New skoda kodiaq - skoda kodiak 2018: will the seven-seater

The new Skoda Kodiaq (photo below), a medium-sized crossover that is extremely popular in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, will soon be available to the domestic car enthusiast - and, remarkably, in the Russian assembly. This was not so long ago, at the end of 2017, officially announced by the manufacturer from the Czech Republic; if there are no extraordinary cases, the car’s release date will be in the spring or early summer of 2018.

Photo: new Skoda Kodiaq 2018

Photo: new Skoda Kodiaq 2018

Skoda Kodiak 2018 (photo below), despite the doubts of critics, will already belong to the second generation of medium-sized Czech crossovers: about any restyled version of the speech can not go. The manufacturer has not only changed the appearance of Kodiaq and made the interior more comfortable (and this is already a lot; many Asian auto companies who annually stamp the “next generations” do not bother to bring to mind even the main features of the car, not to mention trifles, often poisoning driver life and endanger the health of people inside), but also offered to potential buyers an updated engine range and improved transmission options.

To the credit of Skoda, the new Kodiaq (photo below) will be equipped with all the necessary security elements - passive and active. The latter will be discussed later in the corresponding section. Safety cushions are always a separate, unhealthy topic for automakers and their customers.

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