The most dangerous roads in the world


For many people, traveling by car along different roads is a real adventure, an opportunity to see the world, to see something interesting and unusual.

dangerous roads of different countriesThere are many roads that you want to go and drive. They are even, neat, wide enough, which allows you to digress a little, look around, or just stop to look at the most interesting sights, incredible natural phenomena.

But there is a completely different category of roads. These are the ones that turn out to be incredibly dangerous, insidious and scary. At the same time, cars continue to drive them anyway, since people simply have no other way.

We suggest you to study the rating of the most dangerous roads in the world. You will learn where these paths go and how they differ. Leaving without preparation on the most dangerous road in the world is absolutely not recommended. Even if you want to experience new feelings, to charge yourself with a dose of adrenaline, this is definitely not the best way to achieve what you want.

Countries with the most dangerous roads

Many believe that the highway from Smolensk to Kaluga is the most dangerous road in Russia. But in reality, Russian roads are still quite good when compared to what you find out in this rating.

To travel on any of the sites presented in the top, experienced drivers strongly recommend. On similar routes and directions you have to drive only in the most desperate situations. It is better to go roundabout, even if it takes much more time.

Residents of Russia should also know about the most dangerous roads in the world. After all, if you are going on a trip, you will know where you shouldn't go exactly, and which areas are extremely dangerous for life.

After studying this rating, you will understand that the most dangerous roads in Russia are not that scary. The level of danger in those areas that will be discussed is much higher. But you always, regardless of the quality of coverage, should remain attentive and focused behind the wheel.

The final rating includes roads that are located in such countries:

  • Bolivia;
  • Nepal;
  • Ecuador;
  • Chile;
  • New Zealand;
  • China;
  • Alaska;
  • Pakistan;
  • Italy;
  • Egypt.

Next, you will learn about the ten most terrible and deadly roads, where there are many sharp turns, narrow passages, slopes and other features that put people at great risk.

Some of them are absolutely not allowed to leave during the rainy season, although drivers often violate this rule, for which they pay with their own health and even life.

It is interesting that not always even a very narrow expensive one is more dangerous for a driver than wide and spacious areas. Each of the roads has its own characteristics, which make them the most terrible and dangerous in the world.

Stelvio Pass

Let's start with not the most dangerous and scary roads. This pass is located in Italy and passes in the Alps. It is considered the second largest pass in this region, where there is asphalt coating.

опасный Stelvio Pass

The pass is located in the Alps

Construction of the route was completed in the 19th century. But since then no significant restorations and repairs have been carried out there. The danger is usually created by the drivers themselves, who act inattentively, exceed the speed and make rash maneuvers. As a result, often cars just fly down steep slopes. This is also due to the presence of a large number of areas where there are no barriers.

To drive this pass by car, it takes about 75 turns. And each of them is very cool.

Every year in August the track is closed and cycling competitions are held here. Many lovers come here to test their own strength. After all, not everyone can get to the top of the track, whose height is 2,757 meters.

Although the pass in Italy is considered to be a very dangerous section of the road, still a large number of tourists come here.

Luxor - Hurghada

This track, which is located in Egypt. Contrary to the expectations of many people, there are no dangerous landslides, there are no floods or landslides. There is no reason to fear falling stones from the mountains. Yes, and with the width here, everything is more than good, because you can even miss the opposite movement of huge trucks.

highway Luxor Hurghat is teeming with bandits

Luxor-Hurghada highway in Egypt is full of robbers

But still the route is ranked as the most dangerous in the world. And the reason for this - the bandits and terrorists. A huge number of robbery attacks are recorded every year, and some cases end in abductions. It is strongly not recommended to drive here by personal transport. And when the tourist buses are moving, a detachment of the military is almost always accompanied.

Due to the increased number of attacks in the dark, there are practically no cars here at night. If anyone decides to leave at such a time, they do not include headlights. Because of this, cars often collide head-on.

Mountain road in Pakistan

This section of the most dangerous road is located near Gilgit-Baltistan. It literally runs along the rocks and is located at an altitude of 3300 meters relative to sea level.

mountain road in pakistan

Dangerous plot near Gilgit-Baltistan

Yes, if you are upstairs, the view will be amazingly beautiful. But drivers have no time to be distracted by local beauties, since there is a real test ahead of them.

The road has only gravel cover, and about any fences there is not even a question. It is almost impossible to meet here a four-wheeled mode of transport. Most people walk on foot or ride motorcycles. Although it is extremely dangerous.

Tourists also do not come here with rare exceptions. This is a popular trail among the inhabitants of a local village called Tato. But they simply have no choice. This road is the only way to get home, or else to get to other settlements.

Drivers say a very unstable road surface. Passenger cars and entire buses with passengers have already fallen here repeatedly Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% .

The age of this path is over several hundred years. For all this time there have been no repairs and renovations. Local authorities strictly prohibit any cars that do not have four-wheel drive from leaving here. But there are not so many people who want to come here even on all-wheel drive cars.


This is a famous highway in Alaska, which is also among the most beautiful roads in the world. But behind the beautiful scenery lies an incredible threat.

dalton alaska highway

Одинокое шоссе Dalton на Аляске

Initially, the highway was used only to deliver the necessary building materials during the construction of the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline. Already at the design stage, experts noted that the road would be very dangerous.

Есть определённая символичность в её протяжённости, поскольку официальная длина дороги составляет 666 километров. Впервые автомобиль проехал здесь ещё в 1974 году. Долгое время трассу использовали только для коммерческого транспорта. Только в 1994 году шоссе было открыто для остальных видов транспортных средств. Потому многие водители легковых авто успели проехаться по шоссе Dalton.

Not everyone understands why this highway is so dangerous. The thing is that throughout the entire length there is practically no infrastructure. On all 6 hundred kilometers there are only 3 settlements, in the largest of which no more than 30 people live.

The only purpose of the trip on this road may be a visit to the workers of the pipeline. The authorities advise drivers to prepare in advance and take into the car all the necessary things that may be required on the road. Be sure to include in this list the stock of fuel, water and food. Count on someone's help here is not necessary. That is why Dalton Highway is considered the most dangerous roads in the world.

Tunnel Guoliang

Tunnel, located in the mountains of Taihanshan, China. This is a national landmark, which is widely known throughout the world.

Guoliang tunnel in China

National Landmark Guoliang Road in China

The length of the tunnel is slightly more than 1.2 kilometers. Its construction involved the locals. Only 13 people managed to create this work of art, which is considered not only beautiful, but also incredibly dangerous. Even at the construction stage, many people died. Literally every year there are recorded accidents.

The opening of the road took place in the spring of 1977. The width of the plot is a maximum of 4 meters in some segments. The tunnel is partially open, which was provided for the purpose of providing lighting. At night, driving through the tunnel is strongly discouraged.

Currently, only through this tunnel can you reach Guoliang. Because the inhabitants of this village risk their own lives almost every day.

The most common cause of death is falling stones. Due to the small length of the tunnel cars are rarely found here. People prefer to walk on foot, which increases their safety.

Skippers Canyon

Not the canyon itself is dangerous, but a stretch of road that passes near it. This place is located on the territory of New Zealand. The length of the road is 25 kilometers. Its main feature is the fact that the road runs along a cliff.


Skippers Canyon in New Zealand

According to some sources, the age of the path is more than 140 years. It is physically impossible to expand it in any way, because for a long time everything remains unchanged. Two cars dispersed here almost impossible.

Local rental companies prohibit their customers to drive rented cars on this road. Insurance on cars is not officially valid on the section along Skippers Canyon, which can be explained by an increased level of danger.

In the 19th century, miners laid the way and built it. They created the road purely for the passage of carts with mined minerals. Then no one would have thought that sometime cars would be driving along this road, because here the maximum was carried by trolleys 1 meter wide.

But gradually some changes were made. To auto able to pass, the builders have provided several extensions. Although if they are not on time, you have to go backwards for several kilometers to give way to oncoming cars.

Ruta National 5

This route, which is located on the territory of the state of Chile. It may seem to many that the road was not in that rating, and it should be moved to the list of the best tracks in the world.

road tRuta National 5

Dangerous road in Chile

Everything would be just like that if not for one plot. On it annually a large number of people die. The total length of the road is more than 3 thousand kilometers. This is the longest track in the country. It is part of the Pan American Highway.

But the most dangerous part is 300 kilometers and is located between Iquique and Arica. These are two Chilean cities. The threat is the landscape, which is striking in its monotony during all 300 kilometers.

Around you will not see any distinctive places or segments. Everything is so identical that it becomes uneasy. Darling almost always goes straight to the horizon. In fact, drivers see in front of themselves only the track with 2 lanes and speed limiters. On both sides of them passes the Atacama Desert.

Because of this monotony, drivers often lose their vigilance, as a result of which the roads fly out. The temptation to exceed the speed sometimes leads to death.

Especially dangerous road becomes at night. Drivers just fall asleep at the wheel, because they make a minimum of maneuvers and movements.

Even here a very strong side wind often blows. His strength is enough to turn over large trucks.

The path to Cotopaxi

This is a road in the territory of Ecuador, through which you can reach the Cotopaxi volcano. But is it worth it, a very big question.

road Path to Cotopaxi

The road to the volcano in Ecuador

There is no talk about cliffs, landslides or landslides. But still the road is among the most dangerous in the world. It takes a total of 40 kilometers.

It is important to understand that Cotopaxi is a so-called active volcano. Already this fact should alert the drivers and reflect on the expediency of traveling along this path. The last time a volcano erupted not long ago. It happened in mid-August last year. Before that, Cotopaxi slept for about 140 years.

But a far more dangerous phenomenon for drivers than a volcanic eruption is flooding. Here floods occur very often, due to the special relief, as well as a large number of descents and ascents.

Even after a slight rain, drivers have many problems. People die here every year. And death occurs as a result of the fact that they sink. Sometimes with cars.


This is a highway in Nepal, its length is 250 kilometers. About 50 deaths are officially recorded here every year.

carnival in Nepal

Karnali Highway in Nepal

Here the surface of the road is horrifying, on which you have to drive cars and people. As such, there is, in fact, no coverage here, which is why the authorities simply banned entry for most cars.

The best type of transport that can transport you relatively safely to the other end of the highway is considered a motorcycle. Moreover, it’s mostly just extreme people who sit on it, because an ordinary person will not even have a special idea to drive along the Karnali highway.

Locals use only SUVs, since it is impossible to drive there in passenger cars. Sometimes there are regular buses on the highway. The problem is also that there are no fences along the entire length of the road, and there is a cliff at the bottom of the impressive height. Oncoming traffic, frequent rockfalls and often occurring landslides add to the trouble. All this leads to far from the most pleasant consequences, many of which end in death.

Province of Jungas

Yet the title of the most dangerous among the famous roads won the site, located in the province of Yungas, in Bolivia.

road of fate Yungas province

Road section in Yungas province

For this road, if it can be considered as such, the name Death Road or Road of Destiny is simply fixed. Indeed, if fate takes you to this corner of the world, then you will have to be extremely careful throughout all 56 kilometers of the way.

The highest point of the road is located at 3,600 meters above sea level. And the lowest is only 330 meters. Because the rise here turned out to be incredibly steep. In this case, the coating itself is absent. There is not even a hint of fencing.

Every year, several dozens of incidents are recorded here, in most of which the machines simply break down, fall and break.

Despite the increased level of danger, regular buses are still allowed on this section. This dramatically increases the number of deaths every year. The most terrible is the year when about 300 people died on the track.

The whole road is a direction to the top and back, covered with clay and mud. There is often a very thick fog, and the rains lead to serious landslides.

Many extreme people consider this road the peak of their achievements. Therefore, there are often tourists here who are eager to experience the thrill and risk their lives. Alas, such experiments often end in death.

If on the way to the car you meet a truck moving in the opposite direction, this will lead to an even more difficult situation. It is extremely difficult to overshoot here, because even in the widest areas the width is just over 4 meters.

These are really incredibly dangerous and scary roads, which not everyone wants to be on their own will. But you need to know about them, in case something happens to be ready, or simply to abandon the idea of ​​driving here.