Rating of the most powerful jeeps in the world


When buying a car a person pays special attention to its power. A large number of horsepower provides high maximum speed and excellent dynamics. For dense urban traffic, it is sometimes very important that the car can quickly accelerate in a short period of time. This allows you to bypass slower cars, not to get stuck in a traffic jam and get a certain advantage. Maximum speed does not always depend on the amount of horsepower. Many automakers artificially limit the speed limit on their cars, which is done solely to improve safety. It is believed that for the operation of the machine within the city and on the highway enough to have about 100 horsepower. But in reality, automakers seek to show that they are able to create the most productive engines. Large cars require large cars such as crossovers and SUVs. Therefore we suggest you to study the rating of the most powerful jeeps in the world. This will allow you to understand from which car you should expect the best acceleration and dynamics.

The most powerful jeep

Rating powerful jeeps.

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Top automakers

Companies engaged in the production of off-road cars, are actively competing with each other. Each of them is trying to prove that it is her cars that are the best in terms of certain criteria and characteristics. The main disputes among off-road car manufacturers are:

  • design, that is, the appearance;
  • equipment;
  • engine power;
  • level of terrain;
  • additional technical specifications.

If the car is beautiful, and even equipped with a productive engine, popularity is guaranteed. But in pursuit of power we must not forget that the increase in horsepower leads to an increase in the speed of movement on such cars. Therefore, security requirements are also increasing. You should not push the gas pedal on jeeps, which received low marks on the results of various crash tests. Collision at high speed significantly increases the risk of more serious injuries, sometimes incompatible with life. Our rating included cars for which there are no special safety claims, as they are also among the most reliable cars that have received the most horsepower under the hood. This rating of the ten most powerful and productive SUVs consists of mass-produced cars and several limited versions. We did not include here the various individual copies, which are the author's projects. We are talking exclusively about the cars that automakers produce in their factories.

Among the leaders were representatives of the following companies:

  • BMW;
  • Jeep;
  • Porsche;
  • Mercedes;
  • Tesla;
  • Brabus;
  • Lamborghini;
  • Bentley.

Now we will separately represent each of the representatives of the top. You will learn how much horsepower is hiding under the hood of these cars, as well as what dynamic indicators current leaders in the world rankings can demonstrate.

G800 Business

Our rating is opened by the most powerful representative of its Brabus production segment. In fact, this is an upgraded version of the no less interesting and desirable Mercedes G65 car. But the Brabus went further, increasing the power of the already excellent engine to 800 horsepower. This is a 12-cylinder power unit, functioning together with a 7-speed automatic transmission. From zero to 100 kilometers per hour, the car accelerates in 4.2 seconds. But fans of extreme maximum speeds are disappointed, as the maximum is limited to electronics at around 250 kilometers per hour. You can remove the limiter, but none of the official representatives of the company will not do this. The car is completed with large rims of 23 inches, modified interior and a modified appearance. Against the background of the standard G65, the Brabus variation looks more expensive. But in fact, this 800 horsepower is not so important. Even the original Mercedes is able to boast excellent dynamics.

G800 Business

Cayenne Mansory Chopster

Again, an upgraded version of the standard Cayenne from the German company Porsche, which is part of the Volkswagen auto concern. This car occupies the second line of our rating, because under its hood is a powerful engine, issuing 710 horsepower. Although the difference with the previous jeep is 90 horses, this does not prevent the German from accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.4 seconds. Here the maximum speed, which is 302 kilometers per hour, also looks better. The excellent technical component is supplemented with a bright and sporty appearance. The developers have added to the car a modern management system, aggressive sporting features, a somewhat modernized salon. In total, all the improvements make it possible to get a very powerful, but at the same time quite practical and comfortable SUV. In a huge amount of this version is not going to release, but in a single copy machine is not made. Therefore, a car deservedly falls into our rating and occupies a high second place in it.

Cayenne Mansory Chopster

Cherokee Trackhawk

Last year, Jeep unveiled its most powerful serial SUV in history. This is an upgraded version of Cherokee, which received the prefix Trackhawk. The car was shown in April 2017 at the auto show, which was held in the city of New York. Since the summer of the same year, the production and sales of new items began. Under the hood of this American jeep is the Hemi 8-cylinder engine. It was possible to produce 707 horsepower, and torque was 880 Nm. It is worth noting that a similar power unit is installed on the American maslkar Charger SRT manufactured by Dodge. The volume of this monster is 6.2 liters. The engine runs on gasoline. In a couple to the engine, the automaker Jeep offers an eight-speed automatic transmission. Their teamwork allows you to accelerate an SUV from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.5 seconds. As you can see, high power is not talking about the best dynamics. As much as possible the jeep is able to accelerate to 300 kilometers per hour. Is this a real limit, or an artificially limited speed, the manufacturer does not specify. But if we take into account the power and dynamics of acceleration, then, rather, we are talking about the use of a limiter.

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Model X

It is unlikely that someone expected that among the most powerful SUVs among the leaders would be a fully electric car. But these are the current realities, which allow to produce outstanding results in terms of power and speed on the electric. Tesla's Model X is available in several versions. The rating got the most powerful of them, which has an index P100D. The top grade is equipped with batteries at 100 kW / hour. This allows you to get a jeep cruising range of 540 kilometers. But the most interesting thing is hidden under the hood. The power of the installed electric motor reaches 762 horsepower, and the torque is an impressive 976 Nm. Moreover, 259 horsepower affects only the front wheels, and the remaining 503 horses are noted for the rotation of the rear axle. Such technical equipment allows the all-wheel drive SUV to accelerate in 3.1 seconds to 100 kilometers per hour. The manufacturer limited the maximum speed to 250 kilometers per hour. In this version, an incredible electric car, or rather, an electric jeep, costs about 140 thousand dollars for the most modest equipment.

Model X


Один из лидеров мирового рынка по производству спортивных автомобилей в лице компании Lamborghini решил попробовать свои силы в сегменте внедорожников. Дебют оказался более чем удачным, поскольку их творение под названием Manage ничего, кроме удивления и восторга, пока не вызывает. Машина выглядит великолепно, и с этим фактом совершенно бесполезно спорить. Но основная суть итальянской конюшни вовсе не в дизайне. Помимо красивого внешнего вида, здесь предлагаются выдающиеся технические характеристики. Напомним, что Manage является полноприводным внедорожником, хотя многие относят его к классу кроссоверов. Но от этого суть не меняется. Актуальная стоимость такого автомобиля составляет более 15 миллионов рублей. Джип оснащается бензиновым двигателем объёмом 4,0 литра. Из этих четырёх литров инженерам удалось получить 650 лошадиных сил. Восьмицилиндровый силовой агрегат способен выдавать крутящий момент на уровне 850 Нм. Присутствуют системы турбонаддува и непосредственного впрыска топлива.

Двигатель работает в паре с автоматической восьмиступенчатой коробкой передач. Полноприводный итальянский внедорожник с места до 100 км./час разгоняется за какие-то 3,6 секунды. Максимальная скорость ограничена лимитаторами на отметке 305 километров в час. Какова реальная максимальная скорость машины, пока никто сказать не может. По заявлению самого автопроизводителя из Италии, их машина расходует всего 12,7 литров топлива на 100 километров в смешанном цикле. Внедорожник крайне интересный во всех отношениях. Смущает только высокая стоимость автомобиля. Но это вовсе не мешает Lamborghini получать множество заказов и говорить об успешности проекта под названием Manage.

Lamborghini Manage

G-Class 65 AMG

The company Mercedes could not stand aside when it comes to the most powerful SUV in the world. Here we are talking about the all-wheel drive version of the G-Class jeep, to which specialists from AMG have put their hand. Under the hood of this car is a 12-cylinder engine with a volume of almost 6.0 liters. The power of such a monster was 612 horsepower. Striking torque, stopped at around 1000 Nm. Such characteristics are largely due to the presence of a direct fuel injection system. Together with a 612-horsepower engine, the 7-speed automatic works. The SUV drive is full of what was expected. In terms of dynamics, everything is not as perfect as the competition. This is due to the original large mass of off-road car. Therefore, the G65 AMG takes 5.3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour. The maximum speed is limited by electronics, which does not allow acceleration to more than 230 kilometers per hour. Due to the not very ideal body aerodynamics, such a solution associated with the installation of a speed limiter looks correct and rational. If you want to become the happy owner of such an SUV, then get ready to pay for it about 19 million rubles.

G-Class 65 AMG


Bentley is among the companies specializing exclusively in expensive luxury cars. But the rapid growth in the popularity of SUVs and crossovers even made the British join in the fight for consumers in this segment. So a jeep called Bentayga was born. Its price is impressive, and at the moment is about 16 million rubles. This is a four-door off-road car with a W-gasoline engine and 12 working cylinders. The working volume of the power plant is 6.0 liters. The engine is equipped with a turbocharger and a direct fuel injection system. All this allows to extract 600 horsepower and 900 Nm of torque from the engine. In the movement of the car is driven by an eight-speed automatic transmission. Drive here on all four wheels. In terms of dynamics, the indicators are at a good and decent level. The maximum speed is limited to around 301 kilometers per hour. In order to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour, the Bentley SUV will take 4.1 seconds. From the statements of the automaker, it follows that their jeep in the conditions of the highway consumes 9.1 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers. In the city, the indicator immediately rises to 19 liters, which gives an average consumption in the combined cycle of 12.8 liters.

Bentley Bentayga


Another representative of the automaker Mercedes, who hit the top 10 of the most powerful serial SUVs. Here, the car does not go beyond 600 horsepower. For power in the German SUV meets the gasoline V-engine with 8 working cylinders. Its volume is 5.5 liters. It generates 585 horsepower at a torque of 760 Nm. To achieve these indicators, German engineers used turbocharging and direct fuel injection. The motor is supplemented with a seven-speed automatic transmission. The machine is quite economical, if you start from official information. In the city, consumption is slightly less than 16 liters per 100 kilometers, and on the highway it drops to 9.7 liters. Dynamics at a very decent level. Although inferior to competitors in terms of power, it still does not prevent the Mercedes SUV from accelerating from a spot to a hundred in 4.2 seconds. In this case, the maximum speed here is artificially limited. Above 250 kilometers per hour, the electronics do not allow acceleration.


X5M и X6M

Both cars have identical performance indicators, so they can be combined under one rating item. Consider the Bavarian jeeps on the example of the X6M. This is a dynamic, stylish and very frisky crossover from BMW. The car is offered in several versions, the most powerful of which is presented in the M-package. The Bavarian SUV has a 4.4-liter V-engine with 8 cylinders under the hood. Such a power plant produces power that corresponds to 575 horsepower. The torque here is 750 Nm. The X5M has similar characteristics, so it’s not worth making a separate presentation of this car. The engine produces such indicators due to direct fuel injection. A relatively small amount, if we compare the German car with the leaders of the rating, does not prevent us from showing excellent dynamics. Acceleration from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour takes 4.2 seconds. But to accelerate to more than 250 kilometers per hour you will not allow electronics. Some remove limiters, but this is not recommended for security reasons.

In addition to good power and acceleration, the car attracts with its efficiency against the background of competitors. The official documents indicate that on the highway the car consumes about 9 liters. And in urban environments, the BMW SUV requires 14.7 liters per 100 kilometers. This gives an average consumption in the combined cycle of 11 liters. If you decide to buy such a car, then get ready to give a serious amount for a jeep. The current cost of the Bavarian SUV in a complete set with the M-package and engine for 575 horsepower is almost 7.8 million rubles.


Range Rover Sport

Land Rover has never had a power shortage problem on their SUVs. But competitors steadily stepped on their heels, as a result of which the British automaker had to give its answer. As a result, came the top version of the all-wheel drive SUV. Under the hood of the jeep is a V-shaped 8-cylinder petrol power unit with turbocharging and direct fuel injection system. The volume of the installed engine is 5 liters. At the same time, their power output reached 575 horsepower. The modification one step lower in the Range Rover hierarchy has only 525 horsepower, which indicates a serious progress in the Sport version.

All-wheel drive 575-strong car works in conjunction with an 8-speed automatic transmission. This tandem allows the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.5 seconds. The maximum speed is 280 kilometers per hour. Not bad with fuel consumption. In the city and on the highway, an SUV of British origin consumes 18 and 9.9 liters of gasoline, respectively. This suggests an average consumption of 12.8 liters. Not an exemplary indicator, but quite decent. Although the Range Rover eventually locked the rating of the most powerful cars, in terms of cost, it was far from the most affordable. Such a modification with an engine of 575 horsepower will cost the buyer almost 9 million rubles.

Range Rover Sport

You must understand that power is not a key criterion when choosing a car. It does not matter, it will be an SUV, or some small city car. Always look at the level of security that meets your needs, equipment, comfort and additional criteria. Frankly weak engines cause a lot of problems, because they are not able to quickly accelerate the car. This creates difficulties during overtaking.