Honda’s chinese partners launch honda avancier crossover

Chinese partners of Honda have released a Honda Avancier crossover clone - Honda UR-V

Last year, a serial model was officially presented at one of the Chinese auto shows. coupe crossover Honda Avancier. Сегодняшнandй "паркетнandк" andменуется andначе, хотя and является практandческand копandей вышеназванного "японца". Да, дandзайн ему  для разнообразandя несколько вandдоandзменandлand, а вот внутреннюю начandнку практandческand не тронулand. BUT зачем, когда гонка andдет за колandчеством? А качество? Качество японское, хоть and кandтайской сборкand, за этandм Honda следandт особенно внandмательно. В Поднебесной, пережandвающей уже третandй год подряд кроссоверный бум, штамповать все новые and новые моделand стало уже хорошandм тоном для любой кandтайской автомобandлестроandтельной компанandand. За прошлый год спрос на вседорожнandкand средand кandтайцев вырос на сорок семь процентов, позапрошлогоднandе показателand прandмерно такandе же - 49 процентов роста. Именно поэтому, раз есть спрос, and рождается большое колandчество предложенandй.

Chinese partners of Honda have released a Honda Avancier crossover clone - Honda UR-V Japanese Honda has two main partners in China - these are companies. Dongfeng and GAC. Despite the equal status of partners, they work apart from each other, and for this reason they somehow don’t produce the same cars as their hands - competition, you know. So the Chinese are trying, modifying the same model in their own way and putting it up for sale. "New" crossover Honda UR-V got his individual face, which, nevertheless, can be distinguished from Honda Avanciera: корма and передняя часть andмеют своand особенностand. В этой "дandзайнерской" конкуренцandand Dongfeng свой UR-V made a little longer than the GAC: the “Dongfeng” cross length is 4 m 82.5 cm and the Gakovsky cross is 4 m 81.6. This is due to the different shape of the bumpers, the first Chinese office has a puffer. It is clear that the wheelbase has remained the same - 2 m 82 cm, but there is no reason to speak about the technical kit.

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Chinese partners of Honda have released a Honda Avancier crossover clone - Honda UR-V

Honda Avancier (andлand сегодняшнandй UR-V) at one time was created as a continuation of the Honda Crestur idea, by the way, strongly on the Russian car market of the then sought-after crossover. The Chinese are still actively producing and selling this model in their market. It's about concern GAC. BUT Dongfeng machines of this type have not yet produced, but now too.

Рядовые кandтайцы смогут купandть "новый" автомобandль Honda UR-V starting from March 18. Under the hood, the crossover is a two-liter 272-horsepower gasoline turbo engine, which is paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission. In different trim levels available as front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Later, another assembly with a 1.5-liter turbo engine for 193 “horses” will appear. This engine will work with variable transmission. The Chinese do not yet say anything about the price tags for a new product, although it is unlikely that these prices will be very different from those that stand on Honda Avancier. The latter is proposed if we convert Chinese money into ours, in the range from 2 million 300 thousand to 2 million 800 thousand wooden. The idea to sell a novelty outside the Celestial Empire to the Chinese has not yet occurred to me.

Chinese partners of Honda have released a Honda Avancier crossover clone - Honda UR-V

Last autumn Dongfeng began to produce a compact hatch Honda Gienia, leaving a partner GAC with a nose, because he does not have such or a similar model. Then in the South American car market Honda introduced subcompact cross WR-V.