The chinese will soon begin to deliver to us another

The Chinese will soon begin to supply us with another crossover - H Emma S5

The Chinese will soon begin to supply us with another crossover - H Emma S5. This compact SUV will arrive to conquer the Russian car market in June-July of this year. We have already written earlier that the Chinese were going to do this last year. However, the economic crisis has made its own adjustments to the plans of the Chinese automaker. Actually, the situation in our car market has not changed much compared to last year, the same full well ..., but the Chinese today are full of optimism and determination to conquer the hearts of our motorists, not very much, I must say, located to Chinese cars. Neither prices, at least approximate, nor the exact date when it will be possible to buy all-terrain Chinese at authorized dealerships. In a word, as always. First compact crossover H Emma S5 presented at the Moscow Motor Show two years ago, and then it was about the price tags in the range from six hundred to seven hundred thousand wooden. Since then, the ruble has increased its value, so it’s not worth hoping for prices announced in 2014. Multiplied by the devaluation rate that has happened to the national currency during this time, this amount is likely to "dance" around a million.

Today it is the compact crossover segment that has become the most popular all over the world. Therefore, the Chinese are counting on a good sale of these cars with us. The Chinese will soon begin to supply us with another crossover - H Emma S5 Chinese version H Emma S5 crossover is only front wheel drive. Under the hood of the crossover for the Middle Kingdom install two engines. Petrol 1.6-liter aspirated for 122 horses and a one and a half liter 163-horsepower turbo engine. Atmospheric "mates" with a mechanical transmission-pyatistupkoy, and the engine with the turbine works only with the CVT.

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In our dealerships today sell two cars brand Haima. The first of them - all-terrain Hamah, you can buy it for the price of six hundred thousand rubles, the second - a sedan Hema with, its minimum price is 470 thousand wooden.

In addition to the Haima brand, other Chinese are eager for the Russian car market. For example, DongfengMotor Co, who stated that by the end of 2016 they would definitely sell to the Russians exactly two thousand of their cars. In addition to news about H Emma S5It became known that the model range of the sedan Haima М3 Soon will be replenished with another version, where the variator is used as a transmission.