Kia sid experienced a restyling

Киа Сид пережила рестайлинг Koreans have updated the entire line of the popular car family Kia cee'd. After a couple of weeks, the new product will appear in the dealer networks of Europe, while Russian car owners should be patient: after the start of sales at European car dealerships, Koreans are planning to supply a restyled model to Russia. The designers who were restyling didn’t particularly bother themselves with inventing something out of the ordinary , at first glance, you can not notice any difference at all. Actually, this is typical for restyling of models that are especially popular, because if you change the design of your favorite car dramatically, you can overdo it and get car fans disappointed. After the restyling, the hatchback-pyatidverka cee’d, three-car pro-cee’d and wagon SW (Sportswagon) will also enter the market. All of them got a slightly different bumper, radiator grilles, fog lights and lights. In addition to the traditional ones, Koreans will also deliver a new modification of the Sid - GT-Line, which can be distinguished immediately by a more sporty and therefore aggressive appearance. Киа Сид пережила рестайлинг Inside the Kia Sid chrome trimmed all the main devices on the panel and air duct vents. It all depends on the Sid configuration, in more sophisticated configurations there may be more chrome-plated interior details, as if the color of chrome is now a sign of well-being and even luxury for Koreans.

But, of course, not in these coloristic delights are the goal of restyling and customer expectations. What is under the hood of the updated Sid? The line of motors that are equipped family Kia Sidovexpanded. For example, as standard, the car will have a liter stoosilnoe with a torque of 172 Nm three-cylinder heart with a T-GDI turbine. This engine has a more powerful brother, which with the same torque develops the power of 120 horses.

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For Kia Sida rest Korean engineers have upgraded the 1.6-liter diesel CRDi unit. They changed the injection system, it began to have more pressure. In combination with an adjustable oil pump, this reduces friction in the power unit. This diesel has two versions: 110- and 136-strong. Besides it, the 1.4-liter CRDi diesel will be used in the lineup. Киа Сид пережила рестайлинг The gasoline engines that were used in the old versions of the Sid, migrated to the new version. It is about a 130-strong 1.6-liter MPI, 128-and 135-strong 1.6-liter GDI and a stiff 1.4-liter MPI. The only thing that the engineers have worked on is bringing all the engines of the Kia Sid family in line with Euro 6. The restyled Kia cee'd will also receive a 7-speed transmission in which two couplings (DCT) are realized. Such a box will stand on complete sets with 1.6-liter diesel engines for 136 horsepower.

In addition, manufacturers have announced that after restyling, Kia Sid has completely solved the problems with noise insulation. To help the driver, electronic assistants will be added to control the parking process, blind spots and even recognize road signs from a distance. Produce restyled Kia cee'd will be in Slovakia. Pro manufacturers promised to report prices additionally.