Benchmarking hyundai santa fe and nissan x-trail


Not a single category of cars is as often compared as modern crossovers, and the confrontation between the Japanese and Koreans is considered commonplace. Crossovers are popular, they are loved and bought, forgetting about most European SUVs. Often, choosing the most optimal vehicle, the future car owner doubts which is better: Hyundai Santa Fe or Nissan X-Trail. As practice shows, both cars have a huge variety of advantages, they began to compare with each other almost from the moment they appeared on the Russian market. These machines occupy a leading position in its class.

Какой кроссовер выбрать: Huh-id или Nissan X-Trail

Сравнение Huh-id и Nissan X-Trail.

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general information


Initially, when the developers were just beginning to work on the creation of Santa Fe, they, calling the car just like one of the American cities, did not even think that this attractive crossover would ever fall into the hands of a European consumer. Released in 2000, cars began to sell in the US markets. When the Koreans realized how great the demand for this model is and how interested the European average consumer is in it, they drastically changed their concept by starting work on the supply of cars to Russia. The advantage of Santa Fe can be called its ability to transform, the developers annually upgrade the model, innovations, as a rule, do not leave indifferent fans of the brand.

Almost 12 years ago, the first Santa Fe was created, belonging to the second generation of the model. The effect of the transformation was evident, the modified car was completely different from the previous model, it was appreciated and loved. For a short period of time cars became the leader in sales. Only 6 years ago, visitors to a New York auto show were able to see the third generation Santa Fe for the first time. A feature of the presented car was the possibility of execution of a model with a 7-seater cabin configuration. In 2012, the car recognized the safest in its class.

Характеристики Huh-id

Nissan X-Trail

Interestingly, at the time of the development of the Santa Fe, the Japanese worked on their unique Nissan X-Trail crossover. Japanese cars were presented to the world in the same 2000 year. The new car industry model was based on the Nissan FF-S brand module. Apparently, this played a major role, the car began to win hearts, sales were simply enormous. 2007 gave motorists a second generation vehicle. The changes that the Nissan X-Trail underwent were enormous. X-Trail received a new body platform, which has already been tested on the model Qashqai. This time the Japanese were lucky again, the model became the most powerful crossover that existed at that time.

In 2012, when the creation of the third generation machine began, it became clear that the new product will have much in common with Qashqai. These vehicles have an identical modular platform. More than three years, the car is collected at one of the St. Petersburg enterprises. Due to the fact that the career growth of these vehicles began to increase in the same year, the planned upgrades of cars almost coincided, which may indicate equality of models relative to this indicator.

Nissan X-Trail specifications

Внешность Huh-id и Nissan X-Trail

If we compare the Huh-id and the Nissan X-Trail, the Korean car of the first generation can be called without a stretch relatively ridiculous and tasteless. The opinion of experts was reduced to this in view of the presence of asymmetric elements and too simple a “front”. True, for Americans, this significant drawback was deprived of any meaning, cars were actively bought. In order for the second upgraded version of the machine to have greater aesthetics, the best specialists were invited to the plant from around the world. It is worth saying that for Santa Fe of the second generation it played an important role, the appearance became more pleasant and presentable, elements that were fashionable at that time appeared on the body. As for the car of the third generation, this is a vehicle that has acquired a prominent and dynamic exterior. The design focuses on the aggressiveness and sportiness of the machine.

If we talk about x-Trail, then even the first-generation car had a prettier design, the Japanese gave the car some interesting elements that were typical of the Patrol SUV. Because of this, the crossover, descended from the conveyor of the Japanese car industry, has gained a very angular exterior with a strict appearance. This approach is especially fond of domestic motorists. As for the upgraded version, it largely echoed the external features of its predecessor, while at the same time pleased the customers with its style and solidity.

Speaking about the exterior X-Trail of the third generation, it is worth noting the loss of past practicality, the accent of the latest model fell on the brightness and dynamism of the interior, which allowed us to gain a lot of new fans. According to experts, the Japanese crossover is internally more attractive, as for the Korean, here the emphasis is placed on the manufacturability and style of decorative details.

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Technical Specifications

Comparing the pretty X-Trail and Santa Fe relative to the installed power units, it is worth noting the Santa Fe engine. This car can be equipped with both a 2.0 liter engine and the most powerful 3.3 liter device. At the same time, the X-Trail boasts only a 2.5 liter engine.

As for the models made in 2017, both vehicles have almost identical volume. Santa Fe 2017 is equipped with a power unit with a volume of 2.2 and 2.4 liters., And the Nissan X-Trail 2017 - 1.6, 2.0 and 2.5 liters. As studies show, power, capacity of the fuel tank and the speed of acceleration up to 100 km. - the prerogative of the "Korean", however, you can not ignore the economy and clearance "Japanese."

Huh-id and Nissan X-Trail of the latest release are equipped with mechanical transmission-variators.

Двигатель Huh-id

Speaking about the size of vehicles, it is worth noting their similarity, the length of the Santa Fe is greater than the X-Trail by only 60 mm. (4700 mm. Against 4640 mm.), While the width of the first car surpassed the second by an identical amount (1880 mm. And 1820 mm. Respectively). Only the Korean gave way to the height of the Japanese (1675 and 1710 mm.).

When buying such a large car as a crossover, many people are interested in its volume and weight, if you compare the X-Trail and Santa Fe, it becomes clear that the weight of the second car is an order of magnitude more (varies between 1773 and 2040 kg.), The first car weighs several less (from 1445 to 1637 kg.).

Nissan X-Trail Engine

Service cost

Before we talk about the cost of servicing vehicles, it is worth noting their original price. The easiest Santa Fe will cost the buyer 1,856,000 rubles. For the Japanese, you can pay at least 500,000 less, the basic version costs 1,294,000 rubles. If we talk only about numbers, the purchase of the X-Trail looks more appropriate.

Powertrain Capabilities

To say for sure which is better: Santa Fe or X-Trail relative to the engines, is not easy. If a motorist wants to ride a more powerful vehicle, you should pay attention only to the Korean, he has the volume of power units and, accordingly, more return. However, for this car will have to pay 500 thousand more. If such a difference in price beats heavily on the budget, then there is nothing terrible, you can buy a Japanese, whose motors are not much inferior to the opponent. Of course, they are not as productive, but they are also able to please their owners with speed.

If a motorist is bothered by the suspension and brakes of both crossovers, he can spend a test drive or watch a video with expert reviews. Korean is equipped with simple McPherson springs in front, and a multi-link suspension is installed on the back. These structural elements are in many ways different from each other. If we talk about driving performance of both models, Nissan can be called the simplest crossover made in Japan, and Hyundai is a Korean Mercedes-Benz. Surprisingly, but in practice, Korean cars are more comfortable.

Salon Huh-id

Weak points and typical problems

Among the disadvantages of vehicles is worth noting the heating of the windshield stove in the Nissan X-Trail, too much noise and squeaks in the cabin at high speeds. Some motorists standard armrest seems short and uncomfortable. If you choose between Santa Fe and the X-Trail, it is worth noting the shortcomings of the Korean, of course, with its price minus very few, however, experts note the small size of the rear seats.

Advantages and benefits of models

X-Trail 3 поколения можно назвать отличным паркетником, который имеет огромное число замашек внедорожника. Автомобиль удобен в управлении, устойчив на дороге. Машина имеет большой багажник, задние сидения просторные, с удобством помещаются три пассажира. Среди основных преимуществ стоит отметить прекрасную динамику. Huh-id 3 генерации примечателен большой вместимостью салона, превосходной управляемостью, а также умеренным потреблением топлива. Сравнение комплектации Санта Фе и Х-Трейл дало понять, что более дорогой автомобиль и оснащён будет лучше, и выглядеть побогаче.


If the motorist is important to the price of the vehicle, attention should be paid to Japanese cars. True, in a practical comparison of two crossovers, the Korean car will surpass its rival. On the Santa Fe side there will be not only a unique interior, excellent controllability and power of the power unit, but also the overall uniqueness of the car.