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Hello, seekers of "civilian tanks" and just cars for real men. We decided to support the current trend of comparing a white and fluffy bunny with a wolf - a comparison of the Amarok and Hilux. But unlike most paid advertising articles, we are absolutely not biased to find out who the real “iron horse” is Amarok or Hilux?

Volkswagen Amarok и Toyota Hajluks – какой pickup выбрать?

Volkswagen Amarok и Toyota Hajluks – какой pickup выбрать?

Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Volkswagen Amarok или Toyota Hajluks-->

Что такое настоящий pickup

Многим известен тот факт, что у Volkswagen не ладится с внедорожниками. Наглядный пример тому — Туарег с его вечными проблемами. Ведь внедорожник или pickup, в первую очередь, должен быть очень надёжным, неприхотливым и не очень «расфуфыренным» всякими электронными штучками, убранствами и прочим «выпендрежем», который даже незначительный ремонт превращает в такое событие, от которого мозги и кошелёк просто в ужасе.

Для чего предназначен pickup? Естественно для работы, причём для работы в труднодоступных местах, там, где нет рядом чистеньких сервисных центров с вежливым персоналом, где легковые машины сдают свои позиции, а простые внедорожники недостаточно практичны. Зачем там нужны все эти пижонские штучки? Кондиционер, музыка, мощь, проходимость и надёжность — вот и всё, что нужно для настоящего «железного коня». А за комфортом и наслаждением, добро пожаловать в седан представительского класса.

Amarok vs Hilux

Not everyone is aware of the fact that Amarok was to be created in collaboration with Toyota. But for unknown reasons, the partnership of Volkswagen and Toyota in this direction did not take place. Based on this, it becomes more or less understandable why the Volkswagen PR company is trying so hard to expose Amarok to Hilux. Apparently, resentment at Toyota at Volkswagen is still the same. And the principle - beat the strongest, and then they will notice you, nobody has yet canceled.

Car model:Volkswagen AmarokToyota Hajluks
Producing country:Germany (assembly Argentina)Japan (Thailand, South Africa)
Body Type:pickuppickup
Number of places:55
Number of doors:44
Engine capacity, cubic cm:19682982
Power, l. c./about min .:180/4000171/3600
Maximum speed, km / h:184175
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:10.3 (manual transmission), 10.9 (automatic transmission)12.5 (manual transmission), 11.6 (automatic transmission)
Type of drive:permanent all-wheel drivepermanent all-wheel drive
Fuel type:diesel fueldiesel fuel
Consumption per 100 km:city ​​10.1; track 7.3city ​​11.7; track 7.3
Length, mm:51815260
Width, mm:19441760
Height, mm:18201860
Clearance, mm:230230
Tire size:245/65 17265/65 17
Curb weight, kg:19961930
Full weight, kg:30402760
Fuel tank capacity:8080

Many, trying to compare the Amarok and Hilux, emphasize the present and the rich equipment of Volkswagen. It seems like a Toyota, with their Hilux, still very far from the German masterpiece. However, how far to Hilux is to the German slope, the Amarok is just as far from the reliability and simplicity of the Hilux. And nowadays short-lived plastic products, reliability is sometimes hundreds of times more important. However, the Dakar rally for already a year shows how far Volkswagen is from Toyota.


Amarok vs. Hilux, in terms of appearance, can not oppose anything. The restyled version of Toyota of the seventh generation was very attractive. A huge radiator with a very wide chrome bypass, beautiful decor on the rear-view mirrors, huge wheel arches, fashionable wheels, a powerful air intake on the bonnet and smooth sporty body lines will make many people turn to the Hilux.

Автомобиль Toyota Hajluks имеет современный и привлекательный внешний вид

Автомобиль Toyota Hajluks имеет современный и привлекательный внешний вид

The Amarok has not changed since the day of his birth. Угловатый, будто срубленный дизайн кузова, уже весьма устарел и смотрится довольно убого. Дизайн подножки примитивен, и нет повторителей поворотов на зеркалах. С точки зрения дизайна, Амарок больше похож на бюджетный кроссовер, который превратили в pickup, и поставили на более проходимое шасси.

Volkswagen Amarok понравится людям старой закалки

Volkswagen Amarok понравится людям старой закалки

In general, the Hilux is taller and longer than the Amarok. However, the Volkswagen cargo compartment is larger than the Hilux in all respects, because Toyota preferred the larger cabin. It surpasses the Amarok Toyotovsky Hilux and the height of the ground clearance, the difference is 8 millimeters, but with their ground clearance, hardly anyone will complain about its lack. Despite some of the benefits of Volkswagen, Toyota still looks more attractive, more dynamic, more impressive and more modern. Therefore, in terms of exterior, the battle of Amarok vs Hailux is lost by the Germans. Let's see what the results will be compared to the interiors.


Regarding the trim in the Amarok and Hilux special advantages are not. What the first, what the second, the finish of the "oak" plastic, but in Volkswagen for the species decided to disguise it under more expensive. Therefore, it looks quite attractive. At Toyota, they decided not to play with the trust of the consumer, and did everything as it was worth it: cheap plastic is an appropriate look. Seat upholstery depends on the configuration, mainly it is fabric, but in the more expensive versions, the Amarok and Hilux are equipped with leather armchairs.

Being on the driver's seat Amarok, you, in fact, get Volkswagen Polo, Golf and so on. In general, the look is standard for most Volkswagen. The same can be said about the Hilux - a typical Japanese design in silver-black tones, inherent in the Hyundai, Nissan, and of the rest of Asian automakers. True, the Hilux steering wheel is equipped with audio control buttons and other useful functions. Amarok such amenities deprived.

Volkswagen Amarok перенял множество элементов интерьера у своих собратьев

Volkswagen Amarok перенял множество элементов интерьера у своих собратьев

But the German steering wheel is regulated both in height and on the flight. Toyota has only height adjustment. Regulated in Volkswagen and the driver's seat in all directions. Toyota, again, does not have such amenities, and only the inclination of the backrest changes. The instrument panel Hilux looks more beautiful, there is also a small information display, on which the fuel consumption Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru can be found. There are quite decent sized touchscreen display on the dashboard, through which the image from the rear view camera is displayed. Amarok does not have a camera even in the most expensive configuration, it is available only as an option for an additional fee. But Volkswagen boasts as many as three sockets, one of which is in a niche for small things and, apparently, is designed to connect a DVR or radar detector.

All this, of course, is good, but, located on the rear seats Hilux, you begin to understand how much more spacious and comfortable in Toyota. Yet in Volkswagen, having regretted a place in the cargo compartment, the salon was made rather cramped. If the driver and front passenger is quite comfortable, then here in the back of things is deplorable. The back of the sofa is too straight, and the legs rest against the front seats. So it’s better not to go on a long journey in the back row of Amarok.

Interior автомобиля Toyota Hajluks не может похвастаться качеством отделки, но комфорт в салоне на высшем уровне

Interior автомобиля Toyota Hajluks не может похвастаться качеством отделки, но комфорт в салоне на высшем уровне

Что лучше, Амарок или Хайлюкс? Кто на этот раз в более выгодном положении? Однозначного ответа на это нет. Конечно, немец завлекает различными функциями, которые позволяют сделать езду более комфортной, красиво замаскированным пластиком… но, нужно ли всё это в отдалённой глубинке, где толком нет асфальтированных дорог? А вот просторный салон, обеспечивающий свободное расположение не только впереди, но и сзади, вполне пригодится в таких условиях. Ведь мы говорим о pickupах, об автомобилях не для городских пробок и зеркальных дорог. Поэтому как pickup, как «железный конь», Хайлюкс снова в плюсе.

Engine and driving performance

So the most interesting and important stage of our test has come, which will make it clear already which of them is a wolf, Volkswagen Amarok or Toyota Hilux?

Familiarity with the technical stuffing will start from the heart - with the engines. Amarok owns only one engine, but of different power. There are three of them - 122, 163, 180 horsepower. All three versions of two-liter turbo diesel engines, however, the latter two have a twin-turbine system or simply a bi-turbo. Due to the two turbines and was obtained such a high power with a two-liter engine. The engine itself is not new, it has already been used in the Volkswagen Transporter T5, as well as the six-speed manual transmission. But paired with a 180-strong unit is a new eight-speed automatic transmission ZF. In front of the Amarok, a double-lever, independent suspension is installed, and a dependent spring system is used at the rear.

Test drive a Volkswagen Amarok:

Now let's see what Toyota offers us. Hilux is equipped with two types of turbodiesel units - 2.5-liter (144 hp.) And 3.0-liter (171 hp.). Both engines are very old and enjoy an excellent reputation. Together with the first engine, a five-speed manual is installed, and the three-liter version uses a five-speed automatic. As for the suspension, then everything is the same as Volkswagen.

As for patency, the Amarok loses here, despite the power of 180 horses and a higher ground clearance. Whatever he looks like, but the Amarok is adapted to the urban lifestyle. Too low front bumper will not let go where the Hilux will pass. Again, a fairly low fuel tank, will always be in your thoughts at the moment when you move out of the asphalt. Even in terms of handling, the Amarok behaves more like a car. Light steering, quick acceleration, the lack of rear skids - all this suggests that when developing a car, the emphasis was on the urban type of car.

The two-liter engine, though attractive for its efficiency, but compared to Toyota, it does not save a lot. The consumption of a three-liter Hilux is almost the same - 8.7 liters per hundred in city / highway mode, Amarok - 8.3 liters per hundred kilometers in the same mode. In addition, dvushki for a two-ton car is clearly not enough. Considering the fact that the loading capacity of a German is one ton, it will be difficult to budge with such a load. And this, not to mention the lack of roads.

Test drive car Toyota Hilux:

Outside the asphalt, Hilux head and shoulders above Volkswagen. This car from generation to generation was created specifically for the harsh conditions, not in vain among the people, it is considered not to be killed. Hilux will pull you from anywhere, wherever you go. In Volkswagen, they did not calculate a little, they demanded too much from a two-liter engine, and this negatively affected the reliability of these units. And taking Amarok with 122 horses is just ridiculous. Reviews of the "happy" owners of this car clearly speak about the flaw in Amarok. The notorious bi-turbo system quickly fails, a large number of body faults manifest themselves in the first years of ownership, a lot of transmission failures and poor engine resistance to frost - this all makes Amarok an outsider against the backdrop of the Hilux.

Так кто же волк, Volkswagen Amarok или Toyota Hajluks? Безусловно, настоящий дикий волк Toyota Hajluks. Он доказал это своей многолетней историей, своей не убиваемостью, мощью, проходимостью и простотой. Volkswagen Amarok однозначно является белым и пушистым зайчиком — скачет быстро и ловко, но не пройдёт он там, где ходят волки. Это городской автомобиль с внешностью pickupа для тех, кому нравится такой тип кузова, но при этом желают быть в комфорте и выглядеть модно.