Compare jeep cherokee and acura rdx


The blitz duel between Jeep Cherokee and Acura RDX was started by us for a reason. On the one hand, the car is a classic cut, released much earlier. On the other hand, in comparison with him, the novelty, which was released only recently. Comparing Jeep Cherokee and Acura RDX is an attempt to measure in two ways, two relatively different in the understanding of automating systems. In addition, both crossovers have a common one - automatic boxes.

Comparison Jeep Cherokee and Acura RDX

Comparison Jeep Cherokee and Acura RDX

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First meeting

Let's start with the company Jeep, which released not only Cherokee, but also the legendary American Vilis. The same grille with 7 vertical slots, indicating a strong character, and a powerful frame. Cherokee, although it was created as a civilian model, copied the features of a brother-soldier. Saw the light of this SUV in 1974. After that, 10 years in a row, the first generation of the car was produced unchanged and left the assembly line only in 1984, giving way to the second generation. Then 7 years pass and the third generation comes out, then the fourth. All this suggests that the car was claimed, and he was respected for the cause.

engine's typegasolinegasoline
engine capacity, cm334713239
maximum power, l. with.273272
Gearbox6 АGearbox9 АGearbox
drive unitfullfull
gross weight, kg22602435
length / width / height, mm4685/1870/16804624/1859/1697
wheelbase, mm26852700
fuel tank, l6860
luggage compartment, l404591-1267
maximum speed, km / h210206
0-100 km / h acceleration, s7,98,1
fuel consumption, l / 100 km14/7,512,4/8,4

So, the distinctive feature of the Jeep Cherokee, moreover, in all its generations, was considered its amazing maneuverability. The car was small, but had an amazing maneuverability. Yes, and there is nothing surprising, because under the hood worked very powerful engines. The modern Jeep Cherokee has fully preserved the traditions of the ancestors, and manufacturers are sometimes proud of it.

Jeep Cherokee - maneuverable car with a good cross

Jeep Cherokee - maneuverable car with a good cross

As for the Acura RDX, this is a car of a branch company established by Honda in America. Basically, this department produced sports passenger cars, occasionally crossovers. And here is one of them - RDX.

Acura RDX - American crossover with a sporty character

Acura RDX - American crossover with a sporty character

The first generation of the Acura RDX comes out in 2006 and after 6 years, consumers place new demands, and the second generation comes out, still relevant today.


Jeep Cherokee, many will call today dork. The crossover is very brutal and is associated with predecessors. The front optics, radiator grill and many other things make believe this. Inside the crossover is a modern display with a color and large screen. You sit in comfortable leather upholstered chairs. They are stylized sports and it is incredibly comfortable to be in them. Pleased with the soft lines of the design of the seats and the same soft plastic.

Test drive car Jeep Cherokee:

Все что возможно здесь электрифицировано, как будто нарочно, давая понять, что автомобиль соответствует современным требованиям. И наверное, из-за этого даже своеобразную гордость компании Jeep — full drive unit, пришлось переделать на электронный вариант.

RDX, which should look, in fact, much brighter, did not leave such an impression. On the contrary, he is inferior in appearance Cherokee. Yes, he has good lines, but he cannot boast anything more. In principle, the salon Akura RDX made well. Here, everything is furnished with high-quality materials, but it was not meant otherwise for such an expensive crossover. RDX equipment is inferior to Cherokee. Although there is also a leather seat trim, and a panoramic sunroof can be ordered in the basic version - all the same, the display on the center console is obscenely small and not even endowed with an integrated navigator.

Test drive car Acura RDX:

The creators of Cherokee claim that their car is not so much a crossover, as an SUV. If you understand their words and try to analyze, then there is some truth in them. This gives you believe the ground clearance, which is as much as 208 mm and several modes, including automatic, allowing you to choose the type of road surface. There is also a "ponizhayka". But again, the basis is still the "crossover" concept.

Choice of complete sets

Продается Чероки только с АGearbox на 9 ступеней и в самой минимальной комплектации приобрести эту версию можно за 1,4 млн рублей. Такая модификация идет с передним drive unitом и наделена мотором на 2,4 л. Мощность двигателя — 186 л. с. Автомобиль оснащен полным пакетом систем безопасности, которой в последнее время стали уделять наибольшее внимание.

Another version called AWD is equipped with the same engine, but more expensive than the previous one by 110 thousand rubles.

Для тех, кто захочет двигатель помощнее, советуем приобрести версию с мотором на 3,2 л мощностью 271 л. с. Такой Чероки наделен уже полным drive unitом и идет в своей топовой комплектации Лимитед за 1,9 млн рублей.

Car Jeep Jeep Cherokee

Car Jeep Jeep Cherokee

Имеется и самая внедорожная версия ТралХавк, ценою от 1,8 млн рублей. Оснащается двигателем на 2,4 л. Отличается от остальных версий тем, что full drive unit оснащается дополнительно электронной версией дифференциала.

Several kits Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% Cherokee go differently and regarding the state of the cabin: Sport and Longitade with fabric upholstery, Limited, and TralHavk leather. As for the top metallic paint for today, the company offers it for an extra charge of 25 thousand rubles.

In general, everything is very good. A good choice of options offered by the packages, of course, not counting the panoramic roof and leather upholstery.

Saloon car Acura RDX

Saloon car Acura RDX

У нас в стране с выбором комплектаций Akura RDX уж точно не будет никаких проблем. Автомобиль продается у нас в единственной версии — Техно AWD. Наделен он мотором на 3,5 л, который неплохо взаимодействует с 6-скоростной АGearbox. Есть и кожаная обивка сидений, и люк, и прочие атрибуты комфорта. Можно заказать автомобиль в цвете «перламутр», что обойдется в 50 тыс. рублей.


Of course, the Jeep Cherokee is more significant than the RDX. According to our experts who are conducting this review, Cherokee gets 11 points, and RDX - 10. Why, then, did Cherokee not crush an opponent so much that he was not a competitor at all?

Probably, the fact of the matter is that Cherokee is trying to catch at once not even two birds with one stone, but three: to be modern, “fly” on the highway and climb off-road, no worse than their ancestors. As for the first, there is no need to argue - this has been completely achieved. As for the crazy maneuverability and speed, not everything is so smooth here. Although Acura doesn’t claim to off-road laurels, she is able to show herself there as well. She will not be surprised with electronic novelties, but on the highway she will show herself as excitable and give an inexpressible feeling behind the wheel.

Cherokee could be called a typical "European", endowed with a dense omnivorous suspension and good dynamics. Although the acceleration has to literally squeeze, pushing the gas pedal to the limit. A bit annoying and appearance with a slurred window-sill line and failure in the area of ​​the driver's door.

Not beautiful and Acura RDX, but sitting behind the wheel of this car, you can forget about everything. This is facilitated by active responses to gas, an endless source of power and a lot of adrenaline.

Jeep Cherokee - the winner of our comparison

Jeep Cherokee - the winner of our comparison

In short, the result is this. By comparison, Jeep Cherokee wins, but it does so with great difficulty, yielding to the Acura RDX in agility and behavior on the highway. If you prefer a larger SUV, choose Cherokee. If you want something more, then the Acura RDX will not disappoint you.