The second model of genesis arrived in russia - the g80

The second model of Genesis arrived in Russia - the G80 business sedan

Official dealers of Hyundai Motor already accept applications for the second model of the premium brand Genesis - G80 business class sedan. The "Russian" version of the Korean car, which already has all-wheel drive basic equipment, has only one engine in its engine range. For the first time in our car market, Genesis appeared two years ago with its firstborn - flagship sedan g90. Today we can buy Genesis G80. And already next summer we will see the sporting version of the “Eighties”. In the future plans of the company in our country for three years, another one “four-door” G70, two crossovers - compact and mid-size - and a sports coupe. These models are already being developed.

The second model of Genesis arrived in Russia - the G80 business sedan

Genesis G80 is the evolution of his older brother Genesis G90. The model has another front optics, radiator grille and bumpers, which gives the car a brutal individuality, and in the cabin the differences are less noticeable: a new multimedia system and a different trim material are used.

Under the hood of a business sedan is a two-liter gasoline engine with direct injection, enhanced by a turbine. Engine performance is 245 horsepower, peak torque - 353 Nm. The car is equipped with an intelligent 4x4 drive, the driver can switch a few preset adaptive suspension modes in the direction of travel. The rigidity of the body is significantly increased through the use of steel alloys.

The second model of Genesis arrived in Russia - the G80 business sedan

As mentioned above, the new sedan can already be ordered. Basic equipment, referred to as "Business", is available for 2 million 550 thousand rubles. Safety in the cabin will provide nine airbags. Xenon head optics, in the salon - skin in a circle, Lexicon acoustics with seven speakers, a multimedia processor has a built-in navigator and can be synchronized with any smartphone.

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The following equipment is called "Advance". It is more expensive than the base for a quarter of a million rubles. Here, LED headlights, including fog lights, the driver's seat can memorize all settings, the steering column and the trunk lid are equipped with an electric drive. The steering wheel is heated, the same Lexicon audio system, but with fourteen speakers. "Advance" stands on an eighteen inch cast.

If we add another three hundred thousand, then the Premier “equipment” will become available, in which the control of traffic in the lane, the control system of blind zones, automatic parking attendant, all-round vision camera will be available. The dashboard will expand at the expense of a seven-inch touchscreen. All the seats are heated, the windows of all the doors received curtains, and the front in addition and ventilation. The driver's door is opened via a smart card. The maximum assembly of the Genesis is called Luxury. Here is available automatic braking system, adaptive cruise control. There is a carbon dioxide level sensor, the air in the cabin is ionized. Maximum noise insulation, interior trimmed with leather, wooden and aluminum inserts. Pay for this magnificence will have 3 million 400 thousand rubles. The closest competitors of the model are relatively the same. For example, the base Lexus ES 250 with 184 horses under the hood is sold for 2 million 434 thousand rubles, Jaguar XF (diesel for 180 hp) - for 2 million 810 thousand rubles, and from the “Germans” - Audi A6 in the Comfort package for 2 million 260 thousand rubles. However, none of the competitors are equipped with all-wheel drive.

The second model of Genesis arrived in Russia - the G80 business sedan

Until 2022, the Genesis brand plans to release six more new products. G80 Business Sedan only for the Russian market it is equipped with one motor, and so it has other power units. For example, a 3.3-liter gasoline turbo engine, which, in particular, will stand under the hood of the sports version of the "eighty", which will come to us in the summer.

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