The best frame suvs 2016-2017

Powerful and comfortable frame SUVs, the list of which we will present to you today, long ago moved in the ratings from the category “workhorses for rural areas” to “cars for the middle class”. This means that with the power of a tractor capable of climbing a mountain range, the SUV acquired all the comforts with which the luxury cars were previously equipped: leather upholstery, electro-controlled and heated seats, a powerful computer that controls electronics, which is enough for an average passenger liner.

Our rating is based on the opinions of Russian and foreign buyers about off-road vehicles with downshift and all-wheel drive, satisfying three main indicators: technical characteristics, comfort and price.


  • Frame SUVs with downshift, blocking and all-wheel drive: TOP-10
    • Honda Pilot
    • Let Mohave
    • Touta Lant Kruser Prado
    • Mitsubishi Pajero
    • Jeep Grand Cherokee
    • Audi Q7
    • Nissan Patrol
    • Hyundai IX55
    • Volkswagen Touareg
    • Lexus GX

Frame SUVs with downshift, blocking and all-wheel drive: TOP-10

First, we must clarify that almost all presented cars can be called “combined” in terms of transmission design: they have a reduction gear, a differential lock and a switch to “all-wheel drive” mode. This makes it possible to operate the SUV on rough terrain with equal efficiency and run along the streets of settlements in the “urban cycle”.

The list of the best frame SUVs included 10 of the most popular selling models of 2016 - 2017, selected according to statistics of total sales in the world. Here there are very prestigious names and modest ones (in our understanding), but they are united by universal recognition:

1 Honda Pilot
2 Let Mohave
3 Touta Lant Kruser Prado
4 Mitsubishi Pajero
5 Jeep Grand Cherokee
6 Audi Q7
7 Nissan Patrol
8 Hyundai ix55
9 Volkswagen Touareg
10 Lexus GX

Honda Pilot

  • price range: from 2.9 to 3.6 million rubles.