How to change the air filter

Any car with an internal combustion engine mounted on it needs air. This is one of the essential conditions for obtaining a fuel mixture in the combustion chambers. And the better the resulting air, the more coherent and longer the power plant will work.

Most often, the replacement of the air filter by the car owner is carried out after the car began to lose power, the dynamics and acceleration of the car decreased. However, there is a certain frequency set by the automaker that must be observed.


  • 1 Functions of filters in the car
  • 2 Air filter
  • 3 Cabin Air Filter
  • 4 Step by step replacement

Functions of filters in the car

In modern cars, they decided to put at least two. One of them is a barrier to dust, small debris and insects from entering the cabin. The second is designed to help form the air-fuel mixture for combustion in the engine cylinders.

how to replace the air filter for free

The difference between new and polluted

The cleaner the air will be in this “cocktail”, the more efficiently the engine will deliver power to the car.

If his condition is clean, then it protects engine oil from contamination. Due to this, a longer period of high-quality operation of the power plant is achieved. If there is not a lot of garbage on the filter, then a sufficient amount of oxygen enters the cylinders.

The fuel is completely burned and there is no overrun. In this case, the emissions are cleaner, which affects the environmentally friendly use of the car.

Air filter

It is made in the form of "accordion". The corrugated filter element has seals at the edges that prevent the penetration of pollution into the engine. Replacement takes place during standard maintenance. If the operating conditions are more severe, the frequency of replacement of the air filter increases. The average mileage between the replacement of different cars is about 20 thousand kilometers.

where the air filter is replaced

Air filter location

To check the condition of the air filter there is no need to go to the station.

Opening the hood and finding the cover on the latches, you can check the appearance of the filter. In that case, if the pollution is obvious and in large quantities, then without waiting for THAT, the installation of an air filter is carried out on its own.

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The procedure takes a little time, but first you need to buy a new filter element. If it is not possible, then it is necessary to purge the filter element from garbage. This can even be done by a compressor for pumping wheels. The efficiency of the system will help return to normal the complete replacement of the element.

Cabin Filter

Clean cabin air is provided by a cabin filter. It is based on activated carbon. The principle of operation is similar to the gas mask device.

when replacing the air filter

Cabin Filter Location

You need to know that the resource absorption of harmful elements from activated carbon is limited, so the cartridge requires regular replacement.

If a new filter is not put in time, then only mechanical cleaning of large particles will be carried out.

The cabin filter also has an additional feature. The condenser evaporator is protected from dust and debris. From practice it is known that cabin filters are clogged faster in large cities. Rarely nursed resource defined automakers.

There are ways by which you can determine if you need to replace this node. During wet weather condensation has formed on the windows and does not go away, and the heater can also work at full capacity, while there is little air, all these signs indicate the need to replace the cabin filter.

Step by step replacement

Before you change the air filter, you must purchase a new, preferably branded copy.

how to change the air filter
Step 1. Find the filter cover
how to change the air filter in the garage
Step 2. Open access to the cartridge
what is the frequency of replacing the air filter
Step 3. Remove the filter
how to install the air filter
Step 4. Blow it with a compressor
how to start the installation of the air filter
Step 5. Put back
how to change the air filter
Step 6. Close the lid.

Dimensions and markings can be found on the old model.

  1. The car is installed on a flat surface and is blocked by the parking brake.
  2. Opening the hood, you need to find the lid of the tank where the filter is located. On some foreign cars the cap has a signature with the “AIR” sign. Most often, it is large, plastic and is in a prominent place with open access to it. In domestic classic cars it is round, rectangular in foreign cars. Can be located between the radiator and the cylinder block.
  3. The lid must be removed. To do this, unscrew all the bolts that secure it. Then, if necessary, the clips of the air duct are pressed out, and access to the filter element is released.
  4. We take out the cartridge and inspect it for contamination and damage. Usually around such cartridges there is a rubber rim that helps to put it tightly in its place.
  5. After that, insert a new filter and close the system. If the pollution is insignificant, then before replacing the air filter with a new one, you can use the old resource. It is blown by a compressor and returned to its place.
  6. Everything is going in reverse order. When assembling every detail, including the filter, must take their places without any extra effort. Otherwise, you can break the design, as a result, the air system will not work correctly.
how cheap to replace the air filter

Air filter location в ВАЗ

Some cars are equipped with a clogging sensor. After the replacement, it will be necessary to set such a sensor to the “zero” position so that it shows a new count.

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