On the streets of kaluga, a new-generation volkswagen tiguan

VW Tiguan One of the motorists could not resist and photographed new generation Volkswagen Tiguan, who unexpectedly met on one of the Kaluga streets. The fact that it is on the streets of Kaluga drives new tiguanThere is nothing surprising, because it is in this city that the production of the German automaker is located. It can be assumed that this is not an accidental coincidence, and it is precisely at the Kaluga Automobile Plant that the localized assembly will be carried out. new generation tiguanas for the Russian car market. As the Germans promised, they are going to sell a novelty in Russia in the first quarter of the future of 2017. But the Russian office of Volkswagen does not cover anything like that yet.

На улицах Калуги сфотографировали new generation Volkswagen Tiguan While the issue with the start of production of a new generation model is still being solved, current version of Tiguana continues to be produced in Kaluga. As the German automakers have assured, it will be released until sales of this German crossover start to sink. That is, it turns out that both the old Tiguan and the new generation will go off the assembly line at the same time, and the managers will see what is in high demand. To date, according to statistics, the current version VW Tiguan stable demand remains.

На улицах Калуги сфотографировали new generation Volkswagen Tiguan The new generation Tiguanov will move on Russian roads with a 180-hp petrol turbo engine or a 1.5-hour diesel engine under the hood. And the current version is equipped only with gasoline turbocharged engines with a capacity of 150 to 211 horsepower. Most affordable VW Tiguan The "old" generation can be bought starting from 1330 kilorubles. In addition, most recently the Germans made a special version of Tiguan - Tiguan Allstar, which differs from the usual crossover by more advanced option packages and better and more prestigious interior trim. На улицах Калуги сфотографировали new generation Volkswagen Tiguan Volkswagen Tiguan Allstar Available in mostly orange color, you can also order it with a body in white, brown, silver and black. And at the price of overpayment for the selected color is not. From external changes, the model received more extended wheel arches, a black roof and rear-view mirrors, gray eighteen-inch alloy wheels.

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VW Tiguan Allstar

The chassis of the special version of Tiguana went over to enhance its sporting characteristics. In the list of "body kit" appeared keyless access and start the motor from the button, parking assistant. Tiguan Allstar equipped with a cruise control, a multimedia box with an almost seven-inch (6.5 ") touchscreen with an proximity sensor is installed in the cabin: you just need to bring your hand to the touchscreen, it is immediately activated. Under the hood VW Tiguan Allstar  1.4-liter gasoline engine, enhanced turbine. Depending on the "brain" and the turbine, he gives out 122 or 150 horses. The weakest engine is paired with a manual, and the strongest - with an automatic transmission. Besides, Tiguan Allstar available with a 2.0-liter engine with 180 horses, a six-speed automatic and all-wheel drive.