On tests, the prototype of the jeep wrangler pickup truck is

The first of the most interesting and non-trivial tasks for engineers of the American concern in Jeep in recent years was, naturally, developing a pickup truck on the platform of the Wrangler model of a new generation. In fact, experts should “remake” the Wrangler JL into a real pick-up truck that would preserve all the brand features of the legendary SUV model.

One of the test prototypes of the new Jeep Wrangler pickup and got into the auto spy lenses. So far, the car bears on itself a lot of black camouflage vinyl and the 1st of the main issues is the load capacity of the Wrangler JT, its class. If you look at the impressive dimensions of the body and the fact that the spare wheel migrated from the rear side under the loading platform, as is the case with the traditional representatives of this segment, we can conclude that the new car can boast with a large carrying capacity and towability.

As you know, the “donor” of the pickup truck - the next-generation standard Jeep Wrangler - will appear in all its glory only at the end of this year, the start of the Toledo plant conveyor is scheduled for November. Based on this, the Wrangler JT pickup will not be released earlier than 2019. As for the possible name of a newbie, it can be either a revived Comanche or Gladiator, or a laconic Truck - so called pick-up versions of the famous “Willis”.

In the meantime, the rating of the most economical SUV fuel consumption was published.