How many hours to charge the car battery

It is unpleasant when turning the ignition key, only the weak and useless attempts of the starter are heard in response. Battery "sat down". This happens infrequently, but at the wrong time. Therefore, the best way to avoid unexpected problems is to warn them by periodically charging the battery and checking the electrolyte level. Therefore, you need to know how much to charge the car battery.


  • 1 Remove the battery
  • 2 What you need to charge
  • 3 How long does it take to charge the battery

Remove the battery

how much to charge the car battery

Care should be taken to purchase a quality charger

Usually the battery is placed in a plastic pallet and fixed on it with a special fastener, which may have a different design. After loosening it and mounting the battery terminals, you should remove these terminals from the battery, then release it from the mount and remove. Carefully inspect, wipe off dust and dirt, check and, if necessary, clean the vents. Erase the lead contacts of the battery with emery cloth. Remember which side is “plus” so as not to confuse the polarity when charging and re-installing on the machine. Wipe the tray connected to the battery wires.

What you need to charge

Charging is carried out by the charger, which is best purchased in advance. Before you start charging, you must ensure that some of the mandatory rules are followed. Given that such a procedure is accompanied by the release of gases, it should be carried out on the street or in a non-residential area with good ventilation. For the same reason, there should be no open fire in the room.

If you are using the charger for the first time, make sure that it produces a constant current of the desired voltage. Be sure to check the electrolyte level. To do this, unscrew the plastic plugs on the battery sections and make sure that the battery plates are covered with electrolyte. If peeking out from under the liquid, add distilled water. Check the electrolyte density and bring it to the recommended level. Then put the cork in place, not twisting it until it stops.

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During charging, the battery should be placed on a flat surface in a place where the risk of falling or accidental damage will be minimal.

topping up electrolyte in the battery

Before charging, be sure to check the electrolyte level

How long does it take to charge the battery

The manual usually indicates how much time to charge the car battery.

Battery charging is done in two ways:

  • direct current method;
  • method of applying a constant voltage.

When charging lead-antimony batteries, the DC method is used. Its strength should not be more than a tenth of the battery capacity. For devices of modern designs, in particular, with calcium and silver doping, a higher current is allowed. Despite the fact that the charging time of such batteries is about 20 hours, a better result is achieved.

Constant voltage is usually applied when charging maintenance-free batteries. Here it is necessary that the charger produces a constant voltage. Charging status is determined by the indicator on the battery.

In this mode, at a constant voltage of 15V, the battery will receive a full charge for 15 hours. Lead-antimony power source for this will require almost a day. During charging, you need to constantly monitor the changes in the ammeter. His arrow should move towards zero.