The japanese announced the appearance of a seven-seater

Японцы анонсировали появление семиместной модификации новопоколенного Honda CR-V The Japanese automaker has confirmed information that it will soon begin serial production of the new generation crossover Honda CR-V in the extended seven-seater version. The long version of the Japanese SUV will be officially presented at the end of March at one of the auto-show, which will be organized by the Thai department of Honda. It will happen on March 29th. Indistinct teaser images of the new modification Honda CR-V менеджеры параллельно показали во время прошедшего недавно официального  показа нового хэтчбека Honda Цивик. Никаких размерных характеристик three-row crossover  It was not announced either then or now. But judging by the only image of the car’s interior, if the dimensions have changed, it is insignificant. Two additional places were simply squeezed into the salon at the expense of the luggage compartment, and at these “mother-in-law” places it would not be very comfortable for a person, even an average build. Children or undersized Asians, these chairs will fit. But a serious uncle will not fit there. Японцы анонсировали появление семиместной модификации новопоколенного Honda CR-V Under the hood семиместного Honda CR-Vbased on the Thai car market, they will install a new 1.6-liter diesel with a turbine that “warms up” the engine to the power of one hundred and sixty horses, which is paired with a nine-band automatic transmission. By the way, we will not see the gearshift lever in this model anymore; instead, the driver will use the buttons instead. According to the managers of the Thai representation Honda, помимо Таиланда новинку будут поставлять еще и в другие азиатские страны, в том числе и в Австралию. Про возможность появления three-row crossover на европейских и американском авторынках они никаких предположений не высказали. Японцы анонсировали появление семиместной модификации новопоколенного Honda CR-V A five-seater new generation кроссовер Honda CR-V, declassified in the autumn of last year, you can buy today only in the American car market. Here the car is available with a 190-horsepower gasoline turbo engine with a working volume of one and a half liters. Besides him there are models, under the hood of which there is a two-liter naturally aspirated engine for 184 “horses”. Both engines work only with the variable-speed gearbox. The American version of the crossover is implemented in both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive versions.

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On our car market five новопоколенный Honda CR-V will arrive in mid-July this year. Russians will be able to buy only all-wheel drive option. The engine line will be represented by two petrol units - two-and 2.4-liter. Transmission - CVT.