Top rated cheapest crossovers with automatic transmission


Long gone are the days when the car was the lot of “experienced professionals” who were ready to endure (or enjoy) the constant shift of the gear lever. Today, you first drive electric cars on the rides in the park, and as soon as you hit 18, you change to your full-fledged car, not much harder - with an automatic gearbox.

crossovers with automatic transmission

Crossovers on the machine is much safer than cars with manual transmission

Некоторые ретрограды сетуют, вот, мол, они не понимают, что такое «водить машину», живут на всём готовом. Нет, не так. Просто прогресс не остановить. Да и потом – кроссоверы на автомате, а сегодня речь об этих моделях, гораздо безопаснее, они позволяют сесть за руль не только пенсионерам, не только представительницам слабого пола, но и даже студентам, пусть пока и с персональной стипендией. Дело в том, что под стать коробке и всё остальное оснащение представляемых автомобилей, что позволяет дилерам устанавливать на них цены не выше 750 тысяч рублей. А если хорошо выбирать, то лучший дизель с полным приводом может стоять под вашими окнами и за 600 тысяч.Читать далее о недорогих кроссоверах с коробкой автомат-->

All five models presented are based on a lightweight platform, have a bearing body and a fairly high ground clearance, providing a high cross.

If our goal is available crossovers with a gun, then you have to choose from Japanese and Chinese offers. But we pay attention, they all did under the most sensitive patronage of their European and Japanese curators, so there is not much to worry about quality, it is at the highest level.

We start with a price of less than 650 thousand

Chery Tiggo FL

shery tiggo fl c akpp

Compact crossover from China

In the first place in our rankings Chery Tiggo FL - a very compact crossover from a Chinese manufacturer, which was led, at least, inspired by the exterior, the concern Toyota. Thus, the Japanese idea and Chinese production, striving to break into the market by all means, and allowed to set the price for this cheap crossover at 645 thousand rubles. Moreover, we note the price - the maximum configuration, it can be reduced by 100 thousand especially picky buyers, who need heated front seats and air conditioning to anything. You can only stay on the engine of 126 hp with a volume of 1.6 liters, front-wheel drive, two airbags (this is modest, but so the price requires), anti-lock brakes, disc brakes front and rear.

On the Tiggo FL of choice, you can also put the engine at 1.8 2.0 or 2.4 liters. And there will be no problems with the service - the model is made in China, Russia, even in Egypt, in Cyprus, in Uruguay and in Italy.

Renault Duster

renault duster with automatic transmission

All-wheel drive crossover

The second line of our rating was also captured by the Chinese variation, but already by Renault Duster. Here, the price is almost 50 thousand more - 692 thousand, but this is all-wheel drive diesel. On the other hand, if you choose a dealer well, then this model can be bought from some with a very significant discount. Chinese Duster is directly focused on "25 minus". Although you should not expect any "flaws" as a finish or in safety.

On these crossovers with an automatic gearbox, either a 1.5 liter diesel engine or a 1.6 or 2.0 liter gasoline engine is installed. Transmission - 4-speed with front-wheel drive. In addition, at the disposal of the owner:

  • AC system;
  • electric fifth door
  • and the mass of "youth" LED display.

The wheelbase of the model - 2,673 m - allows you to confidently use it in the most difficult road conditions, although the manufacturer initially recommends the model for urban conditions, this is where she, apparently, "will not be demolished."

Models at the price of "under 700"

The price of the following three models can go for 700 thousand rubles, however, choosing a complete set, you can easily fall into the category of “inexpensive crossover with a gun”.

Changan CS35

shangan cs35 c automatic transmission

This crossover quickly went ahead in terms of sales in Russia.

This car was presented for the first time in 2011 at the auto show in Frankfurt, then next year it was already talked about in its entirety in Beijing. And a year later she was ranked third in terms of sales in her class in Russia. The reason is quite understandable - even with the maximum configuration, the price of the Changan CS35 barely reaches 700 thousand.

And this, we draw attention to the obvious omission on the part of manufacturers, if we are talking about competition - the variety of configuration is not so wide. There is a choice of two engines - both petrol, 1.5 and 1.6 liters, and two boxes - 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic (1.5 liter engine is not supplied).

When we talk about Changan CS35, then the thought comes that the price is too high, because the Chinese do not want to take the fog lights Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, cruise control, ABS and automatic electrical system of the upper hatch. In general, you need to wait for a quick price reduction and the transition to restyling.

Geely Emgrand X7

geely emgrand x7 c акпп

Chinese crossover

On the fourth line of the rating - Chinese Geely Emgrand X7 for 720 thousand. For some time, in 2014-2015, these crossovers with automatic transmission were included in the list of the most popular in the open spaces from Minsk to Vladivostok. The model is equipped with 3 petrol engines for 1.8; 2.0 and 2.4 liters. Automatic transmission - on 6 steps, mechanics - on 5. Particular emphasis was placed on car equipment - there is a noteworthy navigation system, electronic parking brake, even a rear-view camera, climate control and electric windows. Moreover, what distinguishes this model from other “brothers” by rating - it has an increased level of safety - as many as 6 airbags and ventilated front brakes. Not by chance according to the side impact rating the car has the maximum show - 100%.

Nissan Juke

The most expensive car from our rating

And let this diesel - Nissan Juke - the most expensive in our rating - 750 thousand, but this is the only representative of the Land of the Rising Sun, and this already says a lot, at least in the eyes of Russians. The model has long been firmly established in Russia among the most popular.

All 4 Juke engines - 3 petrol and one diesel, 1.5 and 1.6 liters - were previously tested on other models, so there’s no doubt about their reliability. All engines are characterized by extremely low consumption and very low noise levels.

Four-wheel drive, CVT, 5-speed manual or 6-speed CVT type are the main advantages of the Nissan Juke. In 2014, a significantly upgraded version of this car was presented at the Geneva Salon, which did not go unnoticed - now the headlights are made of LEDs, there is a rear-view camera and Bluetooth in the cabin.

If you want to buy an inexpensive SUV, then this is not such an impossible dream. Refer to the Chinese manufacturers - 4 out of 5 models presented by us from the Middle Kingdom. At the same time, you finally break this common stereotype that everything Chinese leaves much to be desired in terms of quality. No, the Chinese are wonderful students, just as their neighbors were once Japanese. The latter can not afford the cars are too cheap, just because in the ranking only one “Japanese” and the one in fifth place. Just a class makes itself felt.