The japanese introduced a couple of new suv-concepts

Японцы представили пару новых SUV-концептов Daihatsu The Japanese presented the concepts of two compact SUVs to the public at the GIIAS 2015 international auto show that started yesterday in Indonesia. Arterial red концепт-кар Hey hey FX has received extraordinary "off-road" properties, extraordinary for its class of compact crossovers, the second novelty, Daichi FT in the future, it can be quite adequate competition to the already serial seven-place Honda BR-V, also presented at GIIAS 2015. Usually, a fairly conservative Japanese design is not typical концепту Hey hey FX. Externally, the car is a sample of a fairly modern and sporty model. The latter quality is especially emphasized by the presence of large air intakes of the front bumper. Dual upright exhaust pipes complement the aggressively sporty look концепта Hey hey FX. The existing optics are all based on LEDs. The wheelbase of the SUV-concept is 2455mm, and the total length of the model is three meters eighty centimeters. This is much less than the Honda HR-V, but overtakes the performance. new Renault Kwid. Японцы представили пару новых SUV-концептов Daihatsu Новый компактный кроссовер Hey hey FX It has a decent "off-road" potential, since it differs from other members of its class in that it is based on an integrated stair frame, which is combined with all-wheel drive. Japanese engineers want to install under the hood Hey hey FX The 1.2-liter engine, but they have not yet decided whether it will be aspirated or will be enhanced by a turbine.

Looking at 7-местный кроссовер Daichi FT, immediately find similarities with the Honda BR-V presented at the same showroom. Outwardly very similar, except that there is no roof rails, like a Honda. Of course, the design elements he has are ruder, but the internal equipment is not even worse at all. It has a fully digital tidy with aluminum inserts, leather trimmed interior, has the function of starting the engine in a keyless manner. Японцы представили пару новых SUV-концептов Daihatsu In motion концепт Daichi FT leads a 1.5-liter engine, the drive in the basic version is only rear, but the option is not excluded and complete. Both conceptual models outwardly are quite ready for serial production, at least this feeling is created. According to rumors, the Japanese will print spare parts for these cars using a 3D printer.

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