We warm for the winter - the choice of the best option auto


Remember how hard it is to start the engine in winter, regardless of its design and type of fuel used. When the battery is already sitting down, there is not enough smallness to start up - there would be a little more charge or the motor would be a couple degrees warmer. If the first can only be achieved by installing a battery with a larger capacity, then for the second one can install a special blanket on the engine. Let's try to figure out which variant of insulation is better, and whether it is worth making it yourself, if there are high-quality products that meet all the requirements.

Auto blanket allows you to keep the engine warm in winter

Auto blanket allows you to keep the engine warm in winter

Principle of action

If you plan to install an auto blanket on the engine, then you should understand the principle of its operation. The product is a high-quality seal that is stitched to the bottom of the hood or placed under it in a free position. In the first case, the auto blanket is a constant element of the car in the cold season - it is not removed even with long movement. But in the second - insulation should get just before starting the motor to prevent damage to such moving components as drive belts. It is worth saying that at the present time almost all auto blankets are installed permanently, which allows for maximum convenience of their operation.

Читать далее о том, как выбрать лучшее автоодеяло-->Главное преимущество, которое даёт автомобильное одеяло для двигателя — значительное увеличение периода сохранения тепла. Practice shows that, depending on the type of insulation, an increase of 1–4 hours can be achieved. To some, this will seem very small, since at night a car can stand for more than 12 hours without starting the engine, and no auto blanket will help to maintain the temperature level achieved while driving. However, even if the metal surface of the engine has time to cool down, the oil will cool even longer, and in the morning the starter will need less effort to crank the crankshaft.

If you choose a suitable auto blanket, you can achieve excellent thermal insulation - this will significantly reduce the number of cold starts of the motor during the day. Consequently, the heating costs of fuel will be significantly reduced. However, the main advantage is to reduce the rate of wear. As you know, the thicker the oil, the more difficult the engine to do its work, and, consequently - the faster its parts will be destroyed. In addition, in this state of the power unit, the combustion of fuel is accompanied by the formation of a large amount of soot - therefore, the use of auto blanket can significantly extend the maximum duration of its operation.

Make it yourself or buy in a store?

If you decide to install additional insulation and think about which auto blanket to choose, you should learn more about the various options for such an accessory for a vehicle. Some of them can be made by hand, while others are sold exclusively in specialized stores. The choice is very wide and, most importantly, in this case - not to succumb to temptation and not to take advantage of the simplest and cheapest option without careful analysis of its properties.

You can always find a suitable version of the auto blanket

You can always find a suitable version of the auto blanket

Warming the car - the driver's work

In order not to spend huge amounts of money on the purchase of auto blanket, you can make it yourself. The most common material for insulating the engine compartment is felt. It does not burn, maintains high temperature, and also reliably retains heat, contributing to the extension of the residence time of the motor in a heated state for 2-2.5 hours. However, some motorists save even this and use ordinary quilts - the natural result is a fire that completely destroys the car or significantly damages it. In addition, we must not forget about such cons of any natural insulation, as low durability - the period of operation rarely exceeds one season.

Felt auto blanket

The positives are obvious - the costs are minimal. However, the disadvantages are also significant - no matter how good the thermal insulation properties of felt are, and they still do not reach the performance of synthetic materials. In addition, although the felt itself does not burn, drops of oil, gasoline, and other substances that are easily flammable can accumulate on it.

Universal option

If you think that your car does not really need additional weatherization of the engine compartment, but still you want to insure yourself in the harsh winter, you should get a universal remedy, which is a multi-layer synthetic substrate covered with foil. Its advantage lies in the absolute absence of the possibility of ignition - all the materials that make up such a product resist to high temperatures well. In addition, if you choose the size of a car brand well, you will be able to extend the heat retention time in the motor by 1–2 hours.

Car blanket

However, it is impossible to say for sure which auto blanket is better - felt or synthetic foil, as its thermal insulation parameters are small. In addition, depending on the size and brand, under which this heater is made, you can spend on the acquisition of 1200-2000 rubles, which is a considerable indicator of the cost Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru for car accessories. The only advantage of such an auto blanket, apart from the impossibility of ignition, is the possibility of its use in the off-season period due to the low probability of overheating of the power unit.

Classics of the genre

Currently, the most widespread auto blanket of basalt fiber or its analogue, which cost 2000-5000 rubles. Such material is often used in the insulation of pipes, ventilation shafts and heating devices, where it is valued for its low probability of ignition. However, an auto blanket made of basalt fiber also makes it possible to achieve temperature retention for 3–4 additional hours, reaching a total figure of the duration of heat retention at 8–9 hours.

Basalt auto blanket

Since insulation is made under various brands, it can be quite difficult to choose an auto blanket according to the brand of car. However, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Permission to use with a specific vehicle model;
  • Availability of a quality certificate confirming the achievement of the required level of insulation parameters;
  • Compliance of metric characteristics with the size of the engine compartment.

Video about the advantages of auto blanket:

There is also a warm blanket for the engine that plugs into a wall outlet to activate the heating elements located inside. However, the benefits of its operation are minimal, since it can only work in a garage equipped with an existing electrical installation, which in itself is often well insulated. The real benefit of it is only in campgrounds and parks with developed infrastructure, where there are electrical points for connecting such heaters.

How are we going to spend the winter?

If you know how to choose a quality auto blanket, even a very harsh winter you will be uneasy. In this case, you can choose any models and options, although it is still better to abandon artisanal fakes in favor of their security. But you can install the finished product yourself - the procedure is very easy and takes no more than half an hour.