The choice of budget all-wheel drive suvs up to 350,000


Regularly fluctuating exchange rate and unstable situation in the market force Russians to buy more and more low-cost vehicles, and recently used off-road vehicles, the price of which reaches 350 thousand rubles, have become quite popular. As the domestic secondary market shows, a motorist can choose a presentable car with a rather low price from the list presented. True, this issue provides one specific detail - SUVs - not cheap cars, therefore, not only for a new car, but also for a used car, you have to pay a decent amount of savings. Most likely, if we consider all-wheel drive vehicles, we will need to choose from a list of vehicles that are from 10 to 15 years old, 2005–2002 c. You should not naively believe that for such a limited budget it will be possible to purchase a relatively new SUV, most likely, such a car is simply “killed”, and motorists are offered a “bucket with bolts”.

all-wheel drive SUVs for 350

The best SUVs with all-wheel drive for 350 thousand

Итак, если рассматривать внедорожники до 350 000 рублей, можно заметить огромное разнообразие предложенных вариантов. При подборе наиболее оптимального варианта, в первую очередь, естественно, следует руководствоваться состоянием транспортного средства. Перед покупкой автомобиля не будет лишней подробная диагностика, что позволит избежать проблем в ближайшем будущем. Однако машина, которая была в активном использовании более 10 лет, в любом случае может «порадовать» владельца неприятными сюрпризами.Читать далее о том, как выбрать бюджетный полноприводный внедорожник до 350000 рублей-->

The list, which includes SUVs up to 350 000 rubles

LADA 4 × 4

4x4 all-wheel drive

SUV domestic production

SUV up to 350 000 m. P. domestic production - Lada 4x4. It is worth noting that this car is not worth the fabulous money, even with zero mileage. This option is most often paid attention to by motorists who go to buy an all-terrain vehicle “cheaply and angrily”. The agreed price limit will allow you to become the owner of the car in 2013 or even 2014 c. If you do not particularly pay attention to the exterior and the existing disadvantages, such a relatively new car will be able to serve for many more years.


all-wheel drive uaz-hanter

For 350 000 rubles. You can buy a Hunter about 7–9 years old

Ещё один неплохой вариант российского автопрома — UAZ. Дело в том, что из этой марки авто можно выделить сразу несколько моделей. За 350 000 рублей на российском рынке без особого труда можно найти:

  • UAZ Patriot. Такой автомобиль может быть выпущен не позднее 2005 года;
  • UAZ 469. Он более известен среди автовладельцев внедорожников как Hunter. Правда, наиболее подержанный вариант можно купить даже в три раза дешевле, но при этом ещё столько же уйдёт на детали. Предел в 350 000 руб. позволяет купить машину, которой около 7–9 лет.

If you consider, for example, "loaves" or something similar to them, you can find a vehicle, the cost of which will begin even with 50 thousand rubles. Naturally, the price will depend on the technical condition of the machine.


suv luaz 69

Неприхотливый внедорожник ЛUAZ

Такой внедорожник за 350 тысяч рублей, как LuAZ, давно славится своей неприхотливостью. Чаще всего его приобретают охотники и рыболовы Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, which prefer small cars. This model is characterized by excellent driving properties and high reliability. True, almost all LuAZ cars are so old that it is impossible to talk about the excellent condition. Even having bought a "moon" for 80 thousand rubles, it is not always possible to find the required spare parts for it.

GAZ 69

gaz 69 domestic SUV

A good SUV for 350 thousand rubles

A good SUV for 350 000 rubles. - GAZ 69. This is another representative of the domestic quite reliable transport. According to some experts - the contender for the title of the best Russian SUV. The main advantage of such a car is its unreal permeability. It was the engineers who worked painstakingly on it, trying to produce the car that was optimally adapted for army needs. To date, the purchase of GAZ 69 will cost 50–100 thousand rubles.

Suzuki Coat

suzuki escudo suv

Off-road all terrain

Beautiful all-terrain vehicle for 350,000 rubles, in which comfort is especially attractive. Suzuki Coat easily pass off-road, not to mention the smooth urban coverage. The stipulated limit will help you choose a model belonging to the first or second generation. The most budget purchase can take place within 130,000 rubles. Many motorists specifically look for Japanese models in which the steering wheel is on the right.

Suzuki Grand Vitara

Suzuki Grand Vitara City SUV

The optimal urban SUV up to 350 000 rubles - Suzuki Grand Vitara. On such a car, you can easily pass off-road. The car is not deprived of an interesting exterior, high ground clearance, a very comfortable cabin. On the market you can find a model with a mechanical, and with automatic transmission. In this case, the cost does not exceed 200 thousand rubles.

Suzuki Jimny

suzuki jimny suv

For 350 thousand you can buy Jimny 2000 release

The most versatile off-road vehicle is the Suzuki Jimny car. This model has a very special body, through which movement on steep slopes is becoming more and more simple and easy. Its suspension will overcome even stone blockages, driving on a rough road so that only the wheels will come into contact with the surface. The price range is completely subordinate to the year of production, the most used models can be purchased for 130 thousand rubles, while the 2000 versions are estimated at 350 tons.

Nissan Patrol

suv nissan patrol

For the specified price Patrol can be purchased only in the 90s of release.

Another SUV much loved by many motorists for 350 thousand rubles is the Nissan Patrol. Its main advantages over other competitors can be considered excellent maneuverability and ease of maintenance. Its roomy luggage compartment helps to take everything that can be useful to the owner. True, only 350 thousand rubles. You can buy only those cars that were not produced before the 90s. The most budget option can cost only 200 thousand rubles, it is impossible to say anything in advance about the condition of such a car.

SsangYong Kyron

all-wheel drive ssang yong Kyron

Full size SUV for 350 thousand can be taken only in 2010

If we talk only about full-size SUVs for 350 thousand rubles, then you can consider SsangYong Kyron. This car can be bought in the budget version, even in 2010. Moreover, it will be passable SUV, pleasing the owner with comfort.


jeep grand cherokee

For this money, the Grand Cherokee can take 1998 release.

Such a legendary car gave all the off-road vehicles one common name (Jeep). Over 350 m. P. You can become the owner of the Grand Cherokee. The most famous model of this brand can be purchased for a small amount in 1998.

However, you can consider such an option as the Wrangler. Of course, it is not easy to find it, and the technical condition of this car can raise a lot of questions.

Mitsubishi Outlander

mitsubishi outlander 2003 года

For 350 thousand you can take the SUV 2003-05 release

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a fairly expensive SUV, although you can often find several acceptable options on the market, the cost of which will be in the limit of 350 thousand rubles, while the car will be released in 2003-2005. Such a model guarantees quality and reliability.

Mitsubishi Pajero

mitsubishi pajero '90 release

For 350 thousand you can buy cars in both 1990 and 2003

Such a car for several decades has attracted the attention of buyers, in the market you can find a lot of attractive options, the most budgetary models will be located within just 100 thousand rubles. You can buy a car that was produced both before 1990 and after. More attractive, however, cars of 2000-2003 with the price of 350 thousand.

Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux выпущенные до 95 года можно взять за 350 тысяч

Если автомобилиста интересуют, например, японские транспортные средства, они могут принять во внимание именно Toyota Hilux. За машины, выпущенные до 95 года, можно отдать гораздо меньше денег. Такая модель, как правило, характеризуется надёжностью, однако предпочтительно сделать диагностику, многие неисправности могут потребовать больших затрат.

Of course, not only for off-road driving, but also for traveling around the city, many motorists are trying to acquire off-road vehicles. Such popular vehicles really buy even for 350 thousand rubles. At the same time at the disposal of the car owner may be an SUV, which enjoys well-deserved popularity.