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Aston Martin DB9 - a car in the class of Gran Turismo, which the company first introduced back in 2004. The letters DB in the title are the initials David Brown - one of the most famous owners of a British company in its history.

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The DB9 was the first car of the Aston Martin company, which was assembled at the Aston enterprise located in Gadon. The car, developed as a replacement for the DB7 model, is mass-produced to this day, although it remains quite rare. The author of the project is Ian Callam, but work on it was continued by his follower Henrik Fisker.

The Aston Martin DB9 is commercially available in two versions - a standard coupe and a luxury convertible. Engine - V12, designed for the 2004 model was replaced four years later. By 2008, Aston Martin acquired a six-liter V12, 470 horsepower, and a new improved suspension with Bilstein shock absorbers.

What is remarkable - Russia is the largest customer of these models. More cars are shipped to this country than the total sold worldwide.

aston martin db9

DB9 - rear wheel drive model with six-speed mechanics. From zero to hundreds of Britons accelerates in 4.7 seconds, and its maximum speed - 300 The car was originally designed as a sports, although they buy it, most often, for completely different purposes.

Price Aston Martin DB9 in the basic configuration

  • For the coupe, the British ask for an average of 187 thousand dollars;
  • Convertible (Volante) will cost the owner 200 thousand "green".

The car came out not cheap, like other English cars, but beautiful and reliable, however, as it always happens with the Aston Martin.

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The British company Direct line conducted a survey, during which it became clear that this model is considered the main achievement of the designers and designers of Aston Martin over the past 25 years.

The car became so popular that it got into such iconic computer games as Need for Speed, Test Drive, Gran Turismo and even GTA4 (the name has been replaced by Super GT).

aston martin db9

In the photo, the Aston Martin DB9 Volante is the most chic convertible that has attracted thousands of car enthusiasts around the world for almost a decade.

In 2012, the developers seriously approached the issue of improving the car. Now it was not about design. If in 2008 the power was strengthened only relatively, and the changes affected the appearance (grille, rims), then 2012 brought much greater changes to the car stuffing.

The new engine Aston Martin now has a power of 517 "horses", and this is 40 hp more than it was in the 2008 model.

At this, the Aston did not stop, and in the summer a new, hybrid model appeared. Under the hood, in addition to the standard six-liter V12, there were two electric motors that run the front wheels, plus lithium-ion batteries 180 kilowatts in front of the rear axle.

Aston Martin db9

The all-wheel drive hybrid has gained an unprecedented engine power - 751 instead of 517, but it also got heavier for a good three hundred kilograms. Acceleration from zero to hundred became faster by 20%. And this is not the limit - they say in Aston. Such a car will easily give odds to many brands of American cars.

The car received a Boshevian stabilization system operating in four modes, an electronic instrument panel and a touch screen displaying engine operation and vehicle settings.

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Work on creating a hybrid was actively carried out by engineers Bosh and Aston, since April 2012. 74 specialists from two companies took part in the development. Now tests are being conducted on the new system; however, the new power plant will not appear on production cars. About the price concept creators are silent.

And the new masterpiece of the joint Anglo-German team looks like this:

aston martin db9

And here is a video about Aston Martin DB9: