cargo
  3. Headlights are made in the form of petals. Optics made in the style that is inherent in Skoda. However, at the same time, it turned out slightly narrowed and small in size, which is a distinctive feature of the Roomster design;
  4. There are fog lights, as in many new cars up to 500,000 rubles;
  5. Alloy wheels make the car more elegant. However, it is worth noting that in order to move around the countryside, it is better to install regular wheels.
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The new car up to 700,000 rubles. The Skoda Roomster has a 1.6 liter engine with 105 horsepower. Among other features of the equipment can note the following:

New car up to 700000

  1. Air conditioning;
  2. Power front seats;
  3. Front airbags;
  4. ABS;
  5. Special mount for child seats;
  6. Automatic transmission;
  7. Heated mirrors, not every foreign car can boast this up to 600 thousand rubles.

This car has a specific purpose, as it can be called a hybrid of two classes. New cars up to 700,000 rubles, which have a similar body, are rarely seen with a similar bundle and for that kind of money. More options will meet among new cars up to 800,000 rubles.

Therefore, if you need a good and roomy car with high ground clearance, where you can not only drive comfortably in the city, but also move out of the city, then Skoda Roomster is a great solution.

If you want to stand out among the flow, move at high speed and manage a good, well-built car, then Mitsubishi Lancer can be an excellent purchase option: a beautiful appearance, good handling and a rich equipment when buying a car with a sports package - all this is inherent in the Japanese representative automotive industry.

Or you can look at some new cars up to 1,000,000 rubles, there are some inexpensive, but practical crossovers. Also, you can think about buying a car from Germany, for example, a Mercedes, even if it is not new. On the subject of a Mercedes, I remembered the saying: "There are good cars, there are bad cars, and there is a Mercedes." Therefore, for example, the price of a Mercedes Gelendvagen cannot be either low or high, it is normal for a durable, high-quality and powerful jeep.

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