Choosing the best car brand between audi and bmw



Making a comparison between such cars as Audi or BMW, it is very difficult to give a monosyllabic answer as to which one is better and more practical. This is due to the fact that for more than a decade the German car industry has been giving motorists from all over the world exceptional quality and productive vehicles. Anyone can choose for himself the car that will give its owner maximum comfort, excellent technical properties with perfect visual potential. Naturally, it makes no sense to compare the class of elite cars from Germany with simpler foreign brands. In the article we will consider only some models of Audi and BMW in order to find out which of them is really better, because the quality and driving parameters are more important for the Russian consumer than the incredible popularity and performance of the implemented technologies.

BMW 3 Series and Audi A4

General information

Audi Concern produces its own cars, submitting to the huge organization Audi-Volkswagen. This circumstance "gives" the manufacturer a lot of tangible benefits, as the company receives financial assistance from all companies that are part of the group (regardless of the brand produced). At the moment, the corporation has vast experience and practically the best technical developments.

Читать далее, что лучше выбрать - Audi или BMW-->Что касается второй рассматриваемой модели — BMW — она не сильно отличается от своего высокотехнологичного соперника, с завидной регулярностью предлагая миру не менее производительный транспорт. Адекватно сравнить кто из представителей Ауди или БМВ лучше сложно из-за того, что авто одного класса обладают совершенно разными и индивидуальными параметрами, которые не подлежат простейшему сравнению.

Audi A1 vs BMW 1 Series

In order to find out who is actually better: Audi or BMW, it suffices to consider the small B-class hatchbacks that became the basis for the healthy competition of these premium concerns without affecting, for example, the sedans of the business segment. Other models of the companies under consideration have a significantly smaller number of common properties and characteristics than these small compact machines. Audi A1 and BMW 1 Series have a similar body shape, approximately the same set of equipment, as well as an extraordinary way of performance. All this in a coupe makes BMW and Audi, if not twins, then very close relatives.

The hatchback presented by BMW is better than a fellow in terms of style and corporate design, its model range consists of power units in the range of 136–326 liters. p., the cost also varies (1.3-2.5 million).

BMW 1 series

The hatchback, presented by Audi, in the basic configuration will please the consumer with a power unit 1,4 TSI with a capacity of 125 liters. with., more productive model is completed with the powerful company engine of 1,8 TFSI with return of 192 l. with. The car can accelerate to a hundred in less than 9 seconds, reaching the threshold of maximum speed at 209 km per hour. To work in the combined cycle, you need only 5 liters of fuel, driving around the city will “take” a little more, consumption will be 6.5 liters. The six-speed manual transmission can be replaced with an S-Tronic robotic box with individual settings. The advantages of the Audi A1 lie in small wheels and limited ground clearance, which initially determined the scope of operation of the car, choosing only urban conditions.

As practice shows, the popularity of not only the Audi A1 and BMW 1 Series, but also other members of this class is growing steadily every year in Europe. Developments are successful in the domestic market, and the owners, respectively, profit. True, among Russian consumers, both models did not find too many fans; stylish designer cars with pleasant technologies could not be sold in a million. The cost of the compact Audi A1 starts at 1.240 million rubles. It is worth noting that this price is as close as possible to the competitor BMW 1 Series in the budget version. You can buy the most expensive Audi model for a smaller amount than a luxury BMW. However, for the sake of truth, it should be noted that the Bavarian in the expensive equipment is much more interesting and better than Audi.

Audi A1

Premium concerns sedans

The most popular representative of Audi is one of the most compact and popular sedans - A4. Important features of this vehicle are the original design, a large number of implemented technologies, especially necessary for cars of this particular category. A constantly updated model should be “grateful” to many competitors, which give it the opportunity to become better and more practical. The latest generation of the Audi A4 is incredibly happy with a huge choice of both gasoline and diesel powertrains, which have a capacity of 120-272 liters. with. The variety of auto transmissions and configurations presented is remarkable. The most budget version of the sedan, which will be “affordable” for a Russian with an average salary, will cost the owner only 1,870 million rubles, the most expensive version will be available only with 2.6 million rubles. However, despite such remarkable features, the adaptability of the Audi A4 could not win the hearts of the Russians, most likely, the BMW 3 Series sedan developed in Bavaria was to blame.

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In order to fully get acquainted with this very remarkable and at the same time presentable car, you should learn about all its qualities and advantages. The first thing to note is the variation of the three gasoline power units, which have recoils equal to 184, 245 and 306 liters, respectively. with. An excellent addition to the technical kit is the all-wheel drive that adorns the vehicle. The BMW 3 Series can in a few moments accelerate to a maximum speed not exceeding 250 km per hour, in addition, the car accelerates to a hundred a little more than 5 s. The most economical option in the combined cycle needs only 6.4 liters of fuel.

The main “chip” of the car was torque, which is perfectly capable of presenting power units with extraordinary enduring abilities. For passengers in this car there is practically nothing that could cause even the slightest discomfort, the comfort of the vehicle is at a decent level, which is due to properly selected suspensions that can work out the bumps as much as possible without informing the driver and other road users The minimum cost of the BMW 3 Series is 1.8 million rubles, the highest level of the most complete car reaches 2.8 million rubles.

To summarize, in the basic version, naturally, it would be better to prefer the Audi A4. However, if in the first place to put the best combination of technology and performance, you will have to purchase the appropriate BMW model. In the final choice, one should make a start not only from the cost of the finished product, which is almost the same, but, most likely, from the maximum configuration, which does not repeat each other. The sedans in question are as varied as you can imagine. BMW stands out for its charm and combination of amazing features. Both cars have proven their simplicity and efficiency, which are manifested in the provision of optimal conditions for a complete set and presentable visual properties. The choice between these vehicles depends largely on the personal qualities of the owner, some may prefer a more rigorous classic Audi exterior, and others - a bright extraordinary style of BMW.

Audi A4

Battle of BMW X3 and audi Q5 crossovers

Regarding the crossovers produced by the two largest foreign concerns Audi and BMW, it is very difficult to make a full-fledged comparison that would determine a car that would be many times better than its rival. Even the fact that the vehicles in question fell into one class does not allow them to be called potential competitors. BMW will be more suitable for those who focus not only on practicality and performance, but also on an extraordinary design and bright corporate features of a car, which from a distance make it possible to find out if a car belongs to a certain class.

audi Q5 — выбор тех, кто останавливается на классике. Будущий владелец может обладать силовым агрегатом с мощностью 177–272 л. с., одновременно выбрав для себя оптимальную комплектацию, оснащённую дополнительным оборудованием за относительно приемлемую стоимость, колеблющуюся в пределах 2,5–2,9 млн р.

audi Q5

The BMW X3 crossover is equipped with engines with a return of 184–313 liters. with., with the future owner can choose one of the three gasoline or diesel engines. In a short period of time, the car reaches 210–245 km per hour, acceleration to hundreds will be effected after just 5.3 seconds. It is impossible not to note the efficiency of diesel devices, which need only 5 liters of fuel during mixed driving, as for the gasoline counterpart, 6.9 liters is required here. Among the Russians, who became the owners of this car, the majority preferred the basic version worth 2.62 million.

Despite the not too big difference in the price of these German cars compatriots stubbornly choose the Bavarian crossover, which is due to the best technical side of the issue and appearance, which is not amenable to an objective assessment. The cars under consideration are so different that lately they have not even competed, it is impossible to say which is better: confident conservatism or bold modernity, brightness of the youth exterior or mature design notes. Now these cars have their own niches in the same class, bringing pleasure to both the first and second categories of buyers, guided, first and foremost, by their personal preferences.



Definitely choose the vehicle that is better than its rival, it is very difficult, since it is not known which of the described cars will be able to deliver the final consumer more pleasure at the time of operation. Surely, there will be people who will fully support BMW, assuring the rest of the optimal ratio of price, quality, manufacturability and appearance. People more mature, on the contrary, belong to the Bavarians with a certain vigilance, positioning it as an elaborate youth car. This category of Russians prefers a more conservative Audi, putting emphasis on years of proven quality and performance.

audi Q5 and BMW X3

The personal test drives, reviews of potential owners, video expert tests will help you decide on the choice between Audi and BMW. Only all the aspects taken together will allow the buyer to do the only right thing by choosing his optimal model.