Exhaust fumes in the car

There are times when a moving car with open windows in the cabin smells quite strongly of exhaust gases. Some drivers are puzzled as it is possible. After all, the car moves with speed, respectively, the gases from the exhaust pipe are simply obliged to stay behind the car. But it is not. When driving at a speed, the wind flows like spinning exhaust gases behind and under the car. Thus, they can penetrate the passenger compartment through the trunk or rotten bottom of your car.

The fact is that your exhaust pipe, although it works without making too much noise, but in any case it has rotten places. From there, carbon monoxide enters the interior of your car.

 Another option is if you notice burning after a new exhaust pipe has been installed, it is highly likely that it is too short (the result is not original spare parts). And all the exhaust gases will also penetrate the car. In this case, the problem is easy to solve. Weld a piece of the old exhaust pipe, thereby you lengthen the "tail" of the exhaust pipe, or simply acquire an extension decorative tip. You can buy it in any auto shop.