Generator repair on hyundai accent do it yourself

The generator on the car is an important component. Without its correct operation, it will be difficult or simply impossible to start a car. The generator converts electrical current to the mechanical energy of the crankshaft.

Replacing the alternator belt with Hyundai Accent

The battery is fed from the generator, while there is no constant need to charge the battery with chargers. When the generator is not working, most of the electrical appliances stop working, and the car itself ceases to be efficient. With an idle generator, the car absorbs energy directly from the battery, but this phenomenon is short-term. As soon as the battery runs out of energy, the car stalls and will not start.

Replacing the alternator belt with Hyundai Accent

If you are a little aware of the technique or simply have a desire to repair something with your own hands, for example, to replace the alternator belt, or change the bearings or alternator brushes, then this article is for you. Let's look at how to make a repair of the generator with your own hands. For example, we analyze the repair of the generator on the Hyundai Accent.

Generator Repair at Hyundai Accent

The breakdown of the generator can be divided into two parts: electrical and mechanical. Mechanical problems are the wear of the bearings and the alternator tension belt. This is rightly the simplest repair in the generator. As a rule, the wear of these parts occurs as a result of wear of parts or untimely vehicle maintenance.Replacing the alternator belt with Hyundai Accent

Electrical breakdowns are the breakdowns of the rotor or stator, the rectifier unit and the wear of the generator brushes. Repair of such failures requires at least a basic knowledge in the repair of electronics. If such knowledge is not available, it will be better to entrust the car to specialists (auto electricians).

Generator Belt Problem - Replacing and Adjusting Belt Tension

Poor electrical supply of the car, often is a weak tension of the alternator belt. With a weak tension or strong wear of the belt, onboard electrical appliances do not work well or even turn off completely. Check the belt tension. For this, it is enough to check the tension between the pulleys with your own hands. If you do not press hard on the alternator belt, then with its normal tension, the deflection of the belt should not be more than 1 cm.

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Replacing the alternator belt with Hyundai Accent

If the deflection is more, then you should tighten the belt. If you tighten the belt, first slightly loosen the nuts of the mounting bolts on both sides (from the oil pump and the adjustment bar). After that, use the key for 12 to adjust the tension. Turn the adjustment bolt to the right when tensioning the belt. Then tighten the mounting bolts, and check the tension. In this case, do not forget, the weak tension of the belt is of course bad, but you should not drag the belt either. Strong belt tension leads to rapid wear of bearings.

Replacing the alternator belt with Hyundai Accent

If during the initial inspection of the belt you notice cracks or other defects, such a belt should be replaced so that its rupture does not lead to more expensive repairs later on. If you need to remove the belt at all, first remove the plastic protection of the alternator belt. Then loosen the tension mount. Then slide the alternator towards the cylinders and remove the belt from the pulleys. Install the new belt in the reverse order and tension it.

Remove the generator on the Hyundai Accent. Bearing replacement

The tension of a belt of the generator or its removal can be carried out without removal of the generator whereas replacement of bearings demands full removal of the generator and its analysis.

Before removing the generator, be sure to disconnect the terminals from the battery, remove the belt and disconnect all wires from the generator. When disconnecting the wires, remember where you are, sign them, or just take a picture of your smartphone.

Replacing the alternator belt with Hyundai Accent

This will be necessary in order not to confuse the wires when installing the generator back into place. Next, open the protective cover of the output of the generator, unlock the wires with a wrench for 12 and disconnect them from the output. Then remove the oil filter, and unscrew the lower mounting nut on the alternator. All unscrewed and removed. Now just gently lift the generator and remove it.

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After removing the generator from the engine, put it on a workbench, bearings are located on its both sides. To remove the rear bearing, the body of the generator is recommended to be heated to 60 - 70 degrees, after which it is easily removed.

Replacing the alternator belt with Hyundai Accent

Remove the front bearing with a puller. After these procedures, replace the old, new bearings. In no case when installing bearings in place, do not beta on them with metal objects. When installing, use a mallet or wooden block.

After installing the bearings in place, assemble the generator and install it on the engine. When installing the generator, insert the mounting bolt, then move the generator along the central mounting bolt, measure the distance between the support and the bracket, select the washers according to the dimensions, insert into the gap and tighten the nut on the central mounting bolt of the generator.

Replacing the alternator belt with Hyundai Accent

After all this, set everything in reverse order. First, the oil filter, then connect the wires to the output of the generator, connect the box of wires, and set the alternator belt, while carefully adjusting its tension.

At last

Having understood the article, we can say that the tension of the belt or the replacement of the bearings of the generator is not a difficult task. If after the repair work, the generator is still unstable, then you should watch its electrical breakdowns. As a rule, this is a rather complicated process, and it is not easy to make it at home. Therefore, contact the specialized center.