Germans will bring porsche macan to us in april

Porsche Macan

Новая модификация Порше Makanа, in the initial configuration, as the Germans promise, it is quite budgetary, which means that it is affordable for Russians, will appear in the Russian dealers of the brand at the beginning of the coming summer. However, you can order this model from the first of April. True, about the prices the Germans decided to keep modestly silent, limiting themselves to the words "budget" or "affordable price list." But we know very well what German “accessibility” is, especially when it comes to one of the coolest German auto brands. But let's wait for April, the developers promised to announce price tag on a new Porsche Macan it is in April.

Available Porsche Macan model has under the hood of a gasoline engine V4, turbine-enhanced. The working volume of the motor is two liters. He works in conjunction with the seven-step "robot". Drive - only full. Peak power that this motor can produce is equivalent to 252 horses. This is at a maximum torque of 370 Nm.

Between the start and the speedometer at a hundred kilometers per hour only 6.7 seconds fly by. If you buy an additional sports package offered to customers as options, Makan accelerate to this speed in six and a half seconds. He eats the motor of an “affordable” porshaw with a rather big appetite of 7.2-7.4 liters per standard hundred asphalt kilometers.

Porsche Macan

Initial, or basic, комплектацию Порше Makanа can be distinguished from the steeper versions of the matte black strips on the side windows, black brakes, eighteen-inch casting and two single stainless steel tailpipes.

Seats in the cabin of the base set Порше Makanа trimmed with Alcantara, the driver's seat is electrically controlled in eight positions, the latest generation multimedia system is in the center of the front console, the trunk opens automatically.

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Porsche Macan

Today in our car market you can buy a porsche macan, under the hood of which are gasoline and diesel engines V6. Gasoline engine produces 34o horses, a crossover with such a power unit costs from four million rubles. Diesel option, for 245 horses will cost a ridiculous at such price tags a thousand rubles more.

Closer to the summer of this year, the Germans are going to sell in Russia a new Porsche 911 Rwith half a thousand horses under the hood. This "beast" was shown to the world at the recent Geneva Motor Show.