How to make the acoustics in the car better than it was

Do not like the acoustics in the car? Unhappy with playing a regular audio system in the cabin? This happens more than once. This is especially true of the owners of passenger cars, purchased at an average price. The cost of such machines ranges from 500 thousand to a million rubles.

Basically, the factory configurations of these cars include about two or three audio systems, which differ among themselves by a different set of speakers, by the presence of a radio with a wide functionality, or vice versa - by a minimum of functions.

Audio system in the car

It is considered that the audio preparation of an “average” foreign car consists of at least four speakers and one radio tape recorder, the maximum number is up to thirteen speakers. Just in cars belonging to the average price segment, manufacturers add the simplest audio system. Therefore, often the owner is not satisfied acoustics in the car. So let's begin to gradually improve the sound, so that in the future it would be more pleasant to drive and enjoy the quality sound of your favorite music.

If the speakers are "not so"

"Processing" of the standard audio system on the "pleasant ear" begins with the replacement of the speakers. Buy better and high quality. This is followed by a minimal audio package. Additionally, the doors for mounting the speakers are prepared; in this case, the cavities are damped and vibrations are removed. "Native" radio remains, and the rest is connected to the existing factory wiring.

Car audio speakers

Changing the nominal acoustics in a car and isolating it from noise in an ordinary workshop will cost a total of inexpensive - about 15 to 25 thousand Russian rubles. Both sound and quality will change significantly. Many drivers are quite happy with such “processing”, especially if music in the car they listen in the process of movement.

Sound amplifier required

If the owner of the car still has complaints about the sound, then proceed to the next stage - the installation of an additional external amplifier. It is bought not for the sake of loudness, but for the purity of sound. An internal amplifier located in the head unit when switching to a higher sound adds to the audio path of the system over the entire frequency range.

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Car subwoofer

Thanks to an external amplifier, the sound in the car is made better and cleaner, providing a wide swing signal to the speakers.

That's just the problem is that in regular receivers there are no special outputs to an external amplifier. They need to do yourself. The most elementary “passive” method is to assemble a circuit using transformers that will lower the level of the output signal from the electronic device to the required level and then connect to an external amplifier.

The cost of such a scheme is from one to two thousand rubles. But the frequency errors from the standard audio path are not eliminated and go into an external amplifier. The advantage of this type of connection is the ease of installation and minimal changes in the head-mounted sound device.

Setting the speaker system in the car

You can resort to "active" schemes that "intelligently" process the signal at the output. These are finished devices, the price of which directly depends on the manufacturing plant and varies from 5 to 15 thousand rubles.

The most progressive way to enhance the sound is to refine the “native” radio tape recorder, creating linear outputs in it. In this case, it is necessary to disassemble the head unit device, find the place of attachment to the existing amplifier and output a signal. The cost of work on the organization of the linear output - from 7 thousand rubles.

Evaluation of the pros and cons

Some owners of cars believe that it would be easier to replace the head unit with a new one, because you don’t need to invent anything, connect the finished one through the line outputs! And the functionality of the radio will be higher, and the money spent (from 7 to 15 thousand rubles) is almost the same, and the device for such an amount can be found quite decent.

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Installing subwoofers in the trunk of the car

A serious problem faced by owners of abnormal tape recorders is their theft. Like a magnet, these devices are thieves, and at any price, by smashing the cabin window or picking up the keys to the car locks, they steal a favorite electronic device.

Also, non-standard devices require a complex and expensive installation in the panel, therefore, properly weighing all the pros and cons, many drivers agree to the revision of the head unit. Of course, if you want to have a “cool” audio function with an MP3 player, slots for memory cards, USB connectors, Bluetooth, a color LCD display, etc., then the “native” device will have to be replaced. If you are ready for the complete removal of the standard acoustics of the car, then the radio is also changing.

Car speaker system

As for expensive cars (Audi, Mercedes), then replacing some speakers with others is almost impossible - the entire audio system is subject to it.

Technical difficulties arise with the "advanced" configuration and intelligent control system. And there are such high-class cars, where the rejection of the standard audio system is not provided.

Subwoofer installation

The next step is to connect the subwoofer. Many car owners refuse it, because new high-quality speakers in combination with an external amplifier give an excellent sound, very clear, which is quite enough for the average user. For fans of electronic music, however, a subwoofer will be needed. We want to warn against purchasing a ready-made “subwoofer” with an already built-in amplifier and mounting it to a regular system.

Car sound system

Today, various “boxes” and “barrels” have come on sale at reasonable prices, which some “specialists” connect independently in the garage. Only by saving money, you will not get the desired result, and then sincerely disappointed.

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To the sounds of music in the car played beautifully, the subwoofer is connected to the existing speaker system, given the space of the machine. And not otherwise.

The cost of finalizing the standard audio system together with the “subwoofer” pulls in the amount of 50 to 90 thousand rubles.

Car audio system for music

Replacing the radio

The final touch is the installation of a new radio. Through all these "tests" the owner of the car will pass for the sake of a new, improved functionality and classy sound of the device itself. Many high-end devices have only such advantages, as soon as they turn the dial, and their design is far from attractive.

Total, how much in the amount of dripping? Let us put aside the high-end Hi-End components, but simply take quality ones from popular manufacturers, then the total replacement of standard acoustics, installation of the subwoofer and player will result in 50 thousand - 170 thousand in the domestic currency. If we consider that the cost of the car is a million rubles, the repair will not seem so expensive. Although daily pleasure from powerful car music nothing to measure ...

And what the experts say about the correct installation and tuning of the audio system in the car, you will learn from the following video: