Tuning ford scorpio significantly improves performance

Car Ford Scorpio saw the light in the distant 1985. The machine has excellent performance in safety, performance and driving. Also, the car looks good. For all the time of its existence, Scorpio has repeatedly undergone modernization, and because of this it became even more powerful and reliable.

tuning Ford Scorpio

Therefore, tuning Ford Scorpio does not take much effort. And the high popularity of the car does not abate until now, and in any workshop or store you can find all the necessary parts to refine the car.

Tuning salon Ford Scorpio

For even greater comfort of the driver and passengers, you can work on tuning Ford Scorpio, namely on its interior. There are enough opportunities for improvement. It is worth starting with the seats. There are two options: either to cover the old material with new material, or (if there is enough money) to install new seats. You can also replace the factory panel with a different color panel. You can make the upholstery of the cabin a suitable color.

tuning Ford Scorpio своими руками

In addition to the design decisions in the cabin will be relevant and new equipment. For example, you can install a monitor on which information about the status of your car will appear. Another great solution for tuning the cabin will be the installation of a new, more powerful speaker system. It is worth thinking about the cabin noise insulation. So it will become even more comfortable. Well, if you choose a leather upholstery, then spectacular.

Also in this model, you can make tuning steering with the help of special pads or buy a sports steering wheel. Some models of tuned wheels have their own extra light bulbs and other elements.

External tuning Ford Scorpio

In this case, the start for Ford Scorpio tuning (photo) is from the back of the car, as initially it is its weakest place. The back of the need to weight, and therefore install the wing. Also should be wider and car wheels. Next, you should pay attention to the rear axle and install a new gearbox, as during operation the rear axle of the car is loosened.

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tuning Ford Scorpio

The front rack will also have to modify and install the strut. This will allow the shock absorbers to function normally with a heavier engine. After that, you can proceed to replace the bumper with a new analogue. Also will look great new alloy wheels and toning. New thresholds will make the car more attractive and comfortable. With their installation you can handle yourself.

It also doesn’t bother to make tuning headlights, for example, to put more beautiful and bright halogen headlights, in many VAZs they are also put, especially the headlights on 2114 tuning are remembered.

Tuning the engine and improving its performance

This is the most important stage of tuning, on which the effectiveness of all previous operations will depend. It is an improvement in the technical characteristics of the car that will allow him to get a second wind. For Ford Scorpio engine tuning will be as follows.

If the engine is an injector, then in this case the electronic unit is re-flashed. Thus, it is possible to achieve improved injection and exhaust emissions. And here, as for cardinal replacements of the engine and its modifications, they will not be affordable for everyone.

ford scorpio tuning

Original parts for Ford are expensive, as well as on all brands of American cars. And the cylinders are not so easy to modify, but it's worth a try. But to modify the brake system is quite real. This tuning Ford Scorpio is available for every car owner with his own hands. What do we know about the brake system of this car? The model Scorpio brakes are disc. But only front brakes are equipped with ventilation. Therefore, it is worth to install ventilation for the rear brakes. You can also modify the piston mechanisms and change them to a larger size.

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Ford Scorpio tuning photo

Very often, Ford's hydraulic clutch fails. Therefore, when tuning it is worth replacing it with a new one. Fan change to a new device with electric drive. This will help avoid overheating.

As you can see, tuning Ford Scorpio (video) is quite simple and every car enthusiast can: