Rating of the best suvs worth up to 1 million rubles


With a million rubles, you can buy any high-quality SUV of domestic, joint or foreign production. Up to a million rubles in the car market there are so many offers that the eyes of the old people are running up: new top-class SUVs, new luxury-class, slightly used, and with impressive mileage. Among SUVs up to a million rubles, it is recommended to take “Toyota RAV4”, “Nissan Qashqai”, “Nissan X-Trail”, “Mitsubishi Outlander”, “Honda SiAr-Vi”, “Subaru Forester”, “Volvo IxSi-70”, “Suzuki” Vitara. SUVs up to 1,000,000 new rubles are chosen by the automakers Chinese Chery (Chery), Korean KIA (KIA), American Ford (Ford) and French Renault (Renault). The best look below. When asked what kind of SUV is better to buy up to 1,000,000 rubles, they answer with great confidence - “Toyota RAV4”. The best SUV up to one million rubles is considered the "Nissan Qashqai."

Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Qashqai

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Chery Tiggo (Cherry Tiggo)

Front-wheel drive gasoline SUV with mechanics and 126 l. with. Externally similar to "Toyota RAV4". Available in Europe, Uruguay and Indonesia. On the "Cherie Tiggo" installed license units from "Mitsubishi". Currently SUV comes with a 1.6-liter or 2-liter engine. It also puts a 1.8-liter engine. On such machines, there are problems with the generator. Lights from plastic glass. The bumper crumbles in the cold. Body "Cherie Tiggo" is not galvanized and requires careful maintenance. Wheels large radius R17. Disc brakes with ABS. Front suspension - independent MacPherson strut, rear - independent multi-link.

Chery Tiggo

Chery Tiggo

SUV spare parts are common, inexpensive and have many similar samples. When the front suspension slips, the rear is connected. On CherieTiggo, it is not recommended to slip more than 5 seconds. Large capacity trunk opens horizontally. The cabin is spacious, the position of the folding seats is regulated back and forth. On the engine wearing timing belt. On the roof of the body provided electric hatch.

SUV starts up gently. Door locks are locked when the speed exceeds 50 km / h. On airbags issued a 10-year warranty. At a speed of 100 km / h tachometer shows 3000. Transmission 5-speed manual and CVT. Ground clearance 19 cm. On the road goes straight at speeds up to 120 km / h. Confidently rides on the snowy off-road. The safety record is low. Refueled 92nd.

KIA Soul (KIA Soul)

Front-wheel drive gasoline SUV with mechanics and 124 l. with. with a low ground clearance of 15.3 cm. "KIA Soul" is called the controversial SUV. Body with small corners overhangs. The small capacity trunk opens vertically. The rear seats are pressed to the bottom. For 11.7 seconds accelerates to 100 km / h. The maximum speed is 182 km / h. The average consumption of 7.6 liters per 100 km. In the cockpit 6-speed manual transmission or automatic transmission. Headlights with daytime running lights.

KIA Soul

KIA Soul

Salon leatherette spacious. Locks open remotely. On the steering wheel audio control is provided. Display on-board computer touch. At 100 km / h tachometer shows 2300 on the highway. Front suspension - independent MacPherson strut, rear - semi-independent, torsion beam. Power steering electric. SUV is recommended for female audience. The rear of the SUV is equipped with a camera that transmits the image of the rear view on the display of the on-board computer when parking.

Ford Ecosport (Ford Ecosport)

Front-wheel drive gasoline SUV with mechanics and 122 l. with. Marketers claim that Ford Ecosport is a city SUV, but with high off-road geometric indicators: with short overhangs, with large entry and exit angles, with a ramp angle of 25 degrees, with a ground clearance of 20 cm and a 55 cm ford overhang due to highly located generator and electric steering. Passenger rear compartment close. Low-capacity trunk opens horizontally. The spare wheel is mounted outside the tailgate. The rear seats fold. SUV can additionally be equipped with a robotic transmission with 2 clutches (Powershift technology), designed to work with low-power engines.

Ford Ecosport

Electric heater starts with the engine start. The operation of an electric heater is called turboheating. When driving on a sandy plain, the SUV does not slip and fall. Ford Ecosport manufacturers convince customers not to be afraid and boldly squeeze out 6000 rpm from SUV per minute. Up to 100 km / h accelerates in 12.5 seconds. Traction engine is not enough on the track and on rough terrain. On the running roads and steep plains, Ecosport begins to sour. On the SUV, the clutch is blocked and the torque is transmitted to the front and rear axles in the ratio of 50 to 50. There is no imitation of locking the cross-wheel differentials. Ford Ecosport is a youth SUV that is also well suited for a young family.

Renault Duster (Renault Duster)

All-wheel drive petrol / diesel SUV with mechanics / automatic transmission and 109/114/143 l. with. Renault Duster Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru is available with 3 engines: 1.5-liter, 1.6-liter and 2-liter. 1.5-liter diesel fueled. On the car market cars come European, Romanian and Russian assembly. For 2012, Duster was ranked 23rd in the ranking of the best-selling SUVs in Russia, overtaking Lada and Chevrolet. Radiator with chrome insert. High ground clearance of more than 20 cm. The engine provides a mechanism for changing the valve timing. The engine is more "elastic", economical with a torque of 195 N · m.

Renault Duster

Renault Duster

Large capacity trunk opens vertically. Drivers complain about the Renault Duster mirrors; mirrors are small and flat, do not cover the “dead zones”. Inside, a rich multimedia system with a 7-inch touchscreen, to which Bluetooth and USB devices are connected. Connected to the multimedia system is also updated navigator. Wheel "Renault Duster" similar to the wheel "Renault Logan". On the steering wheel buttons cruise control and speed limiter. Under the wheel is the music control panel. On-board computer mode is switched by the button on the right handlebar.

The average engine consumption is 7.8 liters per 100 km. The car accelerates to 100 km / h in 10.2 seconds. The maximum speed of 178 km / h. The steering wheel is height adjustable. With a height of 190 cm, the driver feels discomfort. On the onboard computer "Renault Duster" appeared the engine start timer (also called remote engine start system). Passenger rear compartment is spacious. Renault manufacturers emphasize that the four-wheel drive, which is forcibly locked, does not turn off at a speed of 80 km / h, so the Renault Duster overcomes steep obstacles without problems. An example of the Renault Duster is the Romanian Dacia Duster SUV.

We buy SUV from the reviewed

Purchasing a new SUV should count on the amount of one million rubles. There is no fundamental difference in what condition you acquire a SUV, however, owners of such cars are advised to buy a new one, and not second-hand with a mileage. Of the newly reviewed SUVs, the best and most inexpensive are Cherie Tiggo and Renault Duster.