Toyota dealers in january 2016 showed a record sales spurt

Дилеры Тойота за январь 2016 года показали рекордный рывок продаж

For the first month of this year, the Japanese have significantly added to the sale of Toyota brand cars in our car market compared to last year. In January, a little more than six thousand toyotovskikh cars were sold to Russians, which is quite decently more than the average market statistics for all auto brands. After this "jerk", the number of Toyota in our market increased to 7.4 percent of the total number of all vehicles, which gives the Japanese brand the fourth position in the rating. The leadership of the Russian representative office of Toyota itself assessed this situation as a “successful start. Given the state of sales in other foreign auto brands in the current economic situation, this is indeed the case. To date, the company has retained primacy among the Japanese automakers and ranked fourth in the ranking of total sales in our market. Дилеры Тойота за январь 2016 года показали рекордный рывок продаж The most popular with Russians Toyota In January, there were three models. All of them hit the TOP-25 popularity among all cars sold in the country. The fourth step in this rating is firmly occupied by the crossover Toyota RAV4. In January, 2,816 Russians became the owners of this Japanese SUV. The growth in demand for Toyota RAV4 was about forty percent. This car, according to the Japanese rating, is the most popular crossover in Russia. In the segment of crossovers sold on our car market, Toyota RAV4 make up the fifth part. To be exact - 21.3 percent.

Toyota Camry St. Petersburg assembly in the top twenty-five only in the seventeenth place. In January 2016, our compatriots bought it 1,146 times. Compared with last year’s January, this is 45 percent less. By the way, at the same St. Petersburg automobile plant, the Japanese are already this year going to start producing crossovers Toyota RAV4. The launch will happen very soon, even though the Japanese have not yet voiced a specific date, because all the commissioning works in the workshops have already been completed. Дилеры Тойота за январь 2016 года показали рекордный рывок продаж But the coolest statistics from the SUV Toyota Land Cruiser 200. In January, the Russians bought 1,014 Japanese "vseprohodtsev", which is more than four times more than sales in January last year. Thanks to this “jump,” the TLC200 ranked 21 in the rating of demand on our car market.

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In the segment of pickups added a little new generation Toyota Hilux: in January, he occupied 39.8 percent of the market for pickups sold in Russia with a score of 262 cars.

Well, if you look at world ratings, then Toyota is the first here. Over the past year in the world sold more than ten million Toyota, Volkswagen is in second place, having lost confidence due to the recent diesel scandal. In third place is the concern General Motors.