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Look at the road in any major city of our country. A continuous stream of cars. Not only domestic cars roll on the highway, as was the case in the Soviet past. Now literally hundreds of brands of dozens of manufacturers are available to the exacting buyer. And the types? Small nimble secretary typewriters, prestigious business limousines. However, the most popular with us are C-class cars.. Comfortable, powerful enough, but at the same time not too expensive. The machines of the same class, though similar to each other, are far from complete identity. Consider two cars of different companies: Chevrolet and Mitsubishi. So, which is better: Cruise or Lancer? We'll figure out.

Шевроле Круз или Митсубиси Лансер – какой из sedanов лучше подходит современному горожанину?

Шевроле Круз или Митсубиси Лансер – какой из sedanов лучше подходит современному горожанину?

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The new Mitsubishi Lancer has become longer, wider, taller. The aggressive beveling of headlights, the trapeze of the air collector, something resembling a fanged maw ... The car now gives the impression of a strong free predator, at any moment ready to move from a state of rest to a rapid movement. Rear lighting is made in the same style. By the way, on the most expensive version, the clearance was reduced by 15 millimeters and the wing was installed. This is no longer a car of a calm well-fed burgher, but a car for a modern, active citizen.

Mitsubishi Lancer car has aggressive and dynamic features.

Mitsubishi Lancer car has aggressive and dynamic features.

Chevrolet Cruze is also not far behind fashion. At first glance, it even looks more like a coupe - a popular trend in the world of automotive design. This is facilitated by a high glazing line, and a rather short trunk. Low roof gives the impression of power and swiftness. The topic came and a massive grille. Especially the developers have succeeded elongated headlights along the hull. They look not just unusual, but even somehow futuristic.

In general, both cars boast a beautiful appearance and original design.. The undisputed leader is not here. So, in a dispute which is better, Lancer or Cruz, go to the description of the salons of rivals.

In the car Chevrolet Cruze takes into account all current trends in the automotive industry

In the car Chevrolet Cruze takes into account all current trends in the automotive industry


At first glance, the Mitsubishi Lancer interior looks very stylish. But besides the style, there is also the quality of finishing materials and the fitting of individual elements. Unfortunately, here they are clearly not up to par. This is somewhat unexpected, because it is the automakers from the Land of the Rising Sun that have always been famous for their attention even to the last detail. The dashboard is made correctly, all readings are easy to read, but the display at the top of the console in direct sunlight fades badly - the visor would not hurt.

Mitsubishi Lancer boasts a stylish interior with ergonomic seats.

Mitsubishi Lancer boasts a stylish interior with ergonomic seats.

Ergonomic seats Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru, moderately hard. But lateral support would not hurt.

Steering is good. Three-spoke, covered with genuine leather, with radio control buttons placed on it. The amplifier is perfectly tuned, as the speed increases, the steering wheel becomes heavier in the hands. The only thing you can find fault with, there is no adjustment for the flight. Although this is not all you need.

In general, the cabin is quite spacious. In the back row of the seats will easily sit three people of medium size. And not just sit down, but I will feel good. Payback for a spacious cabin was a small trunk. But for a city car this is not a critical parameter.

In our discussion called Mitsubishi Lancer or Chevrolet Cruze, we turn to Chevrolet. Unlike a competitor, the Chevrolet Cruze boasts excellent, high-quality finishing materials and even neat seams. When trimming the Chevrolet designers have adopted a sporty style. The rapid lines of the elements, the wells of the instrument panel frames, which divided it into three parts. However, there is no true sports asceticism here. Everything is adapted for a comfortable ride. The seats and the steering wheel have the broadest set of adjustments; here the driver of any complexion will comfortably accommodate. Inside, many convenient pockets and pockets for small items. Women will appreciate it.

The quality of the finishing materials and the great adjustment possibilities are the distinctive qualities of the Chevrolet Cruze saloon.

The quality of the finishing materials and the great adjustment possibilities are the distinctive qualities of the Chevrolet Cruze saloon.

Salon Chevrolet Cruze is spacious. The passengers in the back row will not think where to put their legs. However, the designers managed to keep a decent enough trunk (450 liters). But you can still fold the rear seats - here's a place for long-length.

So which car is better interior: Mitsubishi Lancer or Chevrolet Cruze? Perhaps the specialists of the company General Motors worked better.

Engine and transmission

При выборе двигателя конструкторы Mitsubishi явно ориентировались на нашего «заклятого друга» с другого континента. Хотя надо признать, что 2-литровый мотор, выдающий «на-гора» 150 лошадиных сил, объективно хорош. В качестве трансмиссии японцы предлагают variable speed drive. Может быть для нас немного непривычно, но такой тип коробки передач имеет свои преимущества. Никаких рывков, бросков при переключении не будет, так как самих переключений фактически нет. Как будто едешь на единственной, бесконечно длинной передаче. Впрочем, тут есть виртуальные скорости. Они ни на что не влияют, но создают иллюзию контроля над автомобилем. В общем, к variable speed driveу надо привыкнуть.

Car model:Chevrolet CruzeMitsubishi Lancer
Producing country:KoreaJapan
Body Type:sedansedan
Number of places:55
Number of doors:44
Engine capacity, cubic cm:15981998
Power, l. c./about min .:109/6000150/6000
Maximum speed, km / h:185200
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:12,510,5
Type of drive:frontfront
CAT:5 MKPPvariable speed drive
Fuel type:gasoline AI-95gasoline AI-95
Consumption per 100 km:mixed cycle 7.3city ​​11.9; track 6.4, mixed cycle 8.4
Length, mm:45104570
Width, mm:17971760
Height, mm:14771505
Clearance, mm:156165
Tire size:205/60R16205/60 R16 92H
Curb weight, kg:13051395
Full weight, kg:18181850
Fuel tank capacity:6059

The Chevrolet Cruze boasts three engines. Here are just the most interesting of them, diesel for 2 liters and under 150 "horses" with a capacity, will not be officially delivered to Russia. And no wonder, with our diesel fuel.

We have the most powerful gasoline engine with a volume of 1.8 liters. He has an excellent on the bottoms, but then he will have to actively work with the gear lever (five-speed, mechanical). Although most of the ride in the city. The latest and weakest 1.6-liter engine will give the driver 113 horsepower. In principle, for a quiet, moderate ride through a large city more and not necessary.

Road behavior

Что сказать, по параметру «поведение на дороге» определить, что лучше, Мицубиси Лансер или Шевроле Круз, практически невозможно. Мицубиси показал себя типичным городским sedanом. Smooth, fully predictable acceleration, unmovable suspension, on the road stands like a glove. Although ... Maybe that's the way it should, not everyone wants to be a cool racer.

Chevrolet at the expense of good bottoms feels great in a dense city traffic. But on the track, and even more so if the road is not very good, it significantly shakes it. And the need to actively work the manual transmission lever, not everyone may like it.

Let's summarize. Mitsubishi Lancer distinguished himself:

  • good appearance;
  • powerful motor;
  • современной трансмиссией (variable speed drive), а значит изумительной плавностью хода;
  • impenetrable suspension.

Test drive a car Mitsubishi Lancer:

А Chevrolet Cruze:

  • great cabin;
  • large selection of power units;
  • good acceleration.

Test drive the car Chevrolet Cruze:

Who won the competition Lancer vs Cruise? Definitely impossible to say. Both cars are typical citizens. For the price is also not very different. Although people who love and appreciate the thoroughness, not accepting the hurry and bustle, we would advise to pay attention to the Mitsubishi Lancer. But for fans to drive, even if only within the city limits, we can recommend the Chevrolet Cruze.