The most unusual cars in the world


For most car enthusiasts, the car is an integral part of comfortable trips and nothing more. In this case, the first place goes: engine reliability, modern electronics, interior comfort of the cabin and many other components. But today we will tell you what the most unusual cars in the world not only delight connoisseurs of the exclusive, but also help to understand how great the imagination of the designers and creators of such models are.

Sometimes the imagination of designers does not know the limit.

Sometimes the imagination of designers does not know the limit.

As a rule, the main driving force is the desire to stand out from the crowd. And by and large, we should be grateful to such people who “dilute” the car flow with an unusual model, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. Imagine how boring many sleeping areas are, and how pleasant it is to be in blocks with interesting architecture. Same thing with cars. Therefore, we have selected absolutely fantastic options for you to show what lovers of their work can do.

Читать далее о самых необычных автомобилях в мире-->Человеческой фантазии нет предела, но что касается автомобилей, то необычные можно разделить на несколько видов: с эксклюзивной внешностью, изготовленные из нестандартных материалов и с интересными возможностями. Вот и рассмотрим, что же предлагают автомобильные фантазеры.

Cars with unusual appearance

They are different in shape, color and size. Some owners make a special body, paint at their discretion, as a result, you can see the whole flower fields.

An amateur from the USA has created the smallest car. At the same time, it can easily move along the road and has its own license plate and is very pleased with others.

The smallest car in the world

The smallest car in the world

The most unusual cars can have the most fantastic forms, imagine to see on the road:

  • Hare
  • The dragon.
  • Kota.
  • Cars with lion heads instead of standard wheel arches.
  • Turtle
  • Sneaker for sports lovers.

    Car in the shape of a turtle

    Car in the shape of a turtle

A rather interesting hybrid combines a car and a motorcycle, which have their own engines and both of these parts are quite functional. If desired, the driver can “transfer” from a car to a motorcycle within a few seconds.

"BMW M3", but not simple, but silver. Imagine how the chrome parts and the body shine in the sun. Glitter, and only. The car is just gorgeous, great ride. The only precaution: you will only have to drive on it through empty streets with an ideal road surface, otherwise only a garage. The restoration of scratches or the effects of blows is very complicated.

Cars from non-standard materials

Even a child can answer the question, what are machines made of? Of course, mostly iron. But dreamers and creative engineers can use almost everything that surrounds them. The most unusual cars in the world are able to hit a variety of colors and materials.

Absolutely fantastic "live" model: the frame is made of high-strength aluminum. Instead of metal for the body is used synthetic fabric. Touching such a car, there is a feeling of living flesh.

The Japanese at all times were considered lovers of natural materials, so they decided to use them in a completely unusual way:

  1. Masters decided to show off originality and designed a wooden sports "car." Although the speed falls short of the world standards of this class (only 80 km / h), but the streamlined shape of the body, the stylish fender completely repeats the look of analogues winning car races.

    Wooden car

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  2. Another unusual specimen was created from bamboo. Baby “Meguru” has a bamboo floor and fans instead of doors.

    Meguru - electric car made of bamboo and paper

    Meguru - electric car made of bamboo and paper

Not only the inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun love wood, as the material for cars. One designer created an unusual streamlined shape of polished wood. Another used clapboard to create cars in the form of cowboy buildings from the beginning of the last century.

Golden Porshe, codenamed Ferdinand GT3 RS, is a brilliant and expensive option, but only from the outside. In fact, all solid props, starting with the body, sparkling in the sun, and ending with an engine of one human power. Inside the body is an ordinary bike and thanks to him you can move on this model of an expensive car.

An exclusive hood can be made from scrap materials, and this is used by the masters:

  • Unusual option «Ferrari» - Lego. The car is made of about 8 thousand small parts. The dream of toy lovers. But more importantly, after the last detail is put in place, the owner can enjoy the ride, and not just look at the car as if it were a museum piece.

    Ferrari from Lego

    Ferrari from Lego

  • One of the computer lovers decided to give his car an interesting design: he laid out a multi-colored pattern using the buttons on the keyboard. Recognition is guaranteed, not only the pattern, but also an unusual volumetric texture.
  • An interesting use was found for children's cars. To decorate the "Ford Capri" took 4000 multicolored toys. They stuck to their big brother and made him unique.

    Ford Capri, decorated with children's cars

    Ford Capri, decorated with children's cars

  • Looks absolutely fantastic machine, decorated with wine jams. But these are not toy cars. You can't buy corks in the store just like that, and an interesting thought arises: maybe alcohol in such quantities and “prompted” the idea to stand out on the road.
  • And for employees of the business center, a car decorated with a huge number of pens can be a real gift. The benefit is obvious: the handles are at hand and you can return the already used to the place without spoiling the external surroundings.

Designers of the world-famous factory created a transparent "Nissan". Like other cars of this brand, it can perfectly move, and is equipped with all the necessary mechanisms. It is unlikely that you will meet him on the highway, since the main purpose of such a “Nissan” was an advertising campaign. When starting the engine, all the processes inside are superbly visible. This feature was used to advertise and promote the sales of Ultra, Helix and Shell avtosel.

What materials do not apply motorists and mechanics to stand out from the crowd: imagine a wire “Lamborghini” with completely transparent “details and mechanisms”.

Nature lovers have fun in their own way: decorate the hood with lawn grass. With regard to the convenience of questions, of course, a lot. And the word "corrosion" probably settles on the hood immediately after planting.

Awkward machines

In the car, all the details and mechanisms, as well as the shape of the body should be harmonious, but the most unusual cars in the world for such parameters are not suitable.

An unusual double car in the form of a heart, apparently, was conceived for couples in love. However, the form is visible only from above. And the rear view in general evokes the idea that it is a part of the body, which is not worth mentioning in a decent society.

Hindus also contribute to the creation of masterpieces. They created an unusual wooden model that fully corresponds to the Indian style: with a large number of carvings, huge wheels and a body resembling an ancient temple.

Cars with interesting features

Biyskaya inventors did something unusual on the basis of "Nissan Maxima". Huge wheels, unusual forms in the style of techno make the Nissan not only noticeable, but also allow you to move in any snowfalls and off-road.

And to overcome the puddles and water flows created amphibious convertible. Special design doors do not allow water inside the cabin. This ensures tight sealing. Thanks to such design features, he not only drives, but also floats.

The UAE Sheikh's jeep weighs almost 4.5 tons. What this giant was created for is difficult to say. Yes, it is possible to move around, but it is worth considering how comfortable these trips will be. But in this case, the sheikh can afford everything, including surprise the people.

Jeep Sheik Arab Emirates

Jeep Sheik Arab Emirates

As you can see, the fantasy of car designers takes off above heaven. They create quite functional machines with an unusual appearance, museum and exhibition versions of various materials, which at first glance are not intended for mass production. As a rule, they can rather be called big toys that can hit. But some elements are quite possible to use in tuning your own car, for example, wooden moldings, chrome-plated parts or special wheel arches.

But at the same time, the most unusual cars adorn our lives, it becomes brighter and more fun. Now, if you want to experiment a little and transform your four-wheel friend, it will be easier for you to choose the type of tuning.