Top 10 best cars up to 600,000 rubles

Novice drivers, as a rule, buy second-hand cars, which master the skills gained in a driving school. With increasing confidence in his ride comes the decision to upgrade the "steel horse". Not everyone will afford a car worth a million rubles - the budget of an average family is limited to five hundred or six hundred thousand rubles.Car brandsIs it possible to buy a new car for 600,000 rubles so that it is reliable, durable and satisfies the needs? Certainly yes, even in spite of the crisis. This material offers the reader a choice of ten best cars for 600 thousand rubles as of 2017.


  • Criteria for ranking the best cars up to 600 thousand rubles
  • Top 10 cars worth up to 600,000 rubles

Criteria for ranking the best cars up to 600 thousand rubles

An adequate applicant for a new car up to 600,000 rubles must understand that it is impossible to purchase, for example, business class sedan. Attention is paid to the budget models of common brands. Although the indicated amount is small, there are worthy models in the model range of domestic and foreign manufacturers.

But first you need to decide what a potential buyer expects from a new car for 600 thousand rubles in 2017. Important aspects of choice include:

Dimensions of the car.

In the 90s of the XX century the size of the car had a value. If a luxurious Mercedes S 600 drove up to the intersection, the surrounding people died down, and the drivers of neighboring cars did not dare to signal, if suddenly the owner of a solid foreign car hesitated at a traffic light. If large dimensions of a vehicle are important for a car owner, new cars up to 600 thousand rubles cannot be found in car dealerships - you need to go to the "secondary housing".

Mercedes S 600

  • Cheap and affordable parts.
  • Of the shortcomings, only the poor insulation of the cabin and the weakness of the lighting lamps are noted, but this Chery model does not cost a million rubles!

    Obviously, if the buyer wishes, he will be able to choose a good car for 600,000 rubles, a new one that serves a long time and reliably, while even saving some of the money. All models of the rating have their pros and cons, so you should decide which qualities are most important for a particular case. The balance of "price - quality" is good in all cars, so evaluate your financial capabilities, study user reviews, look at the vehicle in the cabin or in the photo and decide which car to choose before their prices have risen.