The term of study in a driving school on the right

У разных специалистов имеется собственное обоснованное мнение, how much to study law нужно для того, чтобы стать хорошим водителем. Не все согласны, что за пару-тройку недель можно выпустить грамотного автомобилиста, с уверенными знаниями и умениями для вождения авто. Однако, талантливые инструкторы дают определенный набор знаний, которого хватает для успешного получения опыта в «боевых» условиях даже абсолютным новичкам в этом деле.


  • 1 How much to study in a driving school
  • 2 Driving license category
  • 3 Process features
  • 4 Financial issue

How to study in a driving school

The period of obtaining knowledge by the Ministry of Education is established. Also this organization is developing a training program for which the work process is carried out. After graduation, graduates must be certified, and only after that, by positive results, they will be able to get the coveted crust.

The period established by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation is divided into hours and totals up to 130 hours to gain knowledge of the theoretical part and 56 hours to gain practical skills. A few years ago, this interval was limited to 48 hours. Now, direct driving is worth spending more time on.

how much to study law

However, it is worth knowing how long training in a driving school lasts in calendar terms. Traditionally, instructors distribute the amount of knowledge for 2-3 months when it comes to getting the most popular category B. At the same time, the weekly load increases. After all, before it was enough to go 1-2 classes a week at the wheel, and now the density due to the added hours is increasing.

Driving license category

Wanting to get a certificate, it is necessary to take into account that the period of training in a driving school for the rights of different categories of vehicles varies. It is necessary to focus on the average indicators:

  • А, А1, АМ - the first in the list of categories to which mototechnics belong, will demand to be delayed for education for a month and a half, including practice and theory;
  • B - will require attendance of classes for about 3 months, since the course is more complete, and upon completion the change is carried out within the walls of the traffic police;
  • C - for truck drivers training time in a driving school also extends to 3 months;
  • BC - a more responsible and complex category forces you to devote a future driver to a detailed study of practical and theoretical features for about 4 and a half months
  • D - in future specialists with a mark of this category in the rights of 257 hours of time, it is already additional and it can be studied only after receiving B and C;
  • E - the prefix to categories with this symbol can be obtained after a month and a half, because only the owner of two years of experience C and B is allowed to study.

For drivers of truckers working on foreign routes, you must pass a five-day training.

Process features

The process is divided into several stages. The main educational blocks are:

  1. Getting theoretical knowledge for 130 hours. All mandatory information is strictly defined by law. Provides the necessary data for the driver of the vehicle concerning the maintenance of cars, behavior in case of emergency situations or other.
  2. The practice is carried out directly on a particular vehicle, which is most often equipped accordingly. Only all trips are accompanied by an instructor. You must perform a number of mandatory figures, confirming the skillful possession of the car, before passing to the traffic police.
  3. Passing the exam is transferred to the equipped traffic police office. Testing lasts for 4 hours, during which theoretical knowledge and practical driving on the vehicle are evaluated.

Check on the computer allows 2 errors from the applicant.

Financial issue

You need to know that obtaining rights is a paid procedure. The price of the question is not for everyone. In comparison with 2107, the price tag has grown by about 30-40%. This is due to the fact that it became legal for schools to independently set the cost of the service.

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Approximately need to focus on 40-50 thousand rubles. This price corresponds to world average values. However, the owners of driving schools point to officials who are forced to incur costs, having spent costly reorganization of the educational process. At the legislative level, a paid exam is established:

  • theory valued at 1,000 rubles;
  • for practice will have to pay 3500 rubles.

This, according to officials, should stimulate a more responsible approach to learning and passing exams with a minimum number of attempts. For the form you have to pay 2000 rubles.

There is an option how to save on training. However, it is suitable only for the unemployed. Those who are registered with the employment service for more than 2 months can receive a distribution to a driving school at the expense of the state. At the same time, the applicant is obliged to provide a document from the employer stating that he is hired upon termination of the training period. It is also allowed to return 13% to those who are entitled to social tax deductions.