The best jacks of different types for cars


Motorists have a mandatory list of equipment and equipment, devices from which must always be present in the car. In addition to the first-aid kit, fire extinguisher and towing cable, jacks should be included in this list. Often, drivers mistakenly do not take the jack with them on the road, facing difficulties and various situations where the jack would be indispensable. Therefore, most car owners always try to leave the right tool for the car in the trunk, and also use a more productive and comfortable model in the garage. Some jacks allow you to safely engage in self-repair of the car in the garage, but taking them with you into the car is problematic because of the impressive dimensions. In order for you to correctly choose a garage and a car jack, we have selected for you the best models in various categories.

The best car jacks

TOP best car jacks.

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Before we talk about the ranking and name the best models, you need to figure out which jacks are, how they differ from each other, and what strengths and weaknesses they are characterized. Then we will consider the top of the best jacks, which will allow you to decide on the final choice. If you start from the type of drive, these devices are divided into several categories.

  1. Mechanical. They are set in motion due to the physical efforts of a person, therefore not every car is able to lift independently. They are used mainly for passenger cars, whose weight does not exceed 1.2 - 1.5 tons. Morally obsolete, because they were replaced by more sophisticated and modern solutions.
  2. Hydraulic. Based on the principle of hydraulics, interconnected vessels and incompressible fluid. Very efficient, simple and easy to use device. But they have more stringent requirements in terms of transportation, since they cannot be transported in a horizontal position.
  3. Pneumatic. Work due to compressed air. For their use requires a compressor. Portable models are not very productive, and still can not do without a compressor. Some devices are connected to the exhaust system of the machine, due to which they inflate and lift the car.
  4. Electric. Work from a household or automobile network. In extreme conditions they can not always help out, because they require the availability of a power source. But with stationary use, they do well.

Among all these types, the most attractive, in terms of performance and ease of use, are mechanical and hydraulic models. But pneumatics is too dependent on additional factors, which is why they prefer to use them in stationary rather than field conditions for cars.

Also, devices are distinguished by type of design. The most outdated ones are vertical screw models. They previously completed the Soviet and domestic cars. For their use on the machine must be present special grooves. Energy-intensive in terms of operation, because you have to put a lot of effort. They gradually faded into the background, are now used less and less.

Therefore, mainly car owners prefer such structures:

  1. Bottle These are hydraulic devices that are great for off-road vehicles, large trucks and heavy vehicles. It is also easy to cope with more compact and lightweight vehicles. Bottle jack
  2. Rack. They necessarily require a strong fixation on a hard surface. The main advantage is the ability to raise the machine to a height of about 150 centimeters. None of the competitors are capable of this. Rack jack
  3. Rolling. Similar designs are based on a hydraulic mechanism. Most often used to work with cars in the workshop or in garage conditions. As a hiking jack is not the most convenient. Rolling Jack Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%
  4. Rhombic or screw. The most common devices among car owners. The main structural element is a screw. When it is rotated, the rhombic base expands or tightens, lifting and lowering the machine. Convenient to use, easy to maintain and compact devices. Rhombic jack

Such a variety of designs and the emergence of new companies on the market has led to the fact that now it is extremely difficult for a car owner to make a choice. To simplify this task, we selected the best jacks of various designs. This will facilitate the selection process and allow you to look at the best and most appropriate tools for your criteria. But the final decision will still have to take you.

Leading manufacturers

Brand should not be the only criterion when choosing. But a well-known manufacturer always values ​​his reputation, in connection with which it is not in his interest to produce low-grade products and make consumers react negatively about themselves. On the market there are quite a lot of companies that manufacture car jacks. Among them were leaders who we will introduce to you. Immediately, we note that not only their products hit the ratings, so you should always pay attention not so much to the brand, but to the real characteristics.

The indisputable advantage of choosing in favor of a well-known company is that the stated parameters are real. You should not doubt, whether the specified loading capacity in 2 tons corresponds to reality. But many little-known firms, mainly represented by China, often write information that does not correspond to the actual technical characteristics. Because of this, car owners have many problems.

The most preferred companies are the following:

  1. AE&T. Название может подтолкнуть к мысли о том, что это европейский или американский производитель. Но по факту это российская компания, которая занимается изготовлением аксессуаров для автомобилей. Бренд основали в 2005 году, и он постепенно расширял своё влияние. Качество на очень приличном уровне при крайне адекватной ценовой политике. AE&T
  2. Airline. Under this brand there is a wide list of the most diverse equipment that can be useful to car owners. These include baggage systems, tool kits, and jacks of interest. The latest models can boast a load capacity of 16 tons. A distinctive feature of the jacks is the use of orange.Airline
  3. Forsage. The main share of jacks is occupied by hydraulic models. You can distinguish them by the blue-gray color of the case. They produce devices in China, but this does not at all mean that the tools are of poor quality. At an affordable price, the jacks are long and efficient.Forsage
  4. Matrix. Tools under this name have gained great popularity in the plumbing and construction business. The company regularly produces a wide range of screwdrivers, drills, chisels, etc. But also Matrix produces its own line of jacks, the quality of which consumers do not have any complaints about.Matrix
  5. Bison One of the most popular domestic brands, which also produces a large range of professional and amateur level tools. In the line of jacks present decent models with excellent technical characteristics. This is a choice in favor of quality, reliability and durability with an adequate pricing policy.Zubr

Criterias of choice

To choose a suitable jack for your car, drivers start from different criteria. Some look solely towards the brand’s fame. For others, it is important that the maximum carrying capacity is indicated on the tool. But you need to choose the right, based on several key criteria at the same time. Our rating was based on:

  • simplicity and ease of use;
  • the number of complaints of malfunctions and breakdowns;
  • cost in relation to quality;
  • availability in the Russian market;
  • lift heights;
  • load capacity.

Based on these parameters, we were able to collect a list of the best jacks of various types currently available:

  • rhombic (screw);
  • bottle;
  • movable;
  • rack

Next, we present individual categories and determine which models have won the highest marks and why they should be chosen for their cars.

Rhombic (screw)

Let's start with rhombic or screw jacks, based on a mechanical drive. They have an average payload of about 2 tons, which allows them to be used for most cars. Almost all manufacturers of jacks have in their assortment screw models. But not all of them are the best. Therefore, we suggest finding out which rhombic jack is the best to take and what parameters characterize each of the leaders of the segment.


This is a compact rhombic instrument from Enkor with a lifting capacity of 1 ton. This parameter can not be called exemplary, but for a large number of machines whose weight does not exceed 1 - 1.5 tons, this model is suitable for replacing wheels. A small load capacity is the only objective disadvantage. But the benefits are much greater. Among them:

  • good height of rise on level of 350 mm .;
  • excellent reliability;
  • simple construction;
  • convenient operation;
  • compact size;
  • low price;
  • weight does not exceed 2.4 kg.

Such a jack feels good in conditions when it is necessary to lift 1 - 2 wheels.

Enkor 1 t 28580


Model of the rhombic jack from the company Inforce. Here the load capacity is a full 2 ​​tons, which allows you to use the device on most cars. Among the main characteristics and positive points include:

  • compact size and low weight;
  • high level of reliability;
  • the ability to lift cars on 395 mm .;
  • 2 tons of capacity;
  • low cost.

Although the load capacity here is at a good level, the weight of the jack construction is 3.5 kilograms. The tool received reinforced structural elements that allow you to maintain a high level of reliability throughout the entire operational period. But you should not overload the device.

Inforce T10202

AJ R02

Excellent screw jack manufactured by Airline. The domestic manufacturer has managed to win the trust of a large number of motorists through this tool. There is such a unit of almost 1,700 rubles. But all the stated characteristics are true. The main thing here is not to buy Chinese-made devices. Some models entering the Russian market are produced by Airline partners in the Middle Kingdom. They often have problems with the main screw. If you take a tool made in Russia, you get a solid rhombic jack for a confident and durable service.


Domestic jack from the company BelAvtoKomplekt, the production facilities of which are located in Russia, CIS countries and in China. The maximum load capacity is 2 tons, which is the best indicator in the rating. Good assembly, high-quality components and a well-thought-out construction do their work and allow you to work with cars without any problems. With a price of 900 - 1000 rubles, you will not find anything better among screw rhombic jacks in Russia.

БелАвтоКомплект 2т


One of the most popular types of car jacks are considered to be bottle jacks. They occupy a minimum of space, are able to easily lift heavy equipment with little user effort. In the ranking of the best hydraulic bottle jacks got 3 models from different manufacturers. Each of the tools has a number of positive characteristics, but also has some drawbacks.


Product manufactured by Ombra. It has a lifting capacity of 8 tons, a lifting height of 405 millimeters and a pickup of 200 millimeters. The design weighs no more than 5 kilograms. This is considered a positive and negative point at the same time. Low weight is convenient for transporting and operating the jack. But at the same time, you will not be able to hold multi-ton vehicles for a long time. In the case of conventional passenger cars such a disadvantage ceases to be relevant. The device made in Taiwan costs about 1,700 rubles. Very ergonomic, comfortable and practical. Therefore, it is deservedly in demand and falls into the rating.

Ombra DANGER 108


Developed by AutoProfi. Chinese jack, which costs about 1600 rubles. The device is designed to lift up to 8 tons of cargo. Often such a tool is bought for trucks, although in the case of a car the jack perfectly demonstrates its positive qualities. The design provides for a bypass valve, due to which it is possible to overload the piston and increase the load capacity by 25% above the nominal for some time. The lifting height here is 405 millimeters, and the pickup height is about 200 mm. In this case, the total weight of the tool reaches 13 kg. This is the only objective flaw of the model.

AutoProfi DG08

Expert 430605

Модель производства компании Zubr, которая завоевала первое место в своём сегменте гидравлических автомобильных домкратов. Инструмент предназначен для подъёма на высоту 413 мм. при высоте подхвата 216 миллиметров. Хотя грузоподъёмность ниже, чем у конкурентов, и составляет только 5 тонн, для легковых машин это не так важно. Если говорить про недостатки, то к ним в основном относят высоту подхвата. Для многих легковых моделей, где клиренс находится обычно на уровне до 200 мм., это станет в определённой степени проблемой. Для кроссоверов и внедорожников Zubr считается одним из лучших решений.

Expert 430605


Many motorists are thinking about which jacks are better by 2 tons and more. Such devices are convenient in the garage application, but taking them with you on the road is not always convenient. The rating of the best rolling jacks included 4 models. This category of tools is deservedly popular. But it is important to be able to correctly use their capabilities. When choosing rolling hydraulic jacks, it is important to pay attention not only to the rating. Purchase of devices with a load capacity of up to three tons will allow you to work confidently with the machine and provide a steady lift above the ground. 3 tons are considered an excellent indicator of load capacity for rolling jacks, because such models are in our rating.

AJ 3F 500

Rolling device from the company Airline. The company knows exactly what kind of rolling jack the car owner wants to buy, therefore he has carefully approached the question of developing this tool. The device, equipped with hydraulics, allows you to lift up to 3 tons of weight. At the same time, the hydraulic rolling jack does not require the application of large forces from the user. This is not the option which one would be better to take with you, since the unit weighs about 32 kilograms. At the same time, the tool has a wide list of more important advantages:

  • reliable hydraulic system;
  • loading capacity at the level of 3 tons;
  • high reliability;
  • excellent speed;
  • lifting height of 500 mm.

If you are ready to pay a tidy sum, this development from Airline will become an indispensable assistant in your garage.

Airline AJ 3F 500

DP 20K

Movable mechanism with a load capacity of 2 tons of Chinese production from the company AutoProfi. Reasonable price at the level of 2 thousand rubles is perfectly combined with a decent bundle. Specifications are not ideal, but in terms of ease of use and operation for a passenger car there are no complaints. The manufacturer has made the device in the form of a case that can be easily carried and carried. This decision weighs about 10 kilograms. The only drawback, which for some will not be critical, is considered to be a small lifting height of 330 millimeters.

AutoProfi DP 20K


Development of the company Matrix, which is characterized by a long service life. There is such a rolling jack from 2200 rubles. With a load capacity of 2 tons, the instrument weighs a little less than 10 kilograms. The pickup height is 135 millimeters, and the lift height has reached 355 mm. Good performance for servicing cars. Serves for a long time, costs little and demonstrates a decent level of technical characteristics. But some users point out that the design is very mediocre. Whether it can be considered a disadvantage is hard to say.

Matrix 51020

KT 820002

Hydraulic rolling unit from the company Kraft, which allows you to lift a weight of up to 2.5 tons. Having a German-Chinese origin, we get a tool of good quality at a very attractive price. For such a jack in Russia they ask about 2.4 thousand rubles. The lifting height here is 385 millimeters with a pickup height of 135 millimeters. A good choice for all cars and most SUVs, whose weight does not exceed 2.5 tons.

Force KT 820002


Among the rack jacks in the rating were 2 models. They have about the same level of quality and identical technical characteristics. It is important to bear in mind that such devices can take quite a lot of space in the luggage compartment, because of which they become inconvenient for transportation. For conventional passenger cars, rack and pinion instruments are rarely bought. This is a choice for those who are engaged in off-road driving, often travels to nature, hunting and fishing, and does not want to get stuck in the mud.


Instrument manufactured by Skyway. Impressive dimensions are both advantage and disadvantage. The device will easily allow you to get out of a difficult situation, but it will occupy a substantial part of your luggage compartment. The payload indicator here is 3.5 tons, and the lifting height reaches 680 millimeters. The design is reliable, convenient and easy to operate. The mass of the jack rack type is 8.5 kilograms. If you do not care about the issue of high prices, in many cases this tool will be indispensable.

Skyway S01803002

WDK 80603

Outwardly, it looks simple, but behind the exterior lies an excellent rack jack manufactured by Wiederkraft. The main advantage of the device is its ability to raise the machine to a height of 1550 millimeters. This is 2 times more than the previous model. A load capacity is slightly inferior to the competitor, since it is 3 tons. The unit weighs almost 15 kilograms, so you have to mainly use it in the garage, or take it specially for especially heavy road sections.

Wiederkraft WDK 80603

When buying a car jack, always build on the characteristics and features of your car. Also not least the role played by the operating conditions of the vehicle. Some jacks require a flat and durable surface to lift the machine a little. Others feel confident in the most extreme conditions. The key parameters are the lift height and load capacity. But the manufacturer plays an important role, since it depends on the reliability, durability and quality of the structure, regardless of its type or drive.